… is government!

You may find this counterintuitive but bear with me for a second. As a traveler crossing international borders and moving through foreign lands, the biggest threat to your

  • health
  • freedom

  • finances
  • virginity

is indeed government. Governments jail, harm, rape and destroy far more travelers’ lives than thieves, robbers, rapists and hoodlums do.

Who else can…

  • lock you up¬†or deny you entry for crossing a border with a plant¬†[drug trafficking laws]
  • jail you for smoking¬†or walking with a plant¬†[drug¬†possession¬†laws]
  • make it illegal for you to procure the means to defend yourself and lock you up when you do¬†[anti-gun laws]
  • make you a sitting duck when attacked by an armed or stronger assailant¬†[anti-gun laws]
  • jail you for sex outside of wedlock, even if raped¬†[Islamic law]
  • charge you¬†with weapons smuggling for having a¬†knife in your checked airport luggage¬†[illegal weapons trafficking laws]
  • rape you if they believe¬†you’ve stuffed illicit products in your body¬†¬†[drug laws]
  • jail and deport you for creating value and growing the economy by getting a job¬†without first paying protection money to obtain a stamped permission¬†[work permit laws]

…but government?

All countries more or less have the same ridiculous anti-common sense laws on their books. When choosing where to go, you must thus be alert to the fact that;

The richer the country, the bigger the government apparatus, ability and fetish for enforcing said laws

The threat to a nomad’s safety¬†increases exponentially¬†with the number of bureaucrats and¬†anti-freedom officers in service of the State. A big rich government¬†is thus more prone¬†to inflict great harm upon¬†the unsuspecting traveler.¬†Anyone planing to visit and spend time in another country would thus be wise to heed the following precautions.


How to Protect Yourself as a Nomad

First, live exclusively in orange countries. They struggle with¬†tight budgets and a chronic inability to hassle people for none-violent crimes. Or simply put, the¬†general will to spend money and resources hassling average Joe isn’t there. This is great news for the peaceful nomad.

At the same time these countries uphold the basic rule of law so that petty crimes against other individuals are generally discouraged. The orange countries offer the best mix offailedstate individual freedom as well as safety from falling foul of some of the worst laws that may see you lose years behind bars.

Second, if you must move outside of the orange zone to enter another orange zone country, choose one that’s yellow.¬†These countries can be truly dangerous but aren’t the worst in the class when it comes to hassling foreigners. Spend a day or less there and your chances of escaping unscathed should be favorable.

Third, the same can unfortunately not be said for the countries in green. They win the dubious crown for being countries that should be avoided at all costs. They are by far the most hazardous to your health, freedom and safety. Escaping without suffering permanent harm to your personal well-being is highly unlikely.

Caveat Viator!


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