My Weekly Living Expenses 

  • Harald my goal is to live in Kiev for $1000/month. I do not drink heavily or party and I know how to cook for myself. How realistic is this goal?

    • It’s very easy. When I wrote this article I wasn’t really paying much attention to what I spent or trying to cut cost. Here is a more recent rundown of costs also without really paying too much attention to expenses other than living in a cheap hotel and not drinking alcohol.

    • At the moment, the average salary in Ukraine is about $ 200, and in Kiev – $ 350. People somehow live, and you asked about the opportunity to live on $ 1000 in the previous year)))

  • Harald two questions for you please:

    1. Can you recommend a good, cheap barber here in Kiev? I too like to get my hair cut once every week.

    2. What is the name of the restaurant in Arena Complex where you would get chicken and rice?

    Thank you

    • I cut my own hair. Before I started doing so I never found a ‘good’ barber anywhere in Kiev despite trying 4-5 different ones.

      Lina’s in Arena

      • So far this is true. I tried out a hair salon and got a pretty crappy cut. Can’t beat $3.50 though when compared to what I used to pay in the US.

  • More food questions 🙂

    Where can one find “safe to eat” sushi here?

    Thank you

  • Harald if you are still in Kiev would you be interested in doing an in person video interview? If so email me at

    • I’m interested depending what it is for. I’m not there at the moment though. I’m in Latvia

  • iso

    eat raw eggs :)) who are you Rocky Balboa :)))

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