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BURMESE have no culture for locals meeting foreigners without payment. Huge language barrier!
LAOTIANS are illegal (US $1k fine) for foreigners to date. A shame as they’re the prettiest
MALAY girls are obese, unattractive and not worth the effort
SINGAPOREANS are more Chinese than the Chinese themselves (not a good thing)


5. Cambodia

Khmer women are cute, soft-spoken, conflict-shy and average looking. They’re also incredibly short! Much more so than the women in neighboring countries. All of the above can be blamed squarely on the Khmer Rouge. Decades of poverty and malnourishment, coupled with the total destruction of society, resulted in the whole country being re-set to year 0. Ironically Pol Pot’s stated goal.

It ranks last, as your chances of hooking up legitimately with a non-pro are rather slim. The language barrier will be insurmountable and there’s no culture for locals meeting foreigners in such a way. If you somehow defy the odds or go the route of the pros, as so many do, I believe Khmers and Westerners are too different for it to work long-term. You’ll simply run into issues that don’t apply in any other country or setting.

I once discovered my girlfriend, whom I was living with, was illiterate when a waiter started reading her the menu out loud

Intellectually then, a Khmer 25-year-old is at or below a Western primary school level. Streetsmarts, she won’t be much wiser. The conversations and topics you can engage in will be limited to trivial matters about food, clothes and the weather.

After ten minutes this becomes extremely repetitive in my book. Another downside is the virtual non-existence of humor in Cambodian society. Everything is dead serious to a Khmer! Hardly surprising given the horrendous modern history of the country. [/column]

You can test this by smiling to random people around town. In Thailand everyone will smile back at you in a genuine display of happiness. In Cambodia, women will make strange faces and think you’re insane for smiling when there’s nothing to smile about. If this doesn’t face you, or you simply want a relationship with any type of Cambodian girl regardless of;

A) her past, present or future profession
B) intellect


  • falcao

    Very accurate list, i would put the Phils at number 1 though in terms of quality, but that’s probably more of a personal preference.

    SE Asia is definitely the best place in the world to be a man. Specifically a Western man, hehe.

    I did a year long around the world trip last year to scout out a place that i want to eventually call home, SE Asia wins by a long mile.

    It’s funny how alot of people (mostly women) talk shit about SE Asia, it’s full of whores, it’s dangerous, only men who can’t get laid go there, WRONG ! I’m a young, good looking guy, have done modelling, i don’t need much ‘Game’ to do well anywhere i go. I met plenty of wealthy and good-looking expats living a happy life down there aswell.

    The reality is that Asian women are simply better dating options down the line and they really make you feel like a man. Plus, the lifestyle down there is the best in the world.

    I will say this, alot of places in SE Asia are filled with the dregs of Western society. Especially in Cambodia and Pattaya in Thailand.

    You really have to make sure you don’t get carried away and start drinking too much or doing too much drugs. You don’t want to end up without money in a place like Cambodia, or even worse, get injured.

    • Harald Baldr

      In my early 20s I made the exact same decision. I had cash and looks to move anywhere but nothing beats SEA at that age.

      About Western women hating on Asian girls, they know they can’t compete with them so they try to shame men into not travelling or moving there. When a western woman comes face to face with an asian girl she feels inferior. She knows she looks like an obese truck driver in comparison.

      • Brianmark

        Small town in Philippines has their share of Western losers living there too. SEA collects these people because alcohol is cheap there.

    • PeteyBrian

      Spot on Falcao. Especially re: drugs. Please people – don’t do drugs in Thailand. Once you’re caught with drugs in Thailand – they lock you up in a horrendous jail and throw away the keys!!!

      RE: Drinking – there seems to be a tourist falling to their death off a hotel balcony nearly every month. Probably due to drinking way too much, or murder. You’re pick.

      • Brianmark

        Yes, watch where you play and who you marry in SEA. Make sure you’re worth more alive than dead. You only get 2 years for murder in some of these countries. Others you can pay the family a sum of money and get out of jail.

      • Dionysius Rumbaka

        You’ll probably need to be very careful with drugs in Indonesia too! Once they found you have lots, you are most likely to be suspected as a drug dealer instantly. The goverment takes serious legal action towards them. Many are given death sentence.

  • Sean D

    Great article Harold, thanks for taking the time to detail this out. How does the list change for darker skinned guys? I’m Indian by ethnic background (American by nationality).

    • Harald Baldr

      Tough to say. I wouldn’t really know but my guess is Phillipines and Indonesia. I see more foreigners who ain’t from Europe or US there. Indians aren’t very popular in Thailand but once they hear you’re American I think the stigma goes away.

