Nations where you will see serious action

This is not a list over the top 10 countries with the hottest babes. The country with the sexiest women in the world, Romania, is not even here. Nor is it rundown of the easiest countries to score in. Estonia is not here either.

It’s a list over the EASIEST countries to bang HOT girls!

There are hot girls in every country on the planet. But who the hell cares if you can’t bang any of them? That’s right, no one! What matters is how obtainable those hotties are.

A hot girl is . . . 

  • Skinny & feminine with a rock hard body, has toned thin legs, tiny waist, dresses slutty, loves piercings, worships tattoos and rocks a shaved muff 7 days a week

In terms of style . . .

  • She wouldn’t be caught dead wearing high waist shorts, hates underwear, swears by miniskirts and was born in high heels with black leather straps that stretches way up her calfs

Yeah I know, I just described Superwoman and it’s rough finding a girl that conforms to all this outside of strip-joints. So let’s make it a little easier. If a girl fit at least a couple of these criteria, i.e. skinny, feminine, sexy style and puts out . . . well, you get the picture 😉

Now that we have our definition out of the way let’s get down to it.



10. Indonesia, Bandung | Bali | Jakarta

Indonesia is the only Islamic country to make it in the top 10. If you thought the type of woman just described doesn’t conform very well with the religious teachings of the Arabian 7th century marauder from what is modern day Saudi Arabia, you’d be correct. If you thought maybe such girls do indeed exist in the Islamic world, but surely wouldn’t put out as sexual relations outside of wedlock is a big no no in such countries, you’d once again be correct.

Luckily, in a nation made up of 17 000 islands and 255 million people, you’re going to have some rebells

Not to speak of a flurry of different cultural norms and religious indonesiapartygirlsbeliefs. That’s the only way I can rationalize the experiences I’ve had around Java and other Indonesian islands. In the interest of accuracy, the cities of Bandung and Jakarta plus the Hindu stronghold of Bali being the three wildest.

The latter in particular is teeming with women from all the other islands seeking a refuge where they can act out their slutty fantasies without attracting scorn from the religious nutters in their hometown.

Women in both Bali and Jakarta in particular don’t think twice about dressing sexy or banging guys they’ve just met. RESPECT!

English is widely spoken and is less of a challenge than in more famous South-East Asian destinations. Notable exception being the Philippines.

Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Any nightclub in any part of town
Fastest Quality Bang: 1 hour – a coyote dancer from Hard Rock Cafe in Bali with no english whom kidnapped me back to hers



9. Poland, Krakow | Warsaw

Nothing in life comes gift-wrapped on a silver plate. Polish ass is no exception.  It’s rougher getting laid here than in the Baltic neighbors to the north. Yet there is so much quality abound and simply hanging in there for a week or so will have you lucking out.

Do your time and there will be a crime!

Getting acquainted with a large number of prospects is an absolute must. Polish women are very talkative albeit quite boring. At least the ones that are semi-interested in foreigners so the key is to simply approach, approach and APPROACH and not let nasty rejections or the ubiquitous cockblockers derail the mission just because they occur more frequently here than anywhere else.

Poland sneaks into the list based on sexier women than Indonesia and a lack of viable alternatives.

Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Clubs outside Old Town | Zlote Tarasy Warsaw | Galeria Krakowska
Fastest Quality Bang: 90 minutes – metalgirl with a Gorgoroth fetish I chatted up at Zlote Tarasy



8. Hungary, Budapest

In the late 1990s, Hungary’s capital gained the much coveted nickname; The Bangkok of Europe. I arrived 15 years late for that and have no idea if it ever lived up to this name. I can only assume it meant lots of scantly clad beautiful women courting foreigners with questionable motives. Modern Budapest is nothing like that. The women dress and look sophisticated.

There appeared to be no great yearning for foreigners either as the Bangkok reference would imply

What’s left is an Eastern European city much like the others, full hotgirlsbudapestof hot girls that only give it up to those whom they deem the most worthy of men. Of course worthiness, as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

It doesn’t take more than proper leather shoes, being well dressed and the ability to hang in there until you’ve passed the screening process.

In Hungary this was a slightly less strenuous undertaking than in most countries behind the old iron curtain. Hungarians are sexually quite liberated.

*Visit Hooter’s, pictured right, first to see what the top shelf liquors look like. Adjust your expectations accordingly 😉

Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Downtown Ruin-Bars | McDonald’s at night | Online
Fastest Quality Bang: 2 hours – Woman on a pub-crawl from a bar area behind Hooter’s



7. Japan, Tokyo

The Japanese often find themselves at the forefront of technological advancements that subsequently sweep across the rest of the world. I’ve been waiting since forever for the same to apply to fashion. I’m still waiting. . . 🙁  and am willing to for a long time. The reason is simple:

For decades Japanese girls have been strutting around the streets of Shibuya in outfits only the sluttiest strippers dare wear in other parts of the world

Culturally this country has some pretty strict moral codes. Most shibuyagirljapanpeople do their utmost to look serious, unfazed and depressed throughout the day. Don’t let this fool you!

