Nightlife and the missing women of Prague

Downtown Prague is like an ancient better looking mini version of Manhattan. The city lacks skyscrapers and island status but has been thoroughly invaded by TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Cedric Roggins

    What’s a reasonable estimate of monthly living expenses in the true Czech areas of Prague not touristland?

    • Harald Baldr

      I’m working on a piece detailing living expenses in Eastern Europe right now. It’s possible to live pretty well on $2k USD per month without really pinching your pennies in all the capitals, including Prague.

  • Kulibob CZ

    I mean…I’m czech and if I wouldn’t work in center I wouldn’t go there at all. The same for girls. What would they do in Prague’s center. Also in Palladium you do only meet foreigners. The only place in city centre where you can find decent amount of czech girls is Wenceslas’ Square / Můstek.

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