The time tested shortcut to riches: production > consumption 

Produce more than you consume and your net-worth will grow. Do the opposite and you’ll find yourself driving down the highway to poverty. When I first wrote about this in late December, many readers said they’d never thought of wealth and consumption in this way. Since then I’ve seen other larger blogs re-label this as the creator vs consumer mindset. I therefore figured I’ll expand upon this in a separate article lest others coin credit for this.



Going to the gym is production. You’re producing a better physical appearance. It’s proven that good looking healthy people earn more than fat slobs. Healthy people also have more energy to get things done and work more. By working out you’re thus investing in your earnings potential. This is production although you’re consuming the gym membership.

It’s also possible you’re not producing maximum output whilst lifting. If  you listen to free music on your Ipod, you’re engaging in wasteful consumption. As this does not enhance your future earnings potential it cannot in any way shape or form be classified as production. So what can?

  • Ole

    Great text, and great podcast. I had the same soccer addiction as you, but I have stopped now. Audible and podcasts are great when you train and do dishes.

  • Julian The Apostate

    This really hit home for me…especially the forum bit. I need to stop wasting my genius on other’s websites–this one included! 😀

  • Ululu Sangola

    Harald, thx for the new blogpost. I really appreciate that. I have a question under my nail. So you say, or rather recommend that we shall quit lurking and writing in forums, therefore we have more free time to our hands to be more productive — I’m with you so far, but, I know that you are also at the RVF forum and that you are writing there. So with this dichotomy I now have some reservations about you statement you made in this particular video. Do you see what I mean? And of course, you have to admit to the fact, yourself gained a lot of knowledge from reading in Roosh’s forum.

    Furthermore I cannot stand the permanent hate of you both (more him than you). I mean you guys had the luck to be born and raised in a save environment with proper education, infrastructure and so on. But nowadays, as you have discovered you free will so to speak, you mostly raise concerns and express displeasure of said countries. The stateless guy uses all the infrastructure around the world in various places, e.g. public transportation including airports, busses and trains and the fact that he blends out, is that this all is enabled via taxes which the working class pays. This is just nuts, you cannot rant about taxes and stuff but on the other side you use things that got build via taxes on a daily basis. Nothing against safeing some taxes etc. but not in this legal limbo.

    All the best.

    • I am not in any forum including the one you mention. But i’ve been addicted to plenty of forums in my day which is why I know how counter-productive they are. When I was 17 I likely spent a whole year in one.

      Can you learn from forums? Yes, but it will be at the expense of time you could spend producing.

      “The stateless guy uses all the infrastructure around the world in various places, e.g. public transportation including airports, busses and trains and the fact that he blends out, is that this all is enabled via taxes which the working class pays”

      Ever asked yourself if this is built by private sector? And in the cases in which it is not, why couldn’t they be?

      • Horny Nomad

        ^Lol why you lying bruh?

        We all know you post on Roosh (or at least you did…). Your account is ‘Felix 5000’.

        That’s how many of us found this blog haha!

        • I am not lying and you need an english lesson. I wrote “I am not in any forum”.

          That is not the same as I have never been in any forum, lol.

    • BTW, your post came a the perfect time. I was 5 min away from filming a new Vlog on taxation and I shall now include the concern you raised about infrastructure

  • Marcin

    Well done on this article and the video was great! A book that might not necessarily be relating to consumer mentality entirely but does have some very interesting comments relating to 9 to 5 mentality how to potentially build financially freedom is ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ by T Harv Eker. Not sure if you have come across this book before. Going to read all your book recommendations soon 🙂

    • Never heard of that book. Thank you for the recommendation 🙂

      • Marcin

        You are most certainly welcome. Just gives a different perspective on a few things, importance of psychology and taking action but you’ve mastered that my friend.

  • Alan Smith

    Yes, Football supporters are usually the enslaved, a little happiness in their otherwise miserable existance. Governments like Football supporters as it subdues the population. If these people invested their time in business instead, then they could be rich also and have a trophy girlfriend to rival Premiership footballers 🙂

    • True dat. A game on Saturday is the highlight of their week.

      On a grander scale though, the more fanatical the supporters in a country the more miserable the male existence in said territory. No wonder the average Brit is the most soccer mad.

  • Kiri11

    Great article, thanks for posting it in words, not just video!

    I find myself bored watching your videos, sorry! But articles are awesome, as always.
    I’d prefer shorter and faster videos. Articles I can enjoy in my own reading speed, but videos I have to sit through. I know about YouTube speed settings, but it doesn’t help.

    Maybe your videos will get better with experience. I do like vsause channel, it’s educational and entertaining. I recommend you to watch it, if you haven’t already. And maybe borrow some techniques. The guy is a professional youtuber.

    • Writing takes much more time than making videos so as I’m moving around right now I’m focusing on YouTube. l But i will get back to writing when I settle in a place for sure 😉

      Yeah, videos will get better with time. I’m still experimenting. I’ll check out vsause. Thanks for the tip

  • hi

    hello May is ending where is your 2 post per month ??

    • Good point 😉 I’ve been traveling for the past 5 weeks and will likely be on the road for at least another month. I’m focusing on YouTube at the moment as it’s much less time consuming. I’ll be back to writing as soon as I settle into one place. Likely at the end of summer

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