A winter in Kiev: War, models, tax evasion & bumfights

“How does it feel to live in the last place on earth with hot white women?” My American friend had just found out about me relocating to Kiev. He was anxious to hear about the famed beauty of Ukrainian girls. Maybe he’s right and this is indeed the white woman’s last stand. Walking around talking to girls in Kiev it certainly feels like it.

The density of stunners per square metre here is much higher than if you could somehow stack Rio, Stockholm and New York on top of each other.

Obesity is non-existent, high heels universal and casual mall walking fashion is generally what Western European girls wear when they go clubbing. They are however TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Heheh.. ‘Pitch black anti-male clouds of western feminism’. Very interesting article. And in fine journalistic style. Seems like a fascinating country. Pity the girls have such strong defences though..

  • Harald I enjoyed reading your post.

    So I see that you “cut your losses” if you don’t close after three dates. I am wondering, how has that worked out for you in terms of success?

  • Are open relationships unheard of in Kiev?

    • They’re very common and way easier to prolong than serious ones

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