When the Japos let lose, THEY REALLY LET LOOSE! The best tactic here is to Go Caveman. Alternatively let them Caveman you. I tried both.

This is sexually one of the strangest countries in the world. A large part of the population abstain completely. Others live and bang as Manga cartoon characters. Go for the wildest cartoons you see. I know this sounds insane. Every man needs to travel to Japan to simply see this for himself.

*Bonus point to Japanese women for their lovemaking sounds. It’s not a myth!

Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: 109 Mall in Shibuya | Bars in Roppongi | Nightclubs in Shinjuku
Fastest Quality Bang: 5 minutes – chic in a native American outift assaulted me in a disco in Shinjuku, luckily in the pre-camera phone age



6. Philippines, Manilla | Subic | Angeles

A list of the easiest countries to score would have Philippines vying with Estonia and Thailand for the top spot. Seeing as Pinoy women are soft, i.e. lack the rock hard bodies a super hottie must posses, the country should count itself lucky to be as high as #6. Their flabby spongelike bodies, despite being petite and feminine, is sadly a big disappointment. The girls of this nation of 5000 islands are culturally a strange crop.

Fanatically Catholic in most aspects of life, they’re religiously heathen when it comes to sleeping around

It’s the only country on earth, possible exception Brazil, where phillippinessexygirlJesus’ actions in life serves as more of a model for how one should live than his words. If you don’t get this reference go read about whom exactly Jesus hung around with throughout most of his adult life.

Contrary to almost everywhere else on the planet, being a normal nice boring man is pure gold in the Philippines. Nerds of the world take notes! Dressing well whilst looking and sounding professional is all it takes, as South-East Asians don’t generally give the third degree demanding some elaborate cover story.

Additionally, a guy not getting laid as he’s overly skinny in the West will find himself looking stacked in the Pines. No wonder so many Westerners travel to the Philippines to take on a wife or two.

Most Fertile Hunting Grounds: Anywhere with girls | Online | Tinder
Fastest Quality Bang: 1 hour girl I met on a floating bar in Subic holidaying with her sponsor

  • Jacob

    I have a question. Since your background is Scandinavian / Norwegian, how do you think it effects on your first impression with foreign girls?
    I’m Danish, but I find that most girls, for example in Ukraine, have never heard of my country, so I see my background as neither positive nor negative, more like a brownie point.

    • Harald Baldr

      That’s a great idea for a future post.

      In general it’s neutral or negative. Outside of the West, casual flings just for the hell of it isn’t the norm. Being a dodgy foreigner doesn’t make such cultural quirks any easier to overcome. On top of this most women aren’t interested in becoming emotionally invested in a guy that’s not even going to stick around in the country.

      So first impression then is, ‘hmmm that’s weird. Never seen your kind around these parts before. Why are you here?’. Then that’s it. It can be a struggle to get further.

      There are countries though where this is less of an issue. Hence this article 😉 But even in them, simply approaching one woman will rarely be enough. Get 3-5 solid numbers and then we’re talking.

      • Jacob

        Thank you for your answer.
        But I was more refering to a comparision between your Scandinavian background, and for example an American / Canadian background. Do you
        think that it is better to be from a more famous country, like USA, then from a small unknown European country? Or do you think it matters very little when it comes to the first impression with girls? I noticed for example that a lot of guys in Ukraine lie about there background, and say they are from a richer country, then they really are.
        Otherwise, also a very great post, and I’m definately gonna check out Brazil soon )

        • Harald Baldr

          Hmmm I honestly have no idea. My guess would be that it doesn’t matter.

          Being American is generally a plus though in Eastern Europe. Everyone I’ve met holds a favorable view of that country.

          But I would never lie about my origins. Besides if things get serious, how would one explain that one away at a later stage?

          Enjoy Brazil. Might head there myself soon. Writing this made me remember how fun it was 🙂

  • Adrian

    Any advise on chinese women?

    • Harald Baldr

      Yes, stay away. They’re generally not very attractive and have a bad temper.

  • Sun Xu

    What about USA or Canada? Should I move out of America if I want to get laid?

    • Harald Baldr

      If you’re a film star or rich, America is awesome. If that’s not you, yes move to get the hotties 😉

      • Sun Xu

        I heard if u are white and handsome America is easy?

        • Harald Baldr

          Not for scoring hot skinny women which is what this article is about

          • Sun Xu

            Have u been to New York City ? I currently live in nyc and I found lots of skinny attractive hot women there have u try to game in nyc? Or Las Vegas?

          • Harald Baldr

            Those are two awesome cities but I visited before I knew about game

  • Sun Xu

    Born and raise in America where should I move to? Because speaking English and Chinese is my only option I don’t like Chinese girls and Hong Kong girls because they are not attractive but I don’t want to move when I can’t get a job here in the states the middle class has been destroyed don’t really know where to get jobs and get laid ????

