Individual Freedom died on April 2

She’d been inundated by a series of near lethal illnesses, each proving more virulent in nature than the last, ever since the prior millennium drew to a close. After decades of increasing in both scope and perniciousness, they proved fatal.

From her humble beginnings in 1776, and throughout the following centuries, she spread prosperity and happiness wherever she was allowed to roam free. Granted those places were far and few in between. She mostly remained shackled geographically and ideologically to her country of birth, being refused entry, due to the wicked threat her natural beauty posed to long established elites elsewhere.

She was thus an American phenomenon for most of her existence, only occasionally and ever so briefly, making guest appearances in some of the most destitute far lung corners of the globe

Her accomplishments were many, too numerous to list here. A couple shall suffice in no particular order of grandeur or magnitude. She singlehandedly spawned the American middle class. She’s thus responsible for the creation of historically unheard of levels of wealth and opulence.

She also shone a light of freedom through the dark tunnel of control, tyranny and serfdom. Thus paving the highway to happiness with diversity, freedom and individual decision making.

The last decades of her long life were marred by tragedy, setbacks and ill health. In the end her very own success and seductive abilities proved her undoing. She died, besieged on all fronts by domestic and global elites.

Politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists all mustered their most sinister forces to sound her final death kneel. She leaves behind a tiny despairing minority, numbering only a few million, deeply mourning her most untimely demise.



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