Why you must hit it extra hard when traveling | Part 2

Your weakest body part isn’t legs, abs, lower back or forearms. It’s yourTO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • PeteyBrian

    You’re blessed genetically to have a long neck to build around! My neck is thick and stubby! You’re right, everyone forgets or ignores to workout the neck!

    • Harald Baldr

      it’s a curse.

  • John

    A big neck & traps make your shoulders look narrower.

    Just saying…

    • Harald Baldr

      That may be an issue for people competing. As an ectomorph who don’t want to look too skinny I’d take neck over shoulders any day of the week

  • Uncle Cedric

    Whats your height and weight OP?

    For rep schemes are you into powerlifting (5×5), bodybuilder (2-4×8-10), or general fitness (3×15)?

    Do you ever do body weight programs like Matt Furey, Convict Conditioning, or Never Gymless (a system from a pro boxing coach Ross Enamait (RossTraining.com)?

    • Harald Baldr

      I’m 1.85 and been a lean 82kg for must of this year. I work mainly in the (2-4×3-10) range these days.

      Never done any of the programs you mention. Are they any good?

      • Uncle Cedric

        4×4 is something Id like to try with barbells. I feel like crap doing 8-10 reps I like 5 or less or 15 but never 1 rep max (not 20yo anymore).

        For sure on Ross’s stuff-hes a savage. He used to be a sparring partner for top pro fighters like Kos Tszuya, Chad Dawson, Zab Judah). Former UFC Champ Chuck Liddel and Pro Boxing Champ Klitschko’s camps have used his coaching methods for strength and conditioning. I like Never Gymless (his bodyweight protocol).



        out his blog first you’ll see hes a all around bad ass and has years of
        training and coaching experience as well as a Masters in a fitness related academic area. If
        you get a book of his Id go with Infinite Intensity (for explosiveness
        and Maximal Strength) or Never Gymless for as ruthless of a bodyweight
        system as most could ever hope to handle.

        I have a combat sports background- Im definitely not a bodybuilding or power or Olympic lifting guru. For free weights, I like a 5×5 strength work out with 20-25 sets a session 2xs/week and to do boxing and bjj the other days of the week myself. People I respect have said positive things about Matt Furey and Convict Conditioning but for me Ross’s methods are massively intense.

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