Ayear and a half ago, Mehrdad, a skinny teenager living in the Norwegian city of Bodo started to work out. Fast forward to 2016 and he’s packed on 11 kg of muscle by pumping iron. This impressive body transformation have not gone unnoticed in egalitarian Norway, where any kind of success is generally frowned upon. The police therefore took it upon themselves to investigate this most pressing (potentially criminal) matter by invading the young man in question’s home. They searched through boxes of protein powder and other belongings looking for performance enhancing drugs. Keep in mind at this stage that Mehrdad was never under suspicion for selling drugs or having committed any crimes involving others.

Police simply suspected he was using steroids based on the fact that he’d gained muscle and were willing to violate his property rights to prove it

As the cops came up empty handed on their thieving quest, they went with plan B. That involved robbing the young man of both his freedom and dignity by bringing him to the police station. There they forced him to take a urine test, which came up negative. In the end he was let go. This story which was featured yesterday in VG, Norway’s biggest newspaper, is not disputed in any way by authorities and has even been confirmed as accurate by the police. See the interview in Norwegian here:



The implications here are disturbing and quite sad. First, Norwegians do not have the right to their owns bodies. Either you own it or you don’t! There’s no middle ground. The fact that the police can intimidate and arrest you based on the suspicion that you’ve done something to yourself that society at large don’t approve of, is proof that Norwegians clearly don’t.

Second, innocent until proven guilty is a foreign concept in Norway. Clearly you’re guilty until proven innocent. Plus the burden of proof apparently falls on you. Third, the police can do as they wish with anyone without fear of repercussions or being fired.

The fact that these cops still have jobs is proof their behavior is sanctioned from the very halls of government itself.

Fourth, what I find the most alarming is that not only the victim, but society at large cheer this blatant disregard for a individual’s natural right to self-ownership on. The victim himself even stated in the interview when quizzed about the police’s methods that:

this is actually positive

The violated man doesn’t even see himself that he’s being treated as someone else’s property! The comment section below the video is naturally also full of other golden nuggets. One man states how good it must feel to be clear of the steroid charges. Another flaunts an abhorrent servile attitude towards abusers and bullies by stating that the police didn’t go far enough;


TRANSLATION: Police should do a better job….one can cheat on a urine test

Most of the comments focus on whether the guy have taken steroids or not. As if that is somehow relevant in the grand scheme of things.

Even if he did, the fact of the matter is that he was treated as a slave on a cotton plantation whom is allowed to exist purely at the whim of his owner, i.e. the state.

Stay in line or else(!) is the message he’s been sent by his owner. Clearly Norway is not a free society and Norwegians sadly appear more than content with this dreadful state of affairs.



  • ale

    Wow that is insane, police state tactics. Won’t be long till similar events are seen in other parts of the Western World.

    • Very often Norway and Sweden will pioneer such tactics and other countries will follow suit. I highly recommend that if people find themselves in such a situation to be as uncooperative as possible. Don’t let your country go under like mine!

  • Julian The Apostate

    Oh come on…you know what this was all about.

    The kid is Middle Eastern, and the police needed a B.S. excuse to check on him. Good for them I say…

    He’s probably pumping up for the coming Jihad.

    • Maybe in other countries the police roll like that but not in Norway. Plus if that was the reason, they’d leave him alone once they’d searched his house as there’d be no need for the test at the station.

      • Julian The Apostate

        In case you didn’t notice, Europe is changing rapidly…

        Anybody with M.E looks is going to be viewed with suspicion (as well they should be).

        • I agree, and part of the problem is cowards like you who operate anonymously without real profiles or a picture and don’t stand up for what you believe in. Be the real you in full view of the world and European men will be respected again. As long as only weak anonymous people choose to complain about this, Europe will continue it’s decline into the abyss.

          • Julian The Apostate


            Says the man using a pen name…

            I’m quite open about my (right wing) views in public. I’m just not keen on leaving a digital trail. It’s a matter of privacy…something that a self-proclaimed “classical liberal” should appreciate.

            P.S. I’m American. Europe’s demise is not my problem.

  • Carl Penaloza

    I absolutely had no idea the severity of the situation in Norway. They spit on mens freedom. What a funny world we live in, themes of human nature constantly repeating themselves. They seriously crossed every line of human dignity. Wow, just wow.

    Long story short, I was hand cuffed in Texas a couple days ago for calling a cop racist, which he was. I am from California and this kind of treatment I don’t normally see. He was belittling a mentally ill black girl. It felt good to speak up, they were confused I didn’t stop laughing at them. I am currently reading Malcolm X and although I am white, I was fired up. I don’t like cops much, now especially in Texas.

    • Yeah the story is outrageous. Truth is stranger than fiction…

      Good on ya for calling the kettle black and telling the cop off. Luckily in Norway cops are nothing like the ones in USA. The problem in Norway (normally) is rather related to the ridiculous laws they have to enforce rather than how they behave enforcing them.

      In America it seems that many cops are an outright danger to the safety of the public.

      • Michael

        “danger to the safety of the public”, you say ??

        Winslow, Arizona – 26 March,2016 –

        Suspected of shoplifting, a Navajo Indian woman was shot to death by a Winslow police officer. This 200 lb guy was so in “fear for his life” from a 100 lb mother of three that he shot her 5 times.
        Ruled a justifiable shooting. Self defense, as she “refused to drop her weapon” .

        She had a pair of toenail trimming scissors in her hand.

        Here in AZ, it is known as ” Border town justice ” .

  • This is a grotesque invasion of the man’s privacy. Unfortunately, most of Western Europe seems to be moving towards this anti-freedom agenda, especially the younguns.

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