For the past 6 months I’ve spent the lion share of my time in the capitals of Ukraine, Romania and Poland. I travelled alone, stayed exclusively in apartments and interacted with locals from all walks of life. Eastern Europe is flush with countries like the Czech Republic and the Baltic nations that are also bursting at the seams with sweet breathtaking girls. In the interest of brevity, I decided to compare only the three countries that in terms of both landmass and population are the biggest, although I did visit every country marked red on the map.

I pursued women in all of them, with varying Soviet-Union-1949-1989degrees of success pending the local sexual mores, their penchant for Scandinavians and how much work I had to put in. I met women online, through dating apps, in malls, the streets, beaches, swimming pools, traffic lights and nightclubs. I learnt first hand their views on relationships and dating. Plus of course their opinions on foreign men.

I met crazy women. I met ambitious women. I met sexy women. I met sweet marriage material women. I met party women. In short, I met them all.

In the process I got a good feel for where one should go for either a short holiday fling or move forever to settle down with The One.



Population: 45 Million

GDP per capita: $8300

Girls: Skinny & Classy


Population: 40 Million

GDP per capita: $26 200

Girls: All Types


Population: 20 Million

GDP per capita: $20 300

Girls: Fit & Exotic

*GDP figures are at (PPP) Purchasing Power Parity


A) Hot Girls: But How Obtainable?

  • Jacob

    I wish I had read this article before moving to Eastern Europe. It is definately spot on when it comes to Ukrainian women, that you have to overpower them, in order to push forward with them. Never had experience with Romanian women, yet.

    • Harald Baldr

      Romania isn’t too far away so I’m sure you’ll get to it sooner rather than later 😉

      • Jacob

        It is never easy to leave Kiev 😉 If you know or find a better place than this city, then please tell us 🙂

        • Harald Baldr

          I doubt there is a better city in Europe at least, but will surely write about it if I find one

          • Cédric Ballet

            I see you haven’t posted about Moscow and Saint Petersburg; in My opinion these two cities blow away most of eastern Europe cities; it is really another league. Those cities are very large and offer endless entertainment possibilities compared to the small eastern capitals. Women are fashionable, classy and very educated; there’s a decent share of the population speaking english and people are generally friendly; i am french though, so i couldn’t tell what is the attitude toward americans

          • I’ve never been there but that will change soon. From what you write they sound fantastic!

          • Cédric Ballet

            yes they are; however, Moscow is quite an expensive city compared to the other cities you have reviewed. I think St Petersburg offers a much better value with almost as many entertainments than in moscow

  • Johnny

    I notice you seem to prefer brunettes. Theyre hot but I think we all like girls who look our opposite really. I love busty blondes with blue eyes.

    Whats the max age difference you see between college girls and older guys in Scandinavia and the Baltics? What were the blondest cities in your EE travels?

    • Harald Baldr

      I actually prefer ultra skinny blondes but for some reason always end up with brunettes.

      In Scandinavia usually no more than 10-12 years age difference. Very often you’ll see guys with slightly older women even. Baltics was the same.

      The blondest city was Tallinn followed by Riga.

  • Damian

    “Polish women didn’t play the you must hunt me to the end of the rainbow before I give it up game.”

    What does it mean?

    • Harald Baldr

      They bang you quicker

  • Adelina

    Hello Harald ! I am so delighted to have found your super interesting blog. I am a Romanian woman who’s been living in Scandinavia for many years, then decided to escape from the ‘Northern Paradise’ for very good reasons..Your impressions/opinions/conclusions about Romania are true and very accurate. Keep up the excellent work ! best regards from the island of happiness :)))

    • Glad to hear you enjoy my blog and that you managed to escape Scandinavia 🙂

    • Ronit

      I like Romania. Brasov is my dream place. Planing to visit bucharest and brasov. Will need some more tips from locals to have fun and pleasure in romania

  • Julien ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Hi Harald,
    I already visit Romania for one weekend with my cousin because he studied there. I was one night in a bar-club and the other night in a nightclub. I saw like your reasoning it was not easy to met Romanian girls except one who’s speaking french (i from Belgium). I had read all of your article and i think this is it very attractive like a tutorial. Do you travel only alone or you have traveled with someone yet ? If you plan to travel or visit again the East of Europe you can reply i would like visit again those countries and maybe its more safe with someone who know well these ones 🙂

    ps : you got the same perspective than me, to spend time with foreign women.

