Since Europe is yet again going out of its way NOT to offend any religious minorities in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, I thought I’d relay my experience from a day where I did the opposite, i.e. attempted to cause maximum offense to people who believe religious and cultural sensitivities are more important than individual freedom.


Two crossdressing Arabs hit the town

I’d been invited to a fancy dress party and my Scottish friend was in town. Since he works in the Middle East the idea of dressing like Arab women sprang to mind. As neither of us were likely to ever do so again, we decided to make a full day of it.

At an Iraqi owned and operated shop we tried to dressupasanarabwithbeer-1024x768buy two burqas. The shop-owner laughed and said the best he could do were veils, headscarfs and a dishdash. Rather than the look of two fashion-conscious Riyadh women which we had aimed for, we looked like transgender Abu Dhabi disasters.

To the untrained Western eye though we were simply two abnormally tall Saudi girls with albino hands, blue eyes and an unquenchable thirst for Heineken and Jack Daniel’s

In fact it wasn’t before people saw us with beers that some let out a comment about this possibly not being real. Our first stop was a German family restaurant full of Europeans. Walking in we didn’t say a word to the waitress but pointed to the Heineken sign. The whole restaurant were silent and trying to figure out if it was a joke.When the beers arrived minutes later the game was up, but no one laughed.

The adjacent table was occupied by a Norwegian couple whom made it abundantly clear this stunt was not amusing. They kept debating how we were gonna get a beating later if we walked down to Bangkok’s Arabic quarter. Westerners without humor is nothing new but I was a little surprised at how offended they were.

Every American and European in public reacted with the same scorn about how inappropriate and dangerous this was. Although none said so directly to my veil.

Many pondered out loud what The Arabs would do to us. That question answered itself about 20 minutes later. Walking from the restaurant to a pub, four young Qataris approached us. All were laughing and wanted photos.We also ran into people from Kuwait and Dubai who did the same. No Muslim looking person objected or seemed to take offense.

The Thais had the most muted reactions. Fear and confusion came first, but whenever the veils were temporarily lifted, they burst into laughter at the sight of the two hilarious fake Arabs. They too wanted photos. The only ones who didn’t were Westerners. It made me re-think going like this to a party with nothing but Americans. Never having been on to heed political correctness, the decision was made to soldier on.

At the party we stayed in character throughout the evening. I cursed out every woman in a skirt or slutty party dress as lewd infidels or worse who I would later tie up and whip into submission in the town square. Most thought it hilarious and several girls showed a keen interest as the evening progressed. We decided not to de-veil ourselves as there’s an upside to living a veiled existence. To quote my Scottish partner in crime:

None of these women know they’re haraldbaldrinbangkok-1024x768way out of our league. Let’s keep it like that!

Therein lies the advantage of being covered from head to toe. None can judge your looks and all self-conscious hangups you normally play down are no longer an issue. The downside was having to drink beer with two hands and refrain from eating cake. We ended up winning the best dressed award. Around midnight we left to live it up on the streets of Bangkok to the wee hours of the morning where the feedback was once again negative from Europeans and Americans alike.


The left’s assault on the right to offend

Why is it that Arabs and Asians can laugh at cultural and religiously insensitive jokes, but Westerners can’t? I believe the answer lies in the West’s guilt complex. In the aftermath of every major Islamic terror attack the Western media, politicians and social justice warriors pander to the imagined sensitivities of Europe’s Islamic minority on issues of culture, ethnicity and religion. They tell us

  • The West itself is to blame as we’re so racist, insensitive and offensive
  • We must give more handouts and special privileges to our Islamic minorities
  • People who joke, act or dress in ways offensive to Muslims must be punished
  • Europe must accommodate more and offend less

They’ll then seek out some butthurt imam who says he is indeed offended and a self-hating native politician who second said opinion. Both will remind Europeans of how we must bend further over and take it. This is of course 110% wrong.

That day in Bangkok I learnt the only people who really take offense are Western liberals and social justice warriors whom see it as their solemn collective duty to shield non-caucasian religious minorities from reality, facts and humor

dressupasArab-1024x768My point is that non-caucasians have humor, the ability to process facts and are no where near as sensitive to people talking, drawing or making fun of their culture, dress or religion as we make them out to be.

Europe should therefore call a spade a spade, i.e. Islam a violent warrior religion and stop bending over backwards for minorities.

Instead we should start treating them as equals. We make fun of Christianity so why not Islam? It’s telling that if I’d dressed like this in my hometown of Oslo, I’d likely be attacked by immigrant youth or some Norwegian leftwing nutcase in the service of a stonage culture and inequality.

In the true multi-cultural melting pot that is Bangkok Thailand I was left alone

Why? In Bangkok, no one had anything to gain by attacking me or pretend to be offended. Doing either would result in no media attention or new handouts. When that’s the case, dressing like I did is no longer offensive but innocent humor. The fact that the only ones who took offense were Westerners, should be taken as a sign that Europe and America has a disease called political correctness. It’s tearing on our rational ability to create societies where everyone feel welcome as we’re actively treating some people with kid gloves. Until this stops the multicultural project will never work.


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