      I once hung out with two Indian friends who lived in Hong Kong, and hence had no distinct accent or money problems. One of them met a local girl on his holiday that became his girlfriend.

      If one dresses well there should be less stigma. An American friend of mine is American Samoan and very dark. He prefers Phillipines.

    • PeteyBrian

      Sean D – both countries will be awesome for you – but it’s my opinion you’ll do much better and have less communication issues in the Philippines than in Thailand. The Filipina’s speak much better English than do Thai’s in general and seem less biased with men of darker features and fitness levels (less picky!)!!! Lol!

  • PeteyBrian

    Look – #1 Thailand and #2 Philippines – need to be switched. It’s not even close! Philippines should be #1 and Thailand #2!!! Here’s why:

    The author is heavily biased – being very fluent with the Thai language, there is NO LANGUAGE BARRIER for him!!! If you are fluent with the native language in any country, you’re practically a native which leads to great advantages and opens up the playing field to practically ALL women, not just educated ones or ones who’ve had an English-speaking boyfriends (tainted goods in my opinion, Lol!). If you don’t speak Thai – you are at a big disadvantage outside of major cities like Bangkok or Pattaya. Forget about heading out to more rural areas or 2nd tier cities if you don’t speak at little Thai.

    Most Filipina’s speak at least passable English – the international language. Many Filipina’s are fluent as well as they teach English in most schools. As an American – that’s a HUGE plus!!! Very little communication issues – and thus a potentially better time. Most girls, in cities, and in the provinces – are therefore possible.

    WOMEN SELECTIVITY OF MEN (Generally speaking)
    Again, the author has a lot of physical attributes that gives him HUGE advantages to select Thailand over the Philippines.

    It’s my opinion that Thai girls in general seem VERY selective with which foreigners they prefer – if you are young, thin, rich, lighter colored skin/hair/eyes – you have a HUGE INHERENT ADVANTAGE (but not insurmountable if you don’t) in hooking up with hot Thai women!!! If you’re not, don’t worry – you can still do well – but you’ll have to work a lot harder for their affection!

    Meanwhile, it’s my strong opinion that women of the Philippines – are generally NOT THAT PICKY! Lol! A older man with a spare tire (chubby) and darker features, etc. CAN STILL BE A ROCK STAR IN THE PHILIPPINES! Lol! In Thailand, not so much.

    I agree with the author that Thai women are generally more fit with Filipina’s being more chubby in general. However, you only need to find the ones that you prefer. There’s plenty of fit women in either country. You won’t have to work very hard to find a hot woman with your preferences in either country.

    Both countries are awesome for meeting hot women; however, it’s much easier to have a better time with a hot woman – in the Philippines than in the Land of Smiles (Thailand) – if you’re not young, thin, with white features! Lol. If you are young, thin, with white features – you’re opportunities are endless in either country. If you don’t fit this profile, head to the Philippines – and be a ROCK STAR!!! Lol!

    • Brianmark

      What does Rock Star mean? having a couple of dates, with chubby Filipinas? Harald, I’d have to agree with you that Thai girls are the hottest looking and the wildest too. I don’t speak any Thai, but know this.

      • PeteyBrian

        Lol! Rock star meaning having dates as hot and as fit as any girls in these photos above.

  • PeteyBrian

    Harald – why Hong Kong/Taiwan/China – are not on this list? You know the women in Macau – are ultra hot! Lol!

  • Brianmark

    Harald, this is the best comparison of the countries of SEA that I’ve read. I have to agree with all that you written. Keen observations, where many men can see the differences between countries. No wonder they fail.

    • Harald Baldr

      Thanks! Yes, Thais really are numero uno

  • Cecil J

    Where have you been with the most attractive busty blondes like this one on the right in the red?

    • She’s clearly loaded up on silicone. I haven’t been anywhere with plenty of women looking like that. Just blondes in general though; Norway and Estonia

      • Cecil J

        I can’t tell if she’s had plastic surgery or not.

        I like that medium height, curvy build like that. Tall lanky chicks and 4’10 spinners just don’t do it for me man. Even in strength training and athletes I respect other men who have some lean healthy mass on them with builds like Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Tito Ortiz, Bas Rutten, etc.

        This chick (one on far right) is a little older but my type of build too. Is she also a Scandinavia and Baltics type?

        • Looks like an American MILF to me 😉 I think there are women like her in any Western country. But sure, you’ll see women like her in Scandinavia

        • West270

          I find this photo funny because the gal on the far left is checking out the gal on the far right. Tit jealously or ?

