• Vorkuta

    D’Luxe – agreed that it’s the best place.

    Honourable mention goes to Bora Bora club in summer. Nice sitting on the terrace with the bass pumping as the sun rises up over the green hills of Kiev’s right bank.

    As for Forsage….

    • Harald Baldr

      I only experienced Bora Bora Club during the day time. Will check it out on a Friday night come July. Thanks for the suggestion

  • georgiodagr8

    Hey Harald, I’m a 21 year old aussie, where would you recommend for me to visit for a night out in Kiev? Dlux looks good but the crowd looks mid 20s and over…

    Cheers mate

    • D*Lux would be my 1st choice. 2nd Bora Bora but I don’t know if the latter is open yet, and if it is, there may not be any people there outside of the weekend.

      Alternatively check out the Coyote Ugly place. That would be my picks as of right now

  • iso

    good read … I will be there next month …

  • Eddy Bialek

    hi harald. thank you so much for your valuable guide. This my second visit to kiev. Right now it’s got to be about the cheapest place on the planet with the prettiest girls. I’m a bit older than yourself, wrong side of 50 (oldest swinger in town). So I’m sure I will see things from a different perspective. So far my best venue is Coyote ugly show bar. The girls are alot of fun. mind you they are really good getting drinks and money off you. I was there in January and now in May they still remembered me. Got some great photos with them. I tried Shooters last night for the first time and came away with a respectable hunni in her 20’s. Going to diner with her in a bit. Not sure if she’s working or otherwise yet. Keep you posted

    • Alright) Coyote Ugly is a fun place, I agree

      • Eddy Bialek

        Thanks for getting back to me. Another place worthy of mention is the Porter bar chain. The one at Kreschatic is particularly good with a beer at 60 cents and steak diner at $5, lots of locals and students also live music. A new bar to try is Kosatka. A decent sea food restaurant is Marlin at Ocean Plaza.
        Seems we have another thing in common, I was a Bangkok boy back in 1999-2005. Use to frequent Angels Disco in Nana Hotel, wild place full of independent hunnis. Sorry to hear you lost money buying the Condo, I was tempted but settled to rent.

        My driver and I think your priced are on the high side, maybe something to do with the war since you wrote it.

        • Veery true about the Porter Pub chain. Drinks are so cheap it’s almost free! Cool crowds too. More down to earth people than in some of the expensive places

  • JonE

    Awesome guide, going to Kiev for the third time next friday to hit up new world punx. Will check out some of your suggestions here as well=)

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    What a piece of crap article…I have to laugh:D All places mentioned above, upscale nightclubs and bars are full of money hungry bitches where your hard earned western money mean nothing unless you feel like spending really big. If you are lookin for this, just order escort to your room and it will come cheaper. Even two at the same time:) I went to Kiev few times and there is many nice bars and cafes, where you can easily engage in conversation with local girls, not spend a fortune and with a little luck and charm have a wonderful time with the girl. And I’m not talking just one night. I know what I’m talking about cos I’m meeting with beautiful Ukrainian girl for more than 2 years now. Every time I go there and she travels sometimes to visit me in London. Knowing that I might not be the only one, but it works so far. The only thing I pay is her ticket to UK. Which costs few pounds, comparing to have a night out in one of these clubs. Rather I buy her dress she likes and looks sexy. I’m not millionaire, not a CEO of the company and I dont even drive BMW or Merc. I Have a regular job and every time I go to Ukraine I have a good time. Just use your brain, charm and intelligence. Eastern European girls are mostly highly educated, and dont want to feel, that you buy them. It is just cliche, which most western guys think and that with few hundred bucks in their pocket, can have whatever they want. Bullshit. In all of the clubs above will be 3 times more Ukrainian oligarchs, who have more money than you will ever make in your entire life. I’m talkin millions $$$. So, unless you are completely stupid, fat old dumbass, just go and have a beer somewhere with lots of locals and mingle in. You will be surprised

    • You must be a dumb as you are dyslexic. The article is titled:

      “Where to meet the hottest girls in Kiev”,


      ‘where to meet a down to earth mediocre woman who will fly with you to London for nothing’.

      • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

        Stupid, old, fat dumbass? Is it you? You haven’t seen hot girl yet moron. Paying 1000UAH just to get in? You must look like a Shrek:DDD Medicore woman? Hard to find in Ukraine. My is 177cm, long legged brunette, just to make you jealous. You go and pay for your bitches. That’s what these clubs were created…easy cash for local girls and ugly morons like you. God bless you:D

  • David Fulton

    Hi mate, What clothes do you recommend wearing out to clubs? I look best in dressy tshirts because I lift, but will i get into dlux and C Ugly or other places?

  • Eddy Bialek

    hi guys another hot tip for you is a locals cellar bar 2/3 minutes walk from arena called fat pidgeon. great cheap beer and food. good old classic western music. including jimi hendrix and zz top. anybody about want to meet up with the oldest swinger in town

  • Indigo club in Kiev worth mentioning you can find on facebook “Indigo ambitious project” it is has 3 floors different rooms and very decent crowd it is very rare to find working girls over there and prices are very reasonable

  • Vampire313

    Hi,, I will be in Kiev from 27.10. To 30.10.16. Who like to join me ? 😉

    • Eddy Bialek

      hi I’ll be there on 18th for awhile, i’m up for hooking up

      • Vampire313

        ok. what u connecting Information, email? or tel Nr.?

        • Eddy Bialek

          hi email is it’s my 3rd visit so i know my way around. looking forward to catching up

  • Rahimullah Salehi

    Hi Guy i want go to kiev but i dont have information aboutkiev somone help me about travel.

  • Eddy Bialek

    Can’t wait till it warms up again and them babes go around in their skimpy clothes. There’s an awful lot of chicken there, not much in the way of feathers though.

  • hafeez

    Hi , Everybody, I am planning this summer. I don’t want to live in hotel..want to live medium rent apartment…any suggestion..

  • Brent Arnold

    how much is it to rent a table at the skybar?

    • Eddy Bialek

      been to kiev a few times. never met a guy whose been in the place. i’ll ask some of the girls i know whether they know. suposed to be the most upmarket place in ukraine.. try dolls poll dance place. damn best i’ve ever seen

  • michael egan

    Travelling to Keiv in a few weeks (7 lads late 20s to late 30s, not a stag) we’ve got 2 apt’s booked but could someone point us in right direction as in bar and clubs and what sort of dress code there is.

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