With Donald Trump’s epic win, there is now a glimmer of hope for Western civilization and the values of individual freedom. This could be a 1776 2.0! 

But what can you as an individual take away from the greatest election feat of all time, how the campaign was run and subsequently won? Can you improve your own existence deploying the same principles? Can you make money?

  • Mr Harald, son of Odin, I agree with you in many points of your analysis. I think that Trump was the best choice, however he won’t be able to solve all the problems. The previous administrations have made many mistakes. Too much money was invested in international military operations, instead of being invested in homeland security. The immigration was not properly controlled… As a result, the US became more vulnerable to social conflicts and terrorist attacks than Europe. I think that the Eastern Europe is a better option for investment than the US. What do you think?

    • The answer to where to invest is of course: it depends.

      It depends….
      – On where in those huge ‘continents’ geographically?
      – In what asset class?
      – For how long?
      …and so on.

      IMO I would rather put money in Russian assets than American with a 5 year investment horizon, maybe even 10. Over 20 though I’m not sure and would most likely favor the US.

      I think long term president Trump have the potential to be fantastic for the economy (which in turn would benefits stocks, real estate, etc.) but it depends on whether he is able to deregulate, de-tax and de-slave the populace. That may prove difficult. If however he is able to get such reforms through, I would certainly be bullish on American assets.

      • Cecil J

        I’m curious-
        Why do Europeans see America as so great?

        • We don’t, but it’s certainly greater than Europe. We’re on our way to becoming fully Islamic. We’re not allowed to defend ourselves as guns are either banned or you’re not allowed to conceal or open carry. Our taxes are through the rough and we have no freedom of speech. Criticizing immigration or Islam lands you in jail in most Western European countries. So to answer your question, it’s about relative greatness plus the fact that America was founded on Classical Liberalism and individual freedom. So it was certainly very great up until 1913 at least.

          • Cecil J

            I’m an American and see you guys as my genetic white European brothers. To me it’s not a pissing contest between us all. America is basically a big fertile land mass with large waterways for the ports. It’s basically a big warehouse for global mega corporations.

            That’s crazy you can’t even call out the ragheads for beating and raping your countrymen. They are doing to civilians what in the past would’ve brought out an nations army to defend the civilians from.

            Why didn’t you guys resist or totally reform your system ages ago? You’re clearly not low in IQ so why delay the struggle to change until the whole society is practically dead?

            It seems like Southeast Asia and Latin America are less perverse at this point in many ways.

          • LookMoo

            hear hear hear..

        • I ask myself that question too! The EUA and Canada may be the best of the America but are worse than Europe.

          However the north-american laws are stronger. The europeans had been able to control the situation without such strong laws until the immigration crisis. Obviously the immigration was not properly managed by the public administration of many countries. The best solution now is to change the laws so as to facilitate the deportation of the bad immigrants and sentence the worst criminals to the death penalty.

          Latin America is worse than North America or Europe.

  • thegrandinquistor

    What do you think about Trumps protectionist stance?

    • I don’t agree with Trump on that point but think that protecting what’s left of the Republic from perpetual Democratic victories (which will be the case if they’re allowed to import more vote cattle in the form of third world immigrants) is more important.

      I’d also like to see Rand there ideally. Or even better, his father. But let’s wait and see what Trump does. He might do a lot of good.

  • Marcin

    Awesome podcast my friend! I got especially intrigued that you took a stance (as you always do) but this time it was an incredibly important issue for humanity as we know it and affected most if not all of the world. I do actually wonder what do you use as your ‘alternative sources of media’ rather then simply just mainstream media? You are so right about equality too!

    I must say I’ve finally read the recommended readings that you suggest in ‘Panama Papers Secret Agenda: Tax Havens vs. Tax Hell’. I must admit that by the minute I become more contrarian within the political correctness and investment world. Hope to read your book too when it’ll be available.

    I’m curious, do you have any epic NYE plans?

    • I watch mainstream media. I read WSJ and some Norwegian dailys. Then I watch what I can on youtube from Trevor Noah, MSNBC and Rachel Maddow (who is truly hilarious and the greatest male actor of all time). By studying these sick fictional characters, these peddlers of leftist authoritarianism one can get a real feel for what’s going on.

      I remember when Maddow started claiming Texas and traditional red states were in play and that Trump was destroying the Republican party forever. She followed up lambasting his campaign for spending half the money Hillary was. That was the point I realized it wasn’t just 99% certain he’d win the election but 100.

      No NYE plans yet.

      • Marcin

        Thank you for the response my friend and for the info regarding the media too.

        OMG yes, people are silly, actually that is too nice of a term, isn’t it? Then again political correctness does not allow one to say what they believe yet somehow when you get accused and attacked then you have no chance of defence as in Trumps case. Remember who’s going to be laughing at the end is what I told many interesting ‘friends’ with different forced belief systems. They all said the world will go in chaos if he wins … I’m pretty sure we are all still alive unless I’m completely delusional?

        Not sure if you came across this but our Australian government is the most obsessed anti-freedom it has even been. With a High Court ruling it has restricted many sites and is legally forcing internet providers to oblige under the realms of ‘restricted anti-terrorism activity’ among other reasons yet all this does is restrict freedom. It enforces strict government controls and is a slippery slope … it’ll get much worse. The way I see this is that they want to know everything that is accessed by Australians, all of there financial records here and elsewhere as well as forcing there views upon us all.

        Not sure what I’m doing NYE either but I know one thing … work smart and hard next year … and travel just not sure if Colombia is first or Thailand or Ukraine hmmmm … any ideas?

        Thanks for not caring about government restrictions, writing what you truly believe in despite many people challenging you. You are awesome!

        • Cheers Marcin!

          Yes, I’m fully aware that the Aussie gov’t is one of the most freedom hating anti human governments in existence. And it’s not gonna get any better.

  • Jacob

    What regular daily news sources do you utilize for your political information, specifically the ones that lead you to believe that our US president elect has not out right lied on a daily basis and give you such a false sense of comfort?

    • Tell us why you think he lied and about what. What are your sources?

  • 888muddytoes

    Interesting, as of this day snopes reports that the story claiming Hillary received debate questions a week before the debates as “FALSE” and it praises the Washington Post for reliable reporting and blames the story on media outlets it labels as fake news.. and yet a simple google search shows that in fact the Washington Post on November 7 2016 reported: “Donna Brazile is totally not sorry for leaking CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton”; it goes on to state: “Donna Brazile is not apologizing for leaking CNN debate questions and topics to the Hillary Clinton campaign during the Democratic primary. Her only regret, it seems, is that she got caught.” – the snopes article was updated October 2016, its now April 2nd. I wrote snopes to ask why the report has not been updated.
    I am 55 years old. When I was young, and although perhaps I did not pay attention as much as I should have, it seemed the media was much more objective. Its amazing to me that people my age and older are not shocked and appalled by what the mainstream media has become or at least friends and family who are leftward leaning seem to be fine with it.

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