Henry Hazzlit (1945) Economics in one lesson (free, just click PDF link)
Peter Schiff (2008) The Real Crash
Burton Fulsom (2010) Myth of the Robber Barrons or (Free Lecture Here)
Ron Paul (2008) Revolution
Tom Woods (2012) Rollback

  • Chris Popov

    I am from Eastern Europe. We tried communism and it failed. Now the west wants to try it…

    • It’s really disturbing, yet true

    • Tom Utenetternavn

      Can’t wait for having to get in those bread lines. Saw them on TV when i was a kid, and it looked so awesome!

  • Tom Utenetternavn

    My reading list just grew. High five!

    • Get to it!

      • Tom Utenetternavn

        Thanks for providing us lazy fucks with a written list 😛

  • Brianmark

    Great video about Taxes. Can you write those books you recommend on this blogpost page. Thanks.

    • I’ll edit the article and put them at the bottom 😉

      I can find at least one of them for free. Maybe two. Give me ten min

    • Just fixed it

  • Dirty Dave

    Thanks for the list n the books, I’ll def pick up a few of them. I’m not consuming if I’m furthering my education right? 😉

  • Cecil J

    I actually went to a college where the Professors would tell me in class read FA Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Mises, etc. I read it all and liked it a lot and came to see we’ve been getting screwed by the central bankers our whole lives.

    I joined think tanks that support the Austrian/Libertarian ideas and believe they’re right but…
    They don’t have enough influence/power/etc to change things in a major way. The spend most of their time dodging and complaining the establishments latest bs. If you did that in war would you win the war? Oh they’re shooting at us and bombing us and it’s wrong and here’s why- no you have to take the fight to the enemy and win and make them obey your will. But the a libertarians man theyre coming from a place of post battle analysis of “well we hid well today but they haven’t taken the enemies capital city over stormed the gates and made the World move in the way they desire through their eyes, etc.”-so it’s not victory, it’s barely even survival. Honestly, a guy like Putin who’s had it with the fiat banker Rothschild ran West is the only guy in the World I see stepping up and seizing the power back from the central banker establishment. When you watch the mainstream news media in the West today (try not to puke as you listen to their NWO propaganda-it’s hard I know) all the countries you hear about that don’t have a Rothschild central bank are the Worlds top bad boogy men-Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, until America invaded-Iraq, Libya, etc. The central bank and it’s sellout politicians are the problem- bad policy could be changed in a week if you had leaders representing the people (they don’t) but it’s not happening and the curve of it all is tyranny not freedom. Like an old Rage Against The Machine song says “We gotta take the power back”.

    • IF everyone had read their Hayek, Mises and Hazlitt the world would undoubtedly be a better place. I do believe you and many others put too much blame on central banks though for they are not the belly of the best. The government and its institutions are. The central bank is merely an entity they themselves have created to give them the ability to steal untold amounts of wealth from citizens without reaching directly in to their pockets. That’s essentially why their goal is internal inflation.

      This theft is also severely underestimated as people tend to focus on their 2% target thinking this theft is limited to that figure annually. That is however not the case. What if prices without a central bank would’ve fallen 10% in a year. If that year instead say inflation for 2%, the theft is akin to 12% of your purchasing power.

      I like your war analogy though. Libertarianism will likely never win through as it requires people to take an interest in politics and economics, something which 90% of people will never do. That’s the beauty of democracy from the perspective of the tyrants whom are currently firmly in charge. Their position is secure as the real issues are never even on the agenda. Instead people vote on who acts presidential / prime ministerial, has the best hair, is the most handsome and appeals to their emotions of what is right and wrong on trivial issues.

    • In Disqus it says you posted another comment but I can’t see it here on the page. I checked the pending section and it’s not caught in a spam filter either. Did you delete it?

      • Cecil J

        Yeah I was saying several things at once and reread it and thought to myself-damn this is cluttered up.

        The gist of what I wanted to say is admiralty law is the basis of the Wests socialist tyranny. A good primer on this is Jordan Maxwells talks on the correlation between admiralty law and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Also, look on YouTube for citizens challenging admiralty law in court- I saw an amazing dispute in Canda where the Judge had to go into recess and couldn’t do anything afterwards because this guy had proven that it was all nonsense based on admiralty law. Eustace Mullins also gave a speech on his experience with admiralty law-it’s well worth a listen.

