Eastern Europe’s Hidden Gem 

RRomanians are fully aware of their reputation in greater Europe and very scornful towards the people responsible for it. That became abundantly clear already in the taxi from the airport when my cabdriver gave me a heavy dosage of the usual, eternally refreshing, Eastern European lack of political correctness. After testing me with regards to what topics of conversation I’d likely tolerate by inquiring about which girls where the most beautiful in Europe; Ukrainians, Romanians or Russians, he decided to change the subject to every cabdriver’s favorite topic of conversation; the nation’s gypsy problem.

Gypsies is our curse. We are punished for our history. Gypsies used to be our slaves when they came from India. Now our country is paying the price for our past, he said with a look of despair written all over his face.

RomaniaBucharestTramHe then boldly asserted the only thing worse in this world, other than being a gypsy of course, was being wrongly mistaken for one. Turns out he’d found himself the victim of said travesty decades ago. Back in his mid 20s he’d been out sailing the Black Sea for a whole month. Naturally he’d developed a heavy tan.

His timely return to the port city of Constanta coincided with the untimely first ever meeting with his prospective father in law.  Disheartened by the dark complexion of the man standing in front of him, the father of his then fiancee’s first words were:

You are gypsey!

The aspiring groom said “No”, only for the father to respond, “that’s what a gypsy would say”. As I was wondering where this story was going I asked how he got out of that logjam as he’d started the story complaining to me that he did indeed have a wife.

I pull off my pants, he said with a straight face.

Confused, I pondered out loud what that proved, to which he proclaimed loud and proud:

My cock was white!

I realized conversing with the locals would be an entertaining endeavor.


Romanian Girls: An Enigma Wrapped in a Riddle Shrouded in Mystery

Bucharest women go out to show off and be seen rather than socialize and mingle with the opposite sex. That’s what it looked like on the surface at least during my first weeks here. One of my friends explained that this attitude is known locally as; “fitse”.TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

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