    • Harald Baldr

      Get a career and make money. Then the world is your oyster. Chinese-American guys do well in Southeast Asia

    • Nigel Cox

      You can get hot girls in america, you should follow Coach Corey Wayne he gives great advice about dating and relationships. With his knowledge you be able to get the women you are looking for.

      • Harald Baldr

        True, there are plenty of great advice out there that can help a man succeed in any country. I’m not familiar with Corey Wayne but for an American social setting, I think the teachings of Mystery really are spot on and will help you improve.

        • Nigel Cox

          You should definitely check him out really great advise also l love your blog it was spot on, l did travel to these countries and you do get success with women. Corey Wayne will help you score on American women because he gives you an open advantage to what the average guy do not know. He have a Youtube channel if you want to have better social life with women definitely check him out.

    • Fred

      Many blond girls like Asian people, some never had a chance to get lade with other than their own ethnicity as an Asian person you’ll be a good exotic selection to some .girls

  • romeo meo

    I like american girls, i also like hungarian and russian girls but the language barrier is huge. In your opinion, what are my chances of getting laid in the US if i´m mexican? decent looking (athletic & 6.4 ft tall) guy. My only problem is that i´m kinda boring. Also what are the chances of me getting an STD in america?.

    • Harald Baldr

      No idea about neither as I’ve never been to Mexico nor am I a doctor.

    • Fred

      Try to go to places where a Latino is appropriated such Salsa club , he best place in American soil I can say even anywhere in the world.

    • Oybek Toirov

      The chances of you getting STD in US is ver low. Just make sure you’re not hooking up with some porn actress.

      • Zeki

        Oybek you sound like some American chick left you out in the woods dude!!!!

        • Oybek Toirov

          Huh? Not sure what you mean

  • Thomas Rosales

    I am Bolivian – American. I am 24 and professional. I live in DC. I find it extremely hard to find girls, where should I move? I was thinking Cancun. What do you think? Thanks! -T

    • Harald Baldr

      Move where your looks work in your favor. In Northern Europe you’d be exotic and in hot demand.

      • Thomas Rosales

        Europe doesn’t really attract me that much to be honest. I am also seriously considering the Philippines.

        • Harald Baldr

          Go for it. It’s a fun country 😉

          • Thomas Rosales

            Thanks! I might do it. Carpe diem right? What city do you recommend? Manila?

          • Harald Baldr

            Yes. The capital is always the best choice IMO.

        • ACM92101

          yea, the PI is a lot of fun. you can be fat and ugly and still pull one of the finest. PI is fun!

    • Fred

      Czech Republic , Slovakia , Estonia, Poland those are the countries where you can get lade easy as a Bolivian girls are clean and not much materialistic, besides they like a bit brown people .

  • Harald Baldr

    Sure, travel and enjoy life. If you’re wondering where it all went wrong though, it’s likely because chasing women is a rather meaningless endeavor which won’t bring anything but temporary happiness. Sure it’s fun in the moment but it’s not something I look back upon with great satisfaction either. Yet it’s what the male brain compels us to do at a certain age, hence why I wrote this article.

    Poland is a nice country. Go for it!

    Sorry for the late reply. Your post was caught in the spam filter and I didn’t see it before now 😉

  • Ashu

    Hey I’m indian….5.8 feet and athletic body type… Where do u think I should go …. And I hav fair brown colour…

    • Harald Baldr

      I have some Indian friends who do well in Thailand. But seeing as I’m European I have no idea where it’s best for you.

      • Singh Sardar

        A white is 1000x lower than an untouchable, so what would you have to do with ancient India?

        Know your place in the case system melech.

        • WTF are you mumbling about?

          • Singh Sardar

            Wtf are you mumbling about? You obviously think Hindu girls should go with white men & leave their caste.

            I’m teaching you the place of a dirty beef eating inbred..

          • lol, you’re funny! I think Hindu girls should have some beef yes. So should you. Beef soothes the soul and makes you less temperamental.

          • Singh Sardar

            I see you won’t approve comments, o well your women are already prepared to become Sikhs men already prepared to become water vapor.

            So Jai Hind

          • You’re insane! Making your country proud (india). Lmfao! Some of your comments were held for review as you’re spamming plus included links to other sites. The filter thus holds them for review. I’ve approved them now though as they make you and your country look utterly pathetic.

          • Singh Sardar

            2500 years ago it was said one whtie man is below 1000x untouchables.

            Nothing more to say,

  • Lina

    I am so happpy that I found your blog Harald, thank you. Meat is meat everywhere. Never thought that guys need to travel a world to get some good thing.

    • Men don’t HAVE to travel but if they do, they will discover that women in some countries are much better than others. (culture, beauty, brains, education) This post was merely about looks and culture. I should make another list on intelligence.

      • ACM92101

        excellent point Harald!

