Apathetic loser with the opposite sex in my early years, I moved abroad and discovered a handful of countries where my looks made me a winner. As friends settled and started families, I dove ever deeper into the abyss of a selfish hedonistic lifestyle, partying hard around the globe. It was (and still is) awesome! Approaching mid 30s I’m faced with a simple choice:

A) continue embracing life as a sex addict
B) recognize I’m no longer as hungry and settle

Ouch! Just typing that last sentence sends shivers through my spine. I’ve never dreamt of or even aspired to having a family. Nor have I ever wanted to live in one location with a mortgage, Volvo and grumpy neighbors with a barking dog. Oh yes, the fear of monotony is strong in this one!

On the flip side, I like to live life to the fullest and sometimes worry I’m missing out on something great. People I truly respect, such as the investor Jim Rogers, have admitted they were wrong for entertaining similar thoughts on family life in their younger years. This was the backdrop for reading The Truth. Plus I was curious if the author, whose experiences with women mirror my own, had uncovered something that can help me see the light.


Behind every hottie there’s a boyfriend tired of doing her

If you’ve never read a book by Strauss, here’s a compelling reason to start one today; his brutal embarrassing cringeworthy honesty. He gives up intimate details about thoughts, feelings and actions all men have, yet few dare concede even on their deathbed. The Truth is no exception. Said fact is what TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Neill is a silly Simp. I was halfway through the book and he posted Facebook that he was a feminist. I haven’t opened it back up since.

    • Harald Baldr

      Wasn’t aware of him being a feminist. He certainly don’t act like one.

  • PeteyBrian

    Thanks for sharing – I lived my life as a young man seeking wisdom and advice from others – when in fact I’d probably had much more real life experiences than those people.

    As I age, I care less about what others think – and more about what truly makes me happy.

    Harald’s living the life others (including the author) can only dream about – yet feels compelled to read this guy? Lol! When the time comes that you don’t want to live without her – you’ll know…

    • Harald Baldr

      Not sure my life is better than Strauss’ but it’s not too bad 😉

      About when the time comes, that’s the problem as feelings change. I think everyone feels like that at times. The problem is can you feel the same 3 years from that point?

      I doubt it

      • PeteyBrian

        “The problem is can you feel the same 3 years from that point? I doubt it.”

        Lol – You’re sounding like actor Matt Damon from the American movie, “Good Will Hunting” where he can see how everything plays out in his mind in advance – to can avoid true intimacy.

        There’s another possibility – that you might grow even closer to your significant other in time – and that children bring you more joy than you could ever imagine!

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