        I rant and rave sometimes too because like they said at a meetup of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Inwent to one of the main staffers there in NYs husband started reading their stuff after she familiarized him with it and every night since when he saw the televised news he would be screaming and swearing at the tv with his fists in the air at all the lies the media was telling him. Granted, this is not the most efficient or useful use of energy but the more you learn the more it angers most any sane and reasonable man.

        I have a question for you related to admiralty law-
        are the drivers liscenses and court documents spelling of a persons name in Norway in all caps (i.e. HARALD BALDR instead of what we would think of as proper spelling like Harald Baldr). The all caps signifies an admiralty law jurisdiction. America is definitely admiralty law and not only that all the revenues go to the United States (a corporation) not the United States of America (the country’s proper name). This extends to local governments as well-Alex Jones has in YouTube an older but excellent expose’ on CAFRs (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports). Basically, the local government places a sizeable amount of revenues into a private equity investment the corporation runs and then they cry and moan how they’re short on budgets and in a deficit as a means to justify extracting more wealth from the citizens under their jurisdiction/oppression. It’s all such bs man.

        Also- I can tell you guys Hillary will be the next Telepromoter reader PR pitchman for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds as she and her top staffers are red hot invitees to the annual Bilderberg Group meet this year. Obama was in the same position in 08′ and she is this year. All I can say to the World is Im sorry my shitty politicians wreak so much havoc on you and are just annoying cheeseball sociopath scum. We are disgusted by them too but in this country they send swat teams out and they negligently blast up the houses of geriatric people from time to time so how do you even reason with a jackboot thug banana republic system like that? In all honesty, Jeff Rense is probably spot on when he said the only thing that will save America at this point is a military coup by non-establishment revolutionaries.

        • “the more you learn the more it angers most any sane and reasonable man.”

          – Amen

          “are the drivers licenses and court documents spelling of a persons name in Norway in all caps”

          – Yes they are

          “The American founders would most likely call for a revolution or constitutional convention at a minimum”

          – Yes they would. The revolutionary spirit of America is gone though. I remember reading somewhere that no more than 10% of the populace supported independence when the struggle kicked off. Although Congress have a 90% disapproval rating today, those 90% likely disprove of it as they feel Congress should do MORE, not less.

          American ethos have thus done a total 180 since the first years of the Republic. Sad….

          Things are much worse in Europe though. Here government is God and we’re not allowed to carry. Often you’re not even allowed to own weapons at home.

          • Cecil J

            I thought Norweigans had some access to some solid weaponry (AR-15, FN FAL, AK-47, Sig Sauers, HK G3, Sakos, CZs, Glocks, Mossberg and Remington tactical shotguns, etc.).

            Where all have you traveled through the United States? Did you like America?

          • You can have a gun in Norway if you do a test over a period of some months and get a license. But the gun must stay locked up at home. Those machineguns you mention are not allowed for anyone.

            The cities I like best in US are Vegas, Philly, Chicago, NYC and Washington D.C. I love american food and people. I’d love to live there for a few years actually. What’s preventing me from doing so is your government’s tax on dividends plus insane legal system over there. It’s terrible how people can spend a decade in jail over minor offenses they weren’t even aware of were felonies.

          • Cecil J

            “Those machineguns you mention are not allowed for anyone”
            -In the US all those cool modern weapon designs are sold at gun shops and sporting good stores in civilian models that only fire in semiautomatic mode (i.e. One shot per pull of the trigger) rather than full auto. In the US, an adult citizen with a clear background can go in off the street to a retailer and from $750-$2500 get a semi auto clone version of an M4, AK, FN FAL, G3, M14, etc. The weapon will weigh,’look, and carry be same 20-30rd magazines as the real thing it just fires in semi auto only. One of firing range buddies was a combat vet Spec Ops guy and like he says full auto fire is best under 30m after that well aimed semi auto fire is a superior method of fire. I’ve tried out class 3 (what we call full auto weapons) at big rental ranges and was not impressed. Class 3 is ridiculous- you must pay $200 for a stamp per transfer, the gun must be made before 1986, be registered with the local police department, and they cost for full autos anywhere from $5000-$40000 (people are paying 8k for an Mac10 Uzi type of sub machine gun that costs the factory $500 to make and class 3 dealers who sell only to police and defense contractors pay like $1800 for something like that and sell it to their customers for a higher percentage but civilians are paying 10k for old ass full auto subguns-it’s rather ridiculous and they will pay 30k for a full auto M16). People in the firearms business have told me being a class3 dealer is the only way to go if you’re into full auto stuff in America. Personally, I’d rather have an accurate AR-15 (civilian clone of an M16) with match ammo and optics over that nonsense anyday. A weapon like that is effective from 0m-800m.