  • Znarf Tnarol

    lonely men, travel to these places, be happy!

    • Mike1981

      You mean just like women travel to the Carribeans and the Mediterranean. Funny how women always try to shame men for things they do themselves.

    • Bill the Butcher

      Yes, of course we should just stay here in America and get rejected by fat girls with careers.

    • Sharjil Al-naqi

      To find better women , wife who stay home and love husband and kids . Not the one who run behind money and her lifestyle

  • John Sand

    Thank you, Harald. However, I find the irony in your blog to be really hard to spot.

  • Stuart

    I’m a 39yo Australian looking for one night stands. Where is the best place to go in Brazil? What is the best way to meet women? What are the safety considerations?

    • Hey Stuart, did you actually read the Brazil section?

      • Stuart

        Oh ok cool. So I gather Fortaleza is the way to go (I’d be interested why it’s better than other places in Brazil). And you meet women in bars – I’m going by myself so is Tinder/online or daygame ok though? And I gather it’s safe there.

        • It’s better as there was a nice combination of hot women who did put out. Daygame is the way to go and just talk to women everywhere. Beach, malls and bars were the best yes. If you go to the latter though you must use your intuition whether your chic is working or not lest you want a costly surprise later on.

          Without Portugese or some rudimentary Spanish though you may run in to some issue with communication. I used Google Translate to work around this. As for safety, Brazil is Brazil. I never had any issues but you don’t see anyone walking around alone at night outside of the beach areas. You have to watch out.

          • Stuart

            Great thanks. By the way, Roosh V thinks Rio is best and said of Northern Brazil “Unless you got money and time to blow and want to learn about Brazilian culture, I’d skip the north” Regarding Fortaleza, Roosh V said “A large, plain city with several decent beaches to choose from. If you’re on a budget then head to the sketchy Praia de Iracema beach, which has rooms starting at 55 R$. Get off on Avenida Beira Mar facing the beach and bargain with the over dozen hotels clustered nearby. If you have more money to spend then head to upmarket Praia do Futuro a couple miles away.The great thing about Fortaleza is that the nightlife is easy to find. Simply go to Dragão do Mar, an area of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants within walking distance of Iracema. From Thursday through Sunday you’ll find something happening. Nearby Dragão do Mar is Mucuripe (Rua Travessa Maranguape, 108), a megaclub that has three different dance floors, including one that played decent house and American hip-hop when I went. The cover is 30 R$ and the girls have attitude, but it’s not bad for a visit. Speaking of the girls, I’ve never seen so many husky women as I have in Fortaleza. It’s as if they’re all spawn of football players, which is interesting because the men appeared normal. While the women tend to be overweight with hammy arms, it’s their wide build which was most disturbing. This was the first city I visited after Rio, so the downgrade in attractiveness was shocking and took a bit away from the Brazilian woman mystique.”

          • I disagree there. Way hotter women in Fortaleza and more of them too.

  • Mike1981

    I disagree with this list:
    – getting laid in Latin America is not that easy because religion and reputation are important there. Girls don’t want to be seen with a gringo.
    – Most “easy” girls in SE Asia are o the job so Thailand and Indonesia don’t count.
    In my experience:
    – Fair skinned guys have it in East Asia and Africa
    – Dark skinned guys have it easy in Eastern and northern Europe

    • Moby Dick

      I got lots of pussy in Latin America and so did my friends. I’d say they are #1 sluttiest actually.

    • Booty graving monster

      If you ain’t black, white or asian and have a tan skin you can almost go anywhere n girls will like you. props of being Mexican/American/Spanish 😉

      • jose

        Hombre pues claro! My friend, very true.

    • Account 1

      bullshit. there are parts of eastern Europe where nig-nogs cant get shit. maybe some parts of northern Europe. Your wrong about Latin America. White men do exceptional in latin america. I am white and have sex with so many latin women it is insane. Black men arent wanted in most cultures. they looked down apoun. Lets face it, they are seen as the lowest status people. Look at Africa and where their roots have come from. It tells and shows a lot. Asian women don’t want blacks. Mexicans hate black people so bad that if you went through certain parts, you would literally be putting your life at risk. Latin is not a race but the ones who are considered superior stem from spanish-european blood. Look at Argintina. It is the Whitest Latin culture ever. They have the hottest girls but they look down on blacks.

      • Mike1981

        Nig nog? Fuck you racist bastard!

