As a connoisseur of the golden arches lifestyle I decided to rank the McDonald’s I’ve eaten at around the world from worst to best. To keep the list down to ten I included only the ones that stood out for some reason. Ex. the meal was exceptionally good or horrifyingly bad. Each criteria runs from 1-10 with max cumulative score being 30. The criteria are:

Price; Was the meal good value for money?
Quality; Was the burger good? Did I feel ill 6 hours later?
Service; Did I have to wait in line for half an hour or 2 minutes?


10. India 

This is hands down the worst country to eat at McDonald’s! Due to the status of the cow as a sacred animal, there is no beef on the menu here. Thank you Ganesh! There was no pork on either, which I can only conjecture is due to yet another religion coming in the way of my taste buds and a delicious Big Mac.

Thank you religion from the Arabian peninsula which I shall not name!

Naturally the result is an unrecognizable menu full of confusing items covered in curry and things unheard of at McD’s in other countries. It was incredibly cheap but offered no value for money as the quality of the product was atrocious. The coke however was edible so I guess 2 points for price is indeed warranted.

Price: 2  Quality: 1  Service: 5   Total: 8


9. Philippines

McDonald’s Philippines does delivery which is a big plus in my book. What’s better than waking up after a night on the town not having to go anywhere for a greasy hangover meal? I added a bonus point in the service category based on this fact.

Sadly there’s a lot to be said on the quality front. The buns on the hamburger can be extremely dry. So dry in fact they’re almost crusty! This drags down the whole taste experience and renders the standard hamburger meal pretty poor. There’s also some issues with the Mc Delivery as they tend to skimp on the service.

Order large fries with your meal and by the time it arrives on your doorstep, the delivery man has helped himself to half of them.

There’s lots of scope for improvement here.

Price: 4  Quality: 2  Service: 6   Total: 12


8. Norway

McDonald’s Norway offers one of the better taste experiences. Sadly this doesn’t make up for the fact that the prices are the most ridiculous you’ll encounter anywhere. Obviously this means value for money is quite low.

Service to is highly inefficient and expect at least a 5-8 minute wait even with a short queue.

When paying exorbitant prices for a meal, which you’ll have to do here, you’re better of going to Burger King for a double Whooper w/bacon and cheese. At a similar price it’s obviously more burger for your buck and offers far greater value.

Price: 3  Quality: 7  Service: 3   Total: 13


7. USA

McDonald’s in the US is always tasty. In some countries the taste varies a lot from city to city. Not in America. The Big Mac has the same classic taste everywhere. Value for money is quite good, but don’t expect service with a smile.

I’ve yet to encounter a more demoralized McD’s workforce anywhere in the world.

I’ve also never seen ruder customers (exception Australia) than in Las Vegas and Philadelphia. That may have something to do with it. The employees are indeed quite efficient.

Price: 5  Quality: 7  Service: 7   Total: 19


6. Brazil

Brazil makes the world’s best McDonald’s burgers, period! There’s no competition. Taste is sublime and unmatched anywhere. Although it’s not the cheapest, it offers sublime value for money due to the amazing quality. Try the Angus Premium and you’ll start to question whether you’re really at McD’s.

Too bad the world class food quality is the complete opposite of the service.

With 2-3 confused cashiers behind every register, the inefficiency you’ll encounter here is mind-boggling. If you’re third in line, count yourself lucky if it doesn’t take another 15 minutes before you’ve ordered and another 10 before you get your meal. Yes, really! But he who waits, waits for something good. In this case extraordinary, so bring some patience and a good mood to the queue.

Price: 9  Quality: 10  Service: 1   Total: 20

Get you muff . . . in @ McD’s Austria


5. Thailand

McDonald’s is everywhere in Thailand. Too bad there’ no extra points for ubiquity. Service is usually excellent and extremely friendly. No demoralised McD’s workers here. McD Thailand also does delivery without the missing french fries problem you’ll frequently encounter in the Philippines. In most cities it’s even open 24/7.

The quality of the food is generally good but you’ll get stomach problems more often here than in any other country.

Usually from the McWings or the Big Mac. Hence there is an issue with the quality. Were it not so, McD Thailand would rank in the top 3.

Price: 7  Quality: 6  Service: 8   Total: 21


4. Australia

The Australian McDonald’s menu is reasonably priced and the staff are very efficient. Quality is always the same, thus deserves an A+ for consistency. Biggest problem eating here are the mannerisms of the other revelers.

The Australian patrons of McDonald’s wins the award for most inconsiderate diners of all time.

This is uber strange, seeing as the Australians you meet outside of McD’s are possibly the world’s friendliest and most sincere people. Go figure!

Price: 7  Quality: 7  Service: 8   Total: 22


3. Japan

The prices at Mcdonald’s Japan rivals those in Europe. The quality of the meal however makes it decent value for money.

The service here is the best I’ve encountered anywhere in the world and is borderline sublime.

Staff are all smiles and your meal will be ready in no time. This stands in stark contrast to the rest of Japan’s services sector. McD>Sushi!

Price: 6  Quality: 8  Service: 9   Total: 23


2. Poland

Most of the staff in McDonald’s Poland are always in the same mood. Morning, afternoon and evening makes no difference. How is this possible? Coz you’re being served by a machine. Working at McDonald’s isn’t necessarily considered a high status profession in Europe.

So what’s better than to hire someone completely void of feelings and emotions with regards to their social status?

This decision shines through in the service they deliver. Queues move fast and you get your meal in a timely manner. I also love that I could change my french fries, whom I rarely eat anyway, for a salad at no extra cost. Prices are not the lowest but the burgers were borderline Brazilian quality and hence offers fantastic value for money.

Price: 8  Quality: 8  Service: 9   Total: 25


1. Ukraine

With a Big Mac meal for under $2 USD at current exchange rates and with the quality of the burgers only surpassed by Brazil, this is the natural #1 McDonald’s in the world. Service is extremely good  and you can order in english.

You wait an average 2-3 minutes for your meal and never have to queue for more than 1 minute before someone takes your order.

The Ukrainian version of french fries (similar to english chips) is also far better than the original. So is the royal cheese burger and the quarter pounder it’s modeled on. The clear Numero Uno!

Price: 10  Quality: 9  Service: 8   Total: 27

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