In the shadow of Wien suffering from brain drain

Neither Slovakia, nor Bratislava, had previously blipped on my radar screen. That changed when I met a Slovak catwalk model on an airplane during my first visit to Eastern Europe. We kept in touch and a few months later I decided both her and her country warranted a closer inspection.

Most people that come through Bratislava come from Wien. It’s just a TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • soave

    I agree that Bratislava is a small and sometimes boring capital. BUt regarding dating – have you looked into the mirror? You looked like a bit overweight Breivik with no charm at all. Not really obvious what your job is – couching and “investment opportunitiess” is just another name for unemployed. I really dont see why these womne there should even talk to you. You are not handsome, I assume that because you have a low selfesteem(there is a reason for it) you try to hide it and use arrogance and try to set your self like a pick up artist. The slovak women have aboslutely no problem enjoying their sexuality and they dont wait untill marriage (the average age for marriage is around 28 years). They just have some criteria and you are obviously below them. Ugly, stupid and arrogant. You really are the full package of a foreign dickhead. Congratulation.

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