Iwill keep this brief and straight to the point as you’ve got the attention span of an American girl swiping her way through Tinder (will make sense come 2014). Suffice is to say, they move on rather quickly. I demand immediate action on all points as this will:

A) earn me insane amounts of money
get me laid like a champ
C) free up time to explore unknown opportunities

God knows what I’ve missed out on over the years due to my preoccupation with procuring the wisdom handed to you here on a silver plate. This really is the ultimate life hack.

So let’s get to it. We have zero time to waste!




Get out of there right now! You’re wasting your time. You suck at math and computer science, the only subjects that would result in serious cash later in life. The courses you care about, history and politics, are dead ends that won’t make you bank!

At University you’ll go through about 3-4 books in each one thousand dollar course. One book will thus cost you US $250 to read! That’s before we account for the insane opportunity cost of both not receiving a paycheck and the real marketable skills not acquired due to remaining outside of the labor force in these pivotal years.

DO NOT waste the next 6 years of your life at University

If you bravely go against everyone’s advice and shelve you tertiary education plans we:

A) won’t owe the government $50 000 before turning 25
B) will instead be gainfully employed with at least $100k saved up and $50-80k of fresh funds coming in every year





At age 30 you’ll notice everyone of your mates who are now rich, started working at 15 or 16. The poorest most depressed stragglers are those who studied till their mid 20s. Not only are their net-worths negative, i.e. they owe more than they’ve got invested or saved. They can’t travel or buy the things they want either. Since you’ve already wasted 3 years in high school, you’ve got no time to lose. Here are four fantastic career options that will make you bank, don’t require a University degree and will lead to lots of holidays or retirement by mid 30s:

  • snoopie

    hahaha, you are spot on on most things on your site imho, but regarding study: I still have my best friends from there, the ones that you know through and trough and actually it is a very nice period to be together and explore to the extreme, discuss with your friends and sleep with girls that are actually intelligent.

    As a guy (I am in my 50’s !) I get hit on by a crazy amount of 20 to 34 yr old girls (I look good for my age) Like you said somewhere else on this site, many girls are wired that way and that is what they tell me… so there is enough time. The only regret I have is that I did not hit on more girls when I was younger, but I’ve been in a relationship for decades. But I now have kids, which is extremely challenging AND rewarding, and one of the best things ever (you do not want to hear about that of course 🙂

    • Sure, there are upsides to going to University also 😉 My biggest regret is also not talking to more women.

      Thanks for your comment

      • snoopie

        Just leaving Kiev, say no more .. 🙂 Clubs like The Bar, etc were really empty during weekdays. Thanks for the directions however.

        • Exams are going on right now so chics are studying. Those that don’t have exams leave for the provinces to visit family. Right now is the worst time of year for clubs and bars

  • Bond

    As for investment, I made a mistake of trading too frequently when the market was heading south and when all the news headlines were doom and gloom. It takes a lot of patience and fortitude to do well in the market. It’s definitely ok to take a loss and get some capital loss tax benefits from it and buy again when it dips if you think it’s an overcorrection. I personally would not invest in the emerging market and if you take a look at most of the emerging market ETFS, they’ve had a terrible return over the decade. I remember people hyping up about Brazil 4-5 years and if you look at their etfs, they haven’t gone nowhere but south. I still have a deep faith in American businesses and they are still going to be dominant for many decades to come. People tend to get too creative when it comes to diversifying liquidity. My personal advice is that, just stick with sp500 ETFs (such as VOO) and if your retirement is in the next 20 year horizon, I would go 100% on it. If you want some monthly passive side income, just buy some municipal bonds.

  • George Rasmuson

    Working at a corporation in a “low-end position” is foolhardy. Corporate jobs are a complete joke, and when you factor in the amount of income tax that is coming out of your pay check, insurance premiums, and other expenses, you will never be able to be in the black financially. This is something teachers have said to people in my class.

  • George Rasmuson

    Im still only 16. Unlike the rest of you guys, I still have the luxury of youth and time 🙂

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