    I appreciate your blog and wish you continued success in your challenges


    • Hey Julien,
      Thank you for the encouragement. I travel alone but always meet new people. Occasionally I’ll plan a trip to a country where I have some old friends. I’m glad you enjoy my articles and I’ll do my best to create many more 🙂

  • Tom

    Hi Harold, I respect the advice you have given as you seem to have been to many places. Ive got a question for you. You talked about the behavior of women from Kiev and I was surprised as it was exactly the same as my last girlfriend. I knew you were not talking nonsense. My girl from memory became really bossy after we did the deed, but the second time we did it because I remember I made her finish – I distinctly remember after this her attitude changed and she become bossy. An example, every evening and morning she holds up her glass and says ‘Coffee’ or ‘Wine’ and shakes her glass like Im her personal servant. I just wanna know what Harald would do if a girl said this to him. Now I’m all ears cause I was young back then and I was possibly to blame for possibly just a lack of relationship experience. I think that she was 2 years older didn’t help

    • I would pour her some wine. Doesn’t sound like a major issue. I remember a couple of similar situations where my ex-gf wanted me to tie her shoe-laces. I laughed and told her to tie her own. She never asked me again. Then when I told this story to my current gf, she says she was just trying to act weak so as to appear as a damsel in distress. i.e. in need of a man to help her with certain menial tasks. Something about that making her feel like a woman. I still don’t get it but according to her, it’s common.

      So I guess i have no solution to your answer. I don’t mind doing things for a gf though so I’d likely pour her whatever she wanted.

  • surah

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  • Cowboy 2p

    Hey man, great blog, loved it! I have a question, about pickup. Do you have a “strategy” for that? You look like a RSD player. Greetings from Brazil!

    • My strategy is to pretend that I’m a happy easy going fun guy with endless energy. The complete opposite of what I actually am but women don’t like serious guys. Fun part is, even when I act happy and high energy women still say I’m so serious. Go figure.

      I’m a big fan of that Tyler Durden from RSD. His YouTube videos have helped me a lot.

      Greetings from Brazil 😉

  • Shadow

    “he downside to Polish girls is that so many of them have started to go the way of the Germans weight wise.”

    Artificially processed food – the bane of the advanced countries. It does not matter how much you eat – as long as there will be HFCS and BGH in it, you will get fat. Unfortunately Poland goes the way of Western Europe and USA where low-tech food is branded as “organic/bio” and very expensive.

  • saber

    hello Harald, so basically iam planning to visit prague in september for about 10 days, mainly to party, would you prefer romania or ukraine more? iam really confused to which country i must choose.

    • In September I would choose Romania Bucharest for party.

  • EK777

    This article is pure gold however I have mixed feelings about it.
    I have heard you say that you are feeling like “settling down” nothing bad about that yet, in the case of Ukranians, you say they feel best staying and living in their own country, it sounds very narrow minded of them to me to be that way, and it might even collide with my philosophy of life which I think is similar to yours.

    I wouldn’t want to live in Kiev or near it year round, not even in any other place one year round), and not even for a wonderful woman. The girls are great and the city is not the war zone they proclaim it to be, its modern and civilized, yet I feel its a sad city, due to the infortunate circumstances, past and present of the Ukranian people.
    If I want to find a girl to date seriously not only I would like to be physically attracted but intellectually as well, with the same values and have similar goals/life path to share together.

    • I don’t think they’re all against moving. But I’ve seen over the years how relationships often fail when you take someone away from the culture they’re familiar with.

      Also Kiev is perfect to live in year round. It’s pretty much either summer or winter here. It’s either warm, or cold. Winters are great and the summer is even better. Great food, safe, beaches almost downtown, big modern city and much better place to live than anywhere else I know in Europe.

  • Stefano

    Hi! Thank you for this article. I’m in Kiev right now and I’m finding women here to be quite difficult. Do they exchange eye contact with you? Especially the hottest ones? It seems to me these girls don’t look at guys when they’re walking past. They hold a poker face and it’s difficult to assess whether they’re interested or not.
    I’ve also noticed a lot of very expensive cars like bentley, maserati, ferrari, range rovers, porsche ecc. Quite a few guys here have money. Sometimes they were driven by women.
    Anyway not an easy country to score girls!

  • David Rodriguez

    hi i am tunisian man ,, i have an ukranian GirlFriend ,, but she is living in czech ,,, i will come for her and i will marry her soon ,, but i wanna ask something ,,, can i have the Permanent residence in czech ?? or no !!!
    someone help me to asnwer my question and explain more !! ,, and thank U

  • Fantasy Maker

    I have known many Eastern European women and I cannot narrow it down to any single country but the wildest sex I ever had was with a Polish woman

  • David McClintock

    People go on about the women being so beautiful .. yet they never stop to consider WHY they are beautiful and HOW they became beautiful … they never think for one second ..

  • Teddy

    I am a romanian girl. I had an affair with a foreign man back in the time when I was naive anf fell for his pick up lines. He had no respect for me. I definitely regret it. For all the guys on this website, stop picking up women from Eastern Europe unless you treat her respectfully even after you sleep with her. We are not a supermarket. Most of us are naive and unfamiliar with the concept of ‘sex tourism’ and this is why we are so easy to sleep with. Because we think you care. Sick of men that come to Romania for sex pray. Just STOP IT.

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