5. GOVERNMENTthelawbastiatcover

The Law (1848). Bastiat, Frederic (FREE)

If more people read this remarkably prescient masterpiece, the world would be a better place. The political landscape would forever change and passing freedom restricting wealth confiscating laws would no longer be possible.

I only wish I’d read it earlier as it would’ve saved me a decade of trying to grasp everything that is wrong with modern governments. Bastiat boils it down to less than 100 pages.

Legal plunder, why elections has nothing to do with freedom and the true nature of government is throughly exposed by the most brilliant political mind France has ever produced.



4. ISLAMhirsialiinfidel

Infidel (2007). Ali, Ayaan Hirsi

You may be one of the millions around the world who know that something is up with Islam, but don’t know quite what it is. You’re reluctant to discuss the theme with friends or colleagues due to the politically incorrect light this may shine on you.

Hirsi Ali, the ex-Muslim, ex-Somali refugee and ex-member of Dutch parliament will lay bare all the things you ever wanted to know about this so-called religion of peace you never dared ask.

She will help you see Islam for what it really was from the start; a backwards misogynistic warrior religion bent on world domination.



3. INVESTINGjimrogersstreetsmarts

Streetsmarts (2013). Rogers, Jim

Investor and the legendary Quantum Fund co-founder Jim Rogers’ latest book is an excellent primer on the mindset you need to posses in order to make it in the world as an individual investor. In brief, Rogers tries to anticipate long-term trends that may take decades to unfold.

He doesn’t fancy himself a trader but a long-term investor willing to buy and hold forever.

I found it liberating to see proof of how sticking with a sound strategy pays huge dividends over a lifetime of sticking to your guns. Rogers shows you why you don’t have to be a Wall Street Insider to make money in the world’s stock markets.



2. WOMENthegameneillstrauss

The Game (2005). Strauss, Neill

My biggest regret in life
is not reading this book back in 2005. A friend recommended it this past February. I finally plowed through it in a couple of days whilst suffering through a terrible dry spell in Romania a few months later.

It illuminated all the things I’d been doing wrong (as well as right) with women up until then.

It only took a few days of field testing to realize that everything Hollywood movies and magazines have taught me about girls is wrong. Everything Neill Strauss did is right.



1. ECONOMYpeterschifftherealcrash

The Real Crash (2012). Schiff, Peter

No book will ever beat this one as a primer on common sense economic thinking. To paraphrase myself in the Islam review, you may be one of the millions who know something is up with the economy but lack the expertise or time to attempt grasping exactly what it is.

Schiff’s book does all that in layman’s terms and more. Want to know why economic crisis occur? Who and what causes them? Why unemployment is a highly unnatural phenomenon and wouldn’t exist in a free society? Why is it so hard to start a business today?

Schiff will turn your economic worldview upside-down.



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