    • Alexander Kofler

      If I see photos of white women like this I almost start to puke

      • Cecil J

        Go to the opposite end of the spectrum and date black girls

  • MustBeSaid

    Regarding Thai girls: “Many simply tell you to not let them see it.” – This is kind of bullshit. Some might say this, yeah, but they’ll be constantly looking for and finding clues that you’ve been with other girls.

    They’re not really saying, “Just don’t let me see it and I won’t bother you about it.” – They’re vigilant and will notice anything out of the ordinary. Leave one hair on the floor from a girl you were with that wasn’t her and she’ll know it’s not hers despite you not being able to see any difference.

    “Thai women are that rare breed who realize that sex and love are two completely different things.”

    Hardly. Thai women confuse sex and love or at least being in a real relationship all the time. Even the pros do which makes no sense as they’re pros. The hardcore pros yes, they know sex is just sex. But they’re the exception and generally hardcore either because they’ve been in the game too long or because they’re “Facebook famous” and have tons of idiots sending them money for free thinking they’ll “secure” them for their visit. Plus they’ll have a sponsor or three on top of that who thinks he’s her actual boyfriend.

    “If you’re a man who don’t see it like that, I suggest you DO NOT marry a Thai woman, as this goes both ways.”

    Yeah if she’s a pro and living in Patts or Phuket. Thai women generally don’t feel entitled to fuck around, it’s not a cultural norm. It’s also a myth that they accept that men do it. They understand that men are likely too and getting caught fucking around will usually be easier to recover from than with Western women but to say they’re ok with it is nonsense.

    “If you want to test the waters before traveling I suggest Thai Friendly.”

    Don’t bother, their English is usually shit and many are looking to con money out of you. Your time is better spent learning some basic Thai.

    “If your girlfriend or wife ever have to choose between them and you, her choice will already have been made. Hint: you’ll be on your own shortly.”

    This is less and less true with the younger generations, at least with regards to husbands. As for boyfriends, yeah, in what country wouldn’t most people take their family over someone they’re dating?

  • Jagger

    I HATE FISH SAUCE!!! Buy a bottle of Charlie Carp fertiliser, leave it in the sun all day and stick your nose in it. If you want a Thai, be prepared for your kitchen to smell like a open-roof fish gutting factory in the Simpson Desert. Thai’s are like Chinese – national propaganda ministers incognito. I have fucked my way through Asia like you would not believe. Once you know what you are doing, you don’t even have to ask them or prep them in any way. It is assumed. I just say “Are you tired?” which you already know they always are, and “Let’s go”. I got to a stage where I’d whip out the big bills for the taxi home and they will glady cough up the change. Now, I have found my Asian. At home she actually wears no knickers so I can access her by just lifting up her skirt whenever the commercial break comes on during the cricket. She calls me her king. She wipes my mouth for me if I get a crumb out of place. Wipes my brow if I sweat. She gets shitty if I don’t let her suck my knob when I come home from work. (When I was with my Aussie wife, I had to come home and do the fucking dishes.) All this because my Asian got bitten by a snake years ago when we started going out and I paid for the hospital bills to save her life. I sold my guitar to do it – big deal, I saved her life. Her mother thanks me for saving her daughters life every time I see her. She has the firmest round boobs and the darkest black hair and eyes – just magnificent! When I first started with her it was like having a sheeps tail docking ring around my old fella she was so tight. Who needs conversation when you can watch the cricket with your 40kg wife sitting on your knee content to tip your beer down your throat? I bought a gym membership to lose weight and she dropped the bottom lip because she loves my pot belly – the next day she made me eat ice cream – I never eat Ice Cream!!! She is 20 years younger than me. She said she wants to have a threesome (well she calls it a “gang bang”) with my ex wife one day because she said she feels sad!!! I love her to death. If any bloke came near her, I would shoot him. Feministas, dykes, whingers, sooks and left wing intelligentsia take note – you have one life and you are wasting it with your crusade. In fact if they make gay marriage legal in Australia I am going to get another wife and have two of them running around competing for my love. What are YOU spending your money on? Crocodile skin handbags? Executives wages at World Vision or Greenpeace? I’m feeding a tribe who all worship me, they love me, their kids kiss my hand, and I am totally in love, living the dream. Deep down boys, they are just envious little mongrels. Tell me Kevin Rudd, Gillard and Clinton really care about YOU – no way known.

    • dmp36

      DUDE!!!!!!! Drop a snake beside a gorgeous Thai babe……facking brilliant!

    • I don’t think I’ve genuinely ever laughed so much in years as I did reading this comment. Lmfao.

  • MattMiner

    I would date them all but I married my beautiful wife from the Philippines. Best decision in my life!!!