            Im curious what you guys in Scandinavia have for civilians-
            Do you have Powerful quality semi auto handguns like Glocks,’Sig Sauers, Heckler and Kochs, good bolt action rifles like Sako or Remington chambered in .30 caliber or greater (i.e. 308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, .30-06, etc.), pump shotguns in 12 gauge (no other gauge but 12 gauge for shotguns IMO), good rim fire .22lr rifles and pistols (i.e. Ruger 10-22, Ruger Mark 2s and 3s) and good semi auto assault rifle styles like G3s, FN FALs, AR-15s, AK-47s, Sig 550s, Valmets, H&Ks, M14s, M1 Garands, etc.

            All a person needs is a quality centerfires bolt gun for long range, a rim fire pistol and rifle for target practice, quality pump shotgun for home defense and hunting, a good reliable semi auto pistol, and a quality centerfire semi auto civilian clone assault rifle-6 to 8 guns total. If they could only own one gun- the semi auto assault rifle.

            “I love american food and people.”
            -We like Germans and Scandinvains (aka the historically alpha groups of Europe). A lot of us don’t like the French too much- they talk a lot of trash about us but we’ve saved their hides on several occasions. For me, the coolest EU based tourists Ive met have been Germans and Scandinavians. Only Argentinains and French have annoyed me a bit. I’ll be the first to admit the bogus false flag based military industrial complex Conman wars, military bases in every corner of the globe playing global cops for Israel/Fortune 500 corporate parasites, clowns like GW Bush,etc embarrass me and don’t represent me as I support none of that rubbish. Many Americans hate what the establishment does but any Libertarian knows nowadays the US Nanny State sends Swat teams to wrong adderess at times and they shoot up and kill innocent civilians and it’s basically a police state as the cops have become militarized (Alex Jones has several documentaries on YouTube about this as it’s all NWO banker bs to militarize peace officers and gear up for martial law due to their fiat Ponzi scheme based macroeconomic chicanery).

            “It’s terrible how people can spend a decade in jail over minor offenses they weren’t even aware of were felonies”.
            – Drug possession and guns that aren’t legal in a particular jurisdiction (i.e. An Glock 9mm pistol that holds its traditional 17rds instead of 10rds in a place with oppressive gun laws like California or having a sizeable amount of weed for consumption that would infer circumstantial my you could be reselling in a really redneck place that doesn’t have it legalized like Geogia or Texas where in California you’d be cool as long as it was t a quarter a pound or something huge like that) seem like the most common ones that cause those kinds of issues in relation to government courts implementing draconian punishments for stuff that morally should be left up to individuals to decide like Murray Rothbard said in the Libertarian Manifesfo.

            What offenses or incidents have you read about to indicate one could do a decade in prison over? It’s definitely not visa or immigration related issues…

          • About guns that are legal in Norway I don’t know enough about this to answer. I’ve read about people ahving Glock 9mm though.

            “What offenses or incidents have you read about to indicate one could do a decade in prison over?”

            – There’s a pretty famous case of a Norwegian landing himself in jail in Georgia or Alabama (or somewhere in that region, can’t remember where exactly). He’s still in and has asked to be put down because it’s so terrible. He’s serving well over 10 years for driving in the wrong direction down a one way street.

            He took a wrong turn. He quickly realized he was wrong though and stopped when people surrounded his car and started attacking it. Someone broke his window and punched him in the face. His nose was broken. Naturally he panicked and started backing up. In the process he ran over someone’s foot.