    • briantravelman

      Latin America? Are you KIDDING me? Peruvian girls will open their legs for any man with white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. But he doesn’t even have to be blond. I have brown hair and I get hit on by Latinas almost everywhere I go. Latinas LOVE White men, even more than Latino men. Getting a White man is like hitting the jack pot for a Latina. I was in Cusco and sat down on the bench next to this couple to put something in my backpack, and the guy left for one minute and it didn’t even take 5 seconds for his girlfriend to start chatting me up. And I was on a beach in Aruba and this Venezuelan girl could not take her eyes off me. Latinas aren’t shy about making the first move like other girls. If they see something they like, they let you know. Most Latinas would leave their boyfriend for a White man in a heartbeat. And Latinas are the only girls I can flirt with directly without having to worry about being accused of sexual harassment. I have to agree with the comment on Black people. I’ve noticed that in most places in the world, Black people are the least liked race. I believe you about the Mexicans and Blacks. There are Black people in Guerrero and they are SO rude. I was filming some ruins in Mexico and the light skinned Mexicans didn’t even pay attention to me, but two Black Mexican girls walked by and gave me a dirty ass look as if they’d never seen a White person before and smirked at me. So I am not surprised they aren’t liked there. Even in the U.S. Blacks and Mexicans don’t get along. As for Europe, Blacks have luck with German women, but that’s about it. The only women that really go crazy for Blacks are Indian women.

  • Artoev95

    Hi I m half Ukrainian ,half Armenian living in Ireland ,find it extremely hard to get girls here,my height is 172 cm ,normal weight ,only 21 ,normal looking guy ,any suggestions?I m a little bit tan as well(like Spanish tan)

  • Robert Lichota

    I have been to many of those countries: Philippines, Thailand, Ukraine. And scores of others living single for 10 years. My number 1 would be Indonesia. It was so good I decided to leave it so that I do not get in more trouble I can handle.

    • Nick

      How did you like Thailand, we sound alike i have been single last few years and traveling 12 to 15 days a month. Indonesia how do the women look there and is that place safe.

  • David Reeve

    Hi, I tan really easy and just got a bunch of tattoos. I’m somewhat wealthy and dress very well. I like green and blue eyed girls that are hot and skinny. Where do you recommend and how should I dress? Whats the best place for me, my game is ok in the US because I get annoyed easy. I’ve hooked up in one night in a very difficult place here in Cali where men are in shape and have money with stuck up girls. Where do you think would be a good place or places for me to travel?

    • Norway

      • David Reeve

        Thanks, I’m heading to Europe soon. It’s time to unleash the comote rabbit! I speak Spanish fluently and very little German but you’re right German girls are ok, I was like no “thank you come again”, which is our 7Eleven inside joke in a Indian voice over. I wouldn’t mind finding a nice girl and bringing her back to the states where the laws allow her to take half my things, smh. But that’s a different topic!

    • California must have the biggest concentration of prostitutes and porn
      actresses in the world. It must be hard to find a decent woman in
      California. Get out or you may have the same fate of Charlie Sheen, who
      married a porn actress and got infected by HIV. Kissing his wife is like
      kissing hundreds of dicks at once; riskier than kissing a komodo dragon.

      • David Reeve

        I’m going to be honest, California is like the feminist capitol of the U.S. I have a lot of investments here so I’m kind of stuck. It’s very hard to find a decent woman in California, that’s why I’m thinking about traveling more. Your comment is on point, it’s hard to find a good wife in my area. Some of my friends have even turned to religion hard core and shut off the outside world, after they got married. I was focusing on my career and making a little money, while I was engaged. Won’t get into it, but now I’m even considering the Ukraine or meeting a foreign girl with good values. It’s sad, some of my friends have even left the country. There’s some good girls, but it’s hard to find marriage material here.

        • Bob Nice

          Dude get the hell out of there as soon as possible if possible so to speak…

        • briantravelman

          I live in California and your comments are 100% true. It’s SO hard to get a girl in California because most of them are Liberals and have a feminist mentality. For this reason, the majority of them expect to be treated as an equal rather than as a lady. They don’t want to feel helpless so holding the door for them or offering them your seat is considered very offensive to them. You can’t even flirt with them or they will accuse you of sexual harassment. And the ones that WILL go out with you are usually sluts. Unless you’re a Liberal, don’t waste your time with California girls. Your only chance in California is to try you luck with a “true” Latina. When it comes to American girls, Southern girls are the best.

      • thaddeusbuttmunchmd

        Sheen was the “Catcher” for a Transexual-lol. And-Magic Johnson (what a NAME!) was on the Down-Low with R&B Singer Jermaine “We don’t have to take our clothes off-to have a Good time” Stewart-who got AIDS the Usual way.

  • North of Brazil is the worst region of all! Worst social indicators, highest incidence of diseases, including STDs, highest criminality, poverty, … worst public health system, … hellhole. As a consequence, least attractive women on average. Be careful!

    • Sounds perfect 😉

      Jokes aside, I liked the North but was only there during the World Cup and things may have looked a bit better in the host cities than it does when the world’s spotlight isn’t shining so bright on them.

      • The current Federal Gov finances and uses the public events like WC, Olympics, … so as to divert the attention of the people from the real problems. This is how they try to hide the mistakes they have been making for the last 12 years. Many foreigners and tourists get the impression that the situation is good, stable, … when actually the Gov is irresponsible and for this reason the President is about to fall.