  • Tom

    Harald I got taken for a ride.. I’m still still not sure if she really loved me I think she did but she was just way too much of a gold digger. Shes always asking for money just exhausted and shit relationship. Even know she’s 10/10 and just my perfect girl apart from the gold digger. I just ask myself, I want my perfect girl for life, I’m not interested in just fucking heaps of girls i just want a perfect girl, I thought I could find her in Asia cause A got a positive response from here, but I just feel like all the perfect ones are gold diggers. I just ask myself is it even possible to have a loving relationship with an asian girl who is perfect

    • I doubt it. Culturally they’re too different IMO. Besides, the ones that dress and wear make-up to look hot in the ‘Western way’ are indeed very often also the least ‘brainy’ so to speak.

      • Tom

        I’m going to try once more, I asked people how do I know if she is a gold digger before investing too much time and money into her, and they replied the obvious if she starts asking you for money thats the sign, but I think I can actually see, if I look closely into a girls eyes, what she really is. I just say to myself I don’t want a gold digger and if I feel like she is, I get a feeling in return. It’s just something I’m trying not sure if its useful or not to other people

        • Dionysius Rumbaka

          You’ll need to find another girl. She is definitely a gold digger. You’ll find more, it is vastly populated

          • Tom

            Thanks for saying so Dionysius. I’m still searching for someone and trust is very important to me now for a fulfilling relationship

    • Mike Phillips

      If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife, so from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you!
      Was that by the coasters?

      • Michael

        It was, I think, ” Don and Juan ” . I was only about 5 or 6 yoa at the time, so don’t quote me on that .
        Unless it’s right.

  • Dionysius Rumbaka

    I’m Indonesian and I should be pretty damn pissed at your over-generalization, but I’ll laugh it out anyway 😂
    For real? You are literally saying we are cheap LOL. I don’t know what kind of peer that you had here. You probably found the illiterate one on streets that they so willingly date or fuck you. I’ve not ever been part of that social circle, I’m just an observer, so I probably judge too hard on them. No offense intended.
    We are approachable because we are taught to be friendly to everyone. It’s part of manner. The down side is we probably have all kind of bad perceptions of you and feel all bad vibes coming from you, but we keep smiling.
    So don’t get big headed! 😉
    And… you put sanctions on all Indonesian girl by knowing some among two hundred millions of people here. Your judgement is too much to handle
    Lots of love,

    Have a great day! 🙂 I wanna know your point of view more, so keep writing this stuff!

    • I’m not sure you read my article at all 😉

      “You are literally saying we are cheap”

      – Where?

      “I don’t know what kind of peer that you had here. ”

      – Did you not read that I even wrote one of my ex’s profession?

      “You probably found the illiterate one on streets”

      – She had a Mastes Degree which was the pre-requisite to work for her airline

      Thanks for reading and commenting though 😉 I will continue to write more

      • Dionysius Rumbaka

        1. You clearly said, “They’re often of the stalking persistent delusional kind! It doesn’t matter if you just Skyped for the first time ever last week. Or after a brief affair broke up 9 months ago. Your Jakarta flame will hound you down and refuse to face facts.”

        And I don’t want to be in the same category with the bimbos.

        2. Yes, air-hostess. Does she work for Garuda Indonesia? It’s defo no.
        Even being air hostess in Indonesia is not something to be so proud about. What I learnt through my school year is, they are always on the last rank at school.
        Mostly, they are people who can’t get accepted into Public University. (Generally, public universities are so much better than private universities here)

        3. There are only 26 Universities with A accreditation out of 678 registered uni. So I could be so curious which university she got her Master degree from.

  • George Rasmuson

    Why do you say Indians are not popular in Thailand. To my knowledge, they are popular in most all places throughout Southeast and East Asia.

    “I once hung out with two Indian friends who lived in Hong Kong, and hence had no distinct accent or money problems.”

    The vast majority of Indians speak excellent English. The dynamic with India is a bit different in the sense that approximately 70-80% of the population is a part of the educated middle/upper class. Indians who live abroad come from this educated middle/upper class bracket. That being said, Indians are by far the most wealthy ethnic group here in the west, especially in the US, Canada, and the UK. There are many Indian businessmen in Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, etc. and the Indian community in all of these countries (which is mostly Sikh) are incredibly wealthy.

    P.S. It is a good thing you left Norway, due to the migrant crisis. It seems as though the purpose of Norwegian women is to spread their legs and give Muslim migrants a good, hard orgasm to show them they are good liberals and are welcome in their country. The ignorant liberal socialists in your country (which includes basically everyone) are destroying your country. Also, Scandinavian women are the most hard-core feminist WHORES I have ever seen. Good on you for leaving man.

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