            As soon as he was out of that street he drove one block before stopping and calling police to tell them about what happened. He sat in his car waiting for them to arrive. 20 min later he was SWAT teamed and hauled to jail despite he being the one calling for them to come and help!

            He was done for a lot of ridiculous things. Can’t remember all of it but there may have been an attempted murder charge in there too for driving over that dude’s foot.

            When you look at this dude’s photos and listen to his family it becomes obvious that here’s a super nerdy beta Norwegian male who was just on holiday in the US with no ill intentions who made a small mistake. A little traffic violation. In the local media with good help from the prosecutors though he was painted as some villain out to hurt Americans and attack your values. It’s a crazy story but this dude is still doing hard time and likely won’t survive. Terrible story.

          • Cecil J

            Those backwards Southern states aren’t the best places so this isn’t surprising. Georgia is known as a police state. I really don’t know what happened to those states human development wise but it’s a bit of a tragedy. If I had to be in the South Id go with Miami, and maybe Atlanta. Charlotte and Nashville if you want a more authentic experience (you’ll definitely encounter rednecks in quantity but Alabama has to be the redneck Mecca). If you’re into high humidity woodlands full of and cheap acreage the rural mountainous parts of states like Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina have cheap acreage for like $3-7000/acre that you could build an off the grid solar cabin in or park an RV at if you wanted to hike,fish,hunt, etc.

            If you can post a link to the story of this guy. Anyone into the party scene should head to California, Vegas, Miami, or NYC the police state over moral related issues is fairly uptight in the South.

          • Just looked it up. turns out it’s in Arizona. The articles are from Norway’s biggest newspaper and obviously in Norwegian but you should be able to read them easily with Google Translate in your Chrome browser:

            At first he was looking at 35 years behind bars!

            He was sentenced to 7.5 years

            This is where he requests to be executed

  • Marcin

    ‘The end goal is to increase tax revenues to earn more money for governments already drunk on power’. This is perfect, people forget and do not associate that government is strictly a ‘business’ that tries to increase revenue year on year passing this on to clever, caring individuals ‘politicians’ of course and if miraculously anything is left over then they give this to a select amount of citizens.

    What I find interesting and intriguing is that in the ’21 Century’ apparently in general we are all more educated yet we believe 100% of what the media stipulates. Consciously or subconsciously we do not allow ourselves to question, review, find different perspectives to find the truth and fundamentally we do not accept that most media magnates are powerhouses for political parties. People years ago (in the generation when newspapers only existed) people always questioned and tried to read between the lines and ascertain the true agendas of the newspapers yet we are all so ‘blinded’ that we don’t notice it these days.

    Marketing trick 101, tell the country it only effects 1% of the population but in reality if effects majority if not all citizens. Thank you for making that point, wasn’t aware of that previously nor regarding the Federal US Income Tax marketing campaign. Awesome corporate tax section too, some very good points outlined, especially relating to profit margins.

    Book 1 (Henry Hazzlit – 1945 Economics in one lesson) is on my list already, hopefully will start it within the next few weeks.

    At the end of the day, lower taxes, means more free money to invest, potentially to spend in shops, cafe’s, at least we know where the money is going in that way!

    • Happy reading 😉

      “in general we are all more educated”
      – all that really means in terms of political and social education at least, is that people now spend more time than they did 100 years ago repeating the talking points and solemn truths that are handed down to them from the people who control the education system. Sadly those people are also the ones who are in charge of taxes (i.e. government).

      People in Europe and USA have been going backwards in terms of political education for the last 200 years. Hopefully we’ve reached a low point (although I somehow doubt it)

      • Marcin

        Thank you and wow! I must say, having a relative keen interest in Economics, (real economics that is) once I started reading ‘Henry Hazzlit – 1945 Economics in one lesson’ I could barely stop. 3 days later amongst some sleep it was read, however, I will continue to keep referring to it. Now time to purchase all the others you’ve recommended.
        Yes, you are right. The education system is flawed but not many admit to it, nor do they realise it. Same as media, why is it always negative, for the fact of creating doom and gloom, ensuring that we remain DEPENDANT on the government.
        It would be good if they did but probably not. I’m waiting on your book on economics, oh you’d be brutally truthful! ha ha

    • Cecil J

      At least in America the government literally is a corporation- they have a corporation that all the revenue gos to called the United States but the Country is called the United States of America. Search YouTube for Jordan Maxwells talk about admiralty law and the UCC.