  • Cowboy 2p

    Brazil is very good and easy (mostly in the north, where’s Fortaleza) for foreign white guys. You literally doesnt need anything beyond that, they just LOVE white “gringos”. Just chat a few words and take them to your place and you’ll socre at least 9/10, and there’s is all kind of fenotype variety (mixed bigg ass brown, asian, white, south americans indias and so on), I think it ranks 1o place in the world in this matter (variety). Now, I have a question for you, Harald. I’m kindda on to white girls (scadinavian, american, slav.. any). So, which country in eastern europe (o any other place where there’s plent of white girls) is mosty receptive for brown skin (brazililian) guys like me, if there’s any? Thanks!

    • I think (but it’s just a guess as I’m white) that Northern Europe really is the best for you. Norway and Sweden for example.

      If you really want Eastern Europe I honestly don’t know where it would be best for a Brazilian.

  • Sharjil Al-naqi

    Hi, I’m Indian origin with mannered personality slim body type . Can u kindly please tell me which country do people from Indian aka brown do well ,With minimal effort ?

  • Rafael Ribeiro

    Sorry dude, but I disagree.
    Trust me, Brazil should be out of this list. I think you should considere Norway, Slovakia, France and even Lithuania.

  • Indian Guy

    Hey Harald. I am an Indian live in Gyor, Hungary since 3 years. It is not that difficult to get girls here but the problem is most of the people do not speak a word in English. Mostly those who speak English are in Budapest and are not really interested in such games. I am planning to go on vacations now for some one night stand games. (I had few in Budapest but was really difficult as language was a huge barrier and also some girls were not really into one night stand although they knew it beforehand). I am 165 cms, thin built, brown skin man.

  • Manolo

    How is Brazil at No1? I have been in Brazil (Sao Paolo, Manaus and this last 7 days in Rio) for 3 weeks and I’ve yet to bed my first chick. Not to mention many of the women in Brazil are overweight. This article is totally wrong. Whenever I went to Philippines, Indonesia or Thailand, every night I go out, without fail I would score. Brazil is as hard as Western Europe, it’s no different. I’m going to Fortaleza in a few days, maybe there will be different.

    • “without fail I would score”.

      – Read the headline and intro to this article again

      • Manolo

        Yes I read the headline. For starters, Brazilian women are overrated, an extremely high % of them are overweight. Secondly, it’s no easier to pick up chicks in Brazil than it is in Western Europe or Australia (where I’m from). Eastern Europe the girls are more attractive, and it’s no more difficult there to pick up. So from your article, it seems like you have a fixation on Brazilian women, therefore clouding your judgement. You even said that Manaus is the easiest city by far to bang women! How is that so? I was there for 4 days, 0 bangs. I didn’t even get noticed walking down the streets in Manaus, and I’m quite good looking, so I’m told. On the other hand, if I were walking down streets in Philippines, Thailand or Indonesia, I would be getting heaps of eye contacts and chicks would flock to me with a flick of my finger, that’s how easy it is there. Your article is sending out wrong message to travelers like myself, who read it before coming to Brazil thinking it’s going to be a ‘bang’ fest, and then get disillusioned once here. I’m not trying to have a go at you, but seriously, Brazil should not even be in the top 10.

        • Nah I’m not really into Brazilian women and agree that many are overweight. Yet I was just there again 2 months ago and although not as fun as when I went during the world cup, I still found it incredibly easy when going direct. More so than anywhere else in the world when were talking attractive women (which this article is about).

          “I didn’t even get noticed walking down the streets in Manaus”.
          – I’m shocked! Tell me a little bit more about your approach to Brazilian women.

          Where, how and what did you do?

          • Manolo

            It sounds like you either know Portuguese (which helps big time!), or you’re a ‘pick-up artist’. Unfortunately I don’t know any Portuguese and I’m no PUA, however, I can safely say my game is better than average. Like in other countries, on the direct cold approach (day or night), I maintain good body language, eye contact, healthy energy level, friendly tonality etc, introduce myself via some pick up line, and carry on from there. I’ve been out to Lapa district in Rio 3 nights, with zero success. Done over 10 approaches, even a group of 4 chicks, who surprisingly knew some English. They showed no interest. Most of the others, they just didn’t know any English and dismissed me, even though they did initially show interest with eye contact. So my advice to other travelers who are reading this post and are contemplating a trip to Brazil: learn Portuguese!

          • When I was in Lapa two months ago I meet a girl who number closed me. The next day she sent me nude photos of herself and asked me to come to her place. (and no, no money changing hands if that’s what people think).

            On Tinder I was being hit up by women who was asking me about if I were good at sex and if i wanted to prove it. This happend twice. (in both Rio and Fortaleza) The Tinder women were not hot and I did not act upon their invitation but write it as an example of the sexual values of Brazilians.

