Ukraine’s premier beach resort 

“Odessa is a criminal city with thieves, prostitutes, drugs and explosions”, read the last What’s App from a friend as I boarded the express train from Kiev. The infamous Black Sea port’s reputation precedes it and old legends die hardTO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • PeteyBrian

    Thanks Harald! I’d wanted to take a trip out there for years – based on stories of credible stories from experienced friends. Seems like times have changed! Lol! Hopefully the beautiful Russian girls will return one day.

    My friends trips were taken around the year 2000 – when oil was $15-$20 per barrel -perhaps that’s when the Russian girls were very available… Lol! With the price of oil in the bottoming process, time will tell.

    • Harald Baldr

      Yes it will. I’ll go back for a future excursion and stay much longer

  • Uncle Cedric

    Odessa sounds like a museum-look but dont touch.

    More importantly-what cities have you traveled to that had lots of sexually available and attractive white girls?

  • Rex

    Hi Harald,
    I noticed you have just visited Odessa again.
    How was it this time compared by last year? and is it still quiet compared with the time before Maidan?

    • Big difference. As busy as before the war but with different demographics.

  • Odessa is great during summer a lot of concerts in beach clubs such as Ibiza, Itaka, bono etc… the best is Ibiza and Park residence you would enjoy it more if you have your GF or wife, unfortunately Turkish sex tourists has spoiled the scene… best place to meet expats and foreigners to hear all kind of stories about Odessa Irish Pub in the center

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