      Harald and other EU guys I’d be interested to know if your drivers liscenses and court or legal documents in America hand your names listed on them in all caps (i.e. the Liscense or document will be spelled HARALD BALDR not Harald Baldr like good grammar would lend to). The reason for this is all caps signifies admiralty law/the law of sea which means you’re under an admiralty law jurisdiction ran by the corporation. Is Norway a corporation like America?

      Even at the local level Americas system is bs-Google Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports or look on YouTube for Alex Jones expose on CAFRs in America. The way this works is the corporation takes all the local tax money and trades in the private equity markets and then basically makes more bs to suck the peasants for even more cash. And why would anybody want to pay local taxes to fund the jackass prick spec op wannabe Jack boot thug shitty cops in most American citites. American cops are terrible and the thing is hey used to be cool but started becoming assholes in the 1990s and after the False flag hoax of 9/11 just became disgusting tyrannical pigs with a “Where are your papers slave!” Kind of attitude when in the 1970s when my Dad was growing up you could drink a 1/5 of whiskey and get pulled over and the cops would be like “Look man you’re wasted get home are without screwing up and it’s all good” where today they’re like “Have you been drinking? Immgoingmto call the drug dog team in if you don’t answer my questions” kind of bullshit. And if you read Reason or any other Libertarian kind of civil rights thing you know in America swat teams screw up sometimes with the wrong address and go into 80yo grandmas house and spray be place up with M4s and MP5s sometimes killing the occupant and other times getting killed by the occupant-
      so Harald when you Scandinavians complain about shit government do you really have the same level of tyranny like America or the UK man?

      The whole culture is just going down-employees used to be referred to as personnel now they are “human resources” aka a raw material to be strip mined for some corporate parasite who has his company getting more welfare from the state than any black or brown single mom ever did to have 3 mansions and 5 Ferraris.

  • jayteeniftb

    Established government and banking are the two worst (and linked) possible solutions humans have come up with.
    The results have been as follows :-
    1) Hands over too much power to too few people.
    2) Robo people (so called society adults) who can’t think for themselves.
    3) Standardization needed for control instead of customization which would require adaptability.
    Note: Globalization has merely added fuel to the fire.
    Instead of working towards better (collective society) oversight and trading practices, this is what we have done to ourselves. No wonder some have recognized the need for a revolution.

    • Cool expression “robo people”. Yes, they’re the worst and sadly they outnumber everyone else

  • Poetry ->

    Read Friedrich August Hayek:
    – The Road to Serfdom

    – The Constitution of Liberty

  • snoopie

    Read ‘The Sovereign Individual’ by Rees-Mogg and ‘Govopoly in the 39th Day’ by Ed Seykota. Herman Hoppe’s podcasts are also very educational.

  • Marcin

    Hello my friend 🙂
    Thought I’ll make a comeback and say ‘hi’. Living the ‘producer’ mentality rather the the consumer mentality, finally got a good push from you so I do appreciate it with your awesome page. I thought I’ll let you know about a meeting a had with a woman. I’ve got to know this Romanian girl and we started to chat about life in Europe compared to Australia. We quickly got into conversation about politics (oh no!) yet she had our views, basically she was saying that in Romania you have more ‘real freedom’ then you do in the ‘lucky country’ Australia. What I loved is that she was not oblivious to what is happening in Australia, the government control restricting TRUE and FUNDAMENTAL free-speech not the politically correct free-speech and political correctness. What does this tell me after hours and hours of conversations with her? That humanity has a chance, a small one, but a chance to improve. Thank you for opening my eyes even wider to reality 🙂

    • Glad to hear you’re doing well Marcin. Romanians know what’s up! That’s for sure. I remember being on a train from Hungary to Romania and a couple of border guards came on. They wanted to see my passport and I thought that was strange. I asked why and he said we don’t want to be part of what’s happening with Merkel and Germany.

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