            I don’t speak any Portugese but know some Spanish phrases. That’s it. I rely on Google Translate when I meet someone for the first time. I don’t try to be funny or anything but say pretty fast let’s go to my apartment. This works like a charm if you’ve built some rapport first of course. It could just be that I have a look that works well in Brazil but I don’t think that’s really it.

            How old are you BTW?

            You’re absolutely right about speaking some Portugese though. Local language skills does wonders everywhere.

            I did find this phrase telling though: “They showed no interest”. Generally I would not approach someone who looks completely consumed and happy doing something else. i.e. hanging with their friends etc…

          • Manolo

            I’m 38, on my way to Fortaleza for one week. I’ll re-visit this post then, and update on how it goes.

          • Thomas Randolph

            Use apps. Day game is easy, but be direct. I can tell you from all of the countries listed above (The acclaimed top 10), this is definitely not No. 1, however, you will find plenty of action around the beaches. A few of these Countries do not belong on the list, IMO, but this is Harald’s experience. If you are decent looking, clean-up well and can pretty much just smile and be sociable…any of these Countries will give you exactly what you want out of them. If you are walking around “Caveman” status, then be prepared to talk some game and throw some money around.

          • Manolo

            So after spending a week in Fortaleza I can confirm that it is the only place in Brazil worth going to if you’re a sex tourist. The night clubs are filled with single women, they are easy to hook up with, as long as you’re willing to pay for their company. In one week I managed to count 7 or 8 hot chicks (hot = 8+/10) in a city with a population of 3 million. Most of those hot chicks were with their boyfriends, except one stunner, she’d be close to a 10, saw her at a night club, didn’t know a word of English and when she realized I don’t speak Portuguese, like all the other women in Brazil, she snubbed me. Brazil does not have a high percentage of hot women. Over 60% of the women are overweight (80% in Manaus), 95% don’t speak any English (and God help you if you don’t know any Portuguese), and to pick up chicks there you need game. Also for anyone reading this, bear in mind, even though Brazil is as developed as most African countries, the cost of living is on a par with most European countries (more expensive than Eastern Europe), hence why crime is so high. Harald, it’s obvious to me that you have game, hence your success there, but for the average male, it’s no easier there than it is in Western Europe. Heck, it’s easier here in Australia, and our women are far prettier and friendlier. Judging by how good your game is, you’ll have a bang fest here in Downunder, and we have far better beaches, nightlife and everything else more so than in Brazil.

  • Brianmark

    “As the third Catholic country on a list lacking even a single Protestant, I’m beginning to lose all respect for Martin Luther’s legacy.”
    It appears that some of the most prudish countries in the world are Protestant Christian countries. I had always thought it was the Anglo countries are at the top of the Protestant Prudish Pyramid.

    • Strange but most def some truth to it

    • Gary Osborn

      Early Protestant leaders were known for their belief that if it is enjoyable to must be bad and evil

  • Oybek Toirov

    Did you go down on those women? Is it safe to go down? I feel like it’s not safe to do that with women in SE Asian countries because a lot of men go there to just have sex.

  • David

    How about a latin-hispanic guy in Europe??

    Or would you go eastern Europe instead?

  • blake richards

    “Quality bang” in under 5 minutes with you…have you always been this full of shit or did it take practice? And there’s nothing quality about a girl who fucks you after a couple of minutes. My guess is you were one of several dicks on the day for her.

    • If you’re over 30, gone out frequently and stayed single for the majority of those years, you’d have to be a complete idiot to not have several bangs in less than 5 minutes under your belt.

  • Anon

    you realize that there is alot of human trafficking and prostituion, especially in the asian/ developing countries. Sometimes tourists who go looking for sex in certain countries are the reason why they have booming industries that leads to girls as young as 12 being trafficked.

    • I have no idea what prostitution has to do with my article. But to answer something factually wrong you brought up jsut for the hell of it:

      “you realize that there is alot of human trafficking and prostituion, especially in the asian/ developing countries.”

      No I don’t actually. Have you ever lived in Asia? If you had , you’d realize that the problem you bring up is related to the locals and their sexual proclivities. Back when I was a professor, I once read a Ph. D. dissertation on the topic which concluded that 99% of that industry in Thailand for example were by locals for locals. So no Anon, sadly you can’t blame that one on the ‘white male’ either.

      If you’re interested in the topic and to learn: check out Lousie Brown’s thesis come book ‘The trafficking of women in Asia’.

  • SSS

    Because of my race (Indianish), I am quite afraid of being attacked in eastern Europe. Is that fear justified?
    How about crime in general in the above counties?

    A few words from you about this is much appreciated.

    • Yes, it’s justified. In general crime is low in all the countries listed above minus the Latin countries

    • ChiefWiggum

      Yep, unfortunately it is yet, I have to travel regularly to budapest and they are hostile *sometimes* with me (spanish, so a bit darker than them). I don’t know how is the crime

  • SSS

    What do you think about the fact that pickup is just a numbers game regardless how easily do girls put out. Won’t you be better off hiring?

