Aged 16 I stood 1.85cm tall weighing 59kg. 16 years later I weighed in at 93kg. Fast forward to today and I’m 80kg. I’ve been lean and ripped with an unbelievable six-pac but also bulky and chubby looking quite big.

I’ve tried a variety of looks over the years. Gone through dozens of different workout programs. Focused on different exercises and muscle groups. I’ve gone heavy on cardio and tried zero cardio. I’ve tried high fat diets, low carb diets, ultra high protein diets and no diets. But to what end?

I’ve always had an inner drive to look my best. If I’m going to be brutally honest though, that drive in turn were always motivated by an unquenchable thirst for courting women. Over the years I’ve thus naturally ended up focusing purely on muscles I know aid with said endeavor.

So which muscles do women find the most attractive? What exercises will get you laid?

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  • James X

    Thanks for more good practical advice. I agree, if I look at my own history, the thick and bulky look seems to get more attention.
    To your good list, I would also add the triceps. Much more than biceps, they make the arm appear large and strong. In short sleeve weather, this is especially important. I believe protruding triceps can also add to the illusion of a V-shape, or accentuate its existence.

  • ale

    Good advice, I recently lost 15 lbs of muscle partying in Vegas all summer. I don’t have alot charisma but certainly more then I use to, don’t have much money, but I’m 6″3 and in shape. Losing that muscle mass has hurt me though and I realize just how much I depended on my looks to get laid so I’m determined to get back into peak physical shape. Being in top shape gives you a pick of hot fitness chicks also. The best exercises in my opinion for physique are deadlifts, incline bench press, and military press. For legs I do heavy squats and deadlifts to make them strong but not so much bulky.

    • Damn, 15lbs is a lot. Luckily it’s way easier to get it back the 2nd time around.

  • Sean D

    Great podcast Harold 🙂 As a guy 6’2″ tall weighing 161 lbs I think you motivated me to skip my next cutting cycle several months from now. You’re right, what’s the point of having abs when male fashion standards completely obliterate their usefulness?

    I’ve been thinking about this same topic. Do you have any opinion forearm training (Reverse curls, wrist curls, and even deadlifts or farmer’s walks)? I don’t do any of that right now except the deadlifts, but I’m thinking it might be important because of how exposed the forearms are.

    • I don’t do forearms as they get quite a workout from chin-ups and deadlifts. Also they don’t really add much value to the V-shape. I prefer focusing on neck instead.

  • Peter

    I train legs only because they are a massive muscle that can act as a huge glucose sink, and that helps to keep lean. I train them to get leaner indirectly. My last girlfriend told me that my legs were getting ‘disgusting’ and I was only training them twice a week. I only started training them again after she dumped me to help to get lean. And it gives me an excuse to get in the gym so I can do some cardio as well.

  • Cecil J

    Who are your top 5 Viking metal bands?

    • 1. Cradle of Filth (up until and including Bitter Suits to Succubi)
      2. Gorgoroth
      3. Burzum
      4. Dimmu Borgir (up until and including Spritual Black Dimensions)
      5. System of a Down

  • George Rasmuson

    I left you a message in your Top 5 Countries to Date Asian Women article,
    Reply to the post whenever you get the chance.

  • SSS

    I would like to know whether a BMI 43 person can reasonably lift his way to an aesthetic body? or is surgery my only option.

    BTW, your blog rocks.

    • Thanks!

      I’ve never been there so can’t really answer that. If I were seriously overweight though I’d first lose the weight, then lift later. There’s been times when I’ve been heavy (90 or above) and there are many ways to drop down below 80 again. Recently on my motorbike tour of Asia I lost a lot as the food wasn’t what I was used to plus I was busy driving. Sometimes there also were no food available in that I could eat.

      Cycling, soccer, swimming or any other cardio sport that don’t really feel like cardio (as you’re having fun) is another way to do it. Good luck!

      • SSS

        Thanks for your honest answer.

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