    Besides thinking that a woman likes you is just a illusion.

  • Zeki

    Hey guys i am moving to California? Is this a good place to find girls to bang? I am not looking for a relationship. Just to bang

  • Sharjil Al-naqi

    Harld , I have been to Philippines with very positive feed back and response your post was very helpful, my best destination in Eastern European countries.can you kindly please recommend something as easy as phillipines :). I keep reading on your post that Ukraine , Russia , Poland and Lativa are not what they used to be and neighbouring counties are better. Which countries would you recommend with a good chance?

  • James Sand

    I completely disagree with the below comments on Cali. Being from NYC, and having traveled extensively throughout the US, Los Angeles is hands down the easiest place to get laid in the country. With the exception of Lativia, LA also has the hottest women in the world. Of course, your mileage may vary…I’m a pretty good looking guy, 6ft blond bliue in shape but not all that and certainly not rich and I was getting laid 2 times a week with a new girl every week without really trying.

  • Ana Desetnica

    Where did it go wrong? You made a mistake many players do – you didn’t get out of the game soon enough to find a soul mate.
    You settled for quantity instead of quality – which is fine when you’re in your twenties, but not as much afterwards.
    Because real pearls are rare – and those that exist are in high demand and snatched soon.
    My definiton of Pearl is a woman, who is beautiful on the inside and outside. Who is smart, funny, kind, loyal, with self respect and well mannered too. Yes, they do exist. She won’t wait around for players till they’re fourty. Some smart man, who is looking for real quality, will snatch her long before!
    This is not about morality – just facts. Like with every other thing – real beauty is in high demand.
    One thing I notice about many players – they’re so much into banging around, they forget that one day, even banging around will get old. In the end of the ends, most of us need quality, not multitude. One person that we can rely upon, that we can love and cherish, that we can trust. That’s all we need in the end .

  • Ana Desetnica

    Where did it go wrong? You made a mistake many players do – you didn’t get out of the game soon enough to find a soul mate.
    You settled for quantity instead of quality – which is fine when you’re in your twenties, but not as much afterwards.
    Because real pearls are rare – and those that exist are in high demand and snatched soon.
    My definiton of Pearl is a woman, who is beautiful on the inside and outside. Who is smart, funny, kind, loyal, with self respect and well mannered too. Yes, they do exist. She won’t wait around for players till they’re fourty. Some smart man, who is looking for real quality, will snatch her long before!
    This is not about morality – just facts. Like with every other thing – real beauty is in high demand.
    One thing I notice about many players – they’re so much into playing around, they forget that one day, even playing around will get old. In the end of the ends, most of us need quality, not multitude. One person that we can rely upon, that we can love and cherish, that we can trust. That’s all we need in the end.

  • Pvte W

    I’m 5′ 10″, 18 years old, and 170 pounds with 10 to 12% bodyfat. My ethnicity is a mix of South Asian, Central Asian, and Arab, and I’m fairly dark. Also, I was born and raised in the US and I’m a Christian. I’m pretty muscular, and I lift weights 5 times a week. I plan to be a competitive bodybuilder in a few years. Which places have the best girls in store for me? Thanks!

  • Khan117

    I am a canadian of pakistani origin. Been around the block, america, australia, europe. White girls are pretty easy if you have a little bit of tan. good to have some fun. Marriage not so good. For white males looking to get easy bangs, Indonesia, philippines. Some Indian and bangladesh girls also seem to be in white males as well. You can also try your luck with a pakistani or arab but not as easy, given the cultural attitudes. Dark skinned, as long as you are in reasonable shape, clean, got confidence can have it very easy here in the west. Overall, girls are looking for someone to excite them and keep them entertained. If you can provide that, then you can score anywhere. What I would be more interested in is the best places in europe where girls are wife material, haven’t been around as much, loyal and will stick with a man.

    • Neverexpectedtomarryaforeigner

      Every country has woman who are wife material it’s about where you are looking for this kind of Lady and most important her values. Don’t just judge on how she dresses her culture has alot to do with how she dresses and it’s not always to just bag a guy to bang. Met my hubby at a birthday of a friend and yes I am white and was wearing clothes that are accepted in the western culture but I wasn’t out to catch a guy or seduce anyone. Obviously he liked what he saw but it was who I am that made him decide to continue the chase and we got married. He’s a pakistani by the way and a great husband and father to my kids.

  • briantravelman

    I can only see 10-6. What’s the rest of the list? And IDK how Indonesia got on here. We’re talking about a country where you can get 25 lashes simply for showing public display of affection.

  • Fardeen Pathan


  • Reynaldo Rivera

    I’m from Panama, do to family background my Red Hair plus my tall height let me achieve a More than cool accent plus me a few French guy friends tell me I achieved the MOJO Mood while living in China during 06/07 time.

    While living there I got the flow going on, with Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Korean, Moldovan, even Cuban girls, you name it, but since I came back, haven’t been able to get control on

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