Full Body Workout For Ectomorphs On the Road Day 2 | Day 1

Muscles shrink fast when inactive. Particularly if you’re an ectomorph, i.e. super skinny by nature. Hence the importance of working all major muscle groups at least once a week. That’s what this day is for.  It’s not a recipe for killer gains but rather a proven method for maintaining the muscle mass you already have.TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Christian Toll

    I lost my shit when you said shrinkage. Very ballsy, bravo!

    • Harald Baldr

      It has been 24 hours and I’m afraid it will never become what it once was… Jokes aside, if it weren’t for the fact that my toes felt like they’d fall off (right before I lost all feeling in them) I’d do it again. It felt refreshing a few hours later.

  • Julian

    Yea, I think I’d rather just do BW exercises in my room…

    P.S. Are you part Asian btw?

    • Harald Baldr

      No, Im from Northern Europe

      • Julian

        Well there’s a lot of Asian immigrants in Northern Europe…

        You just don’t look 100% white so I was curious lol.

        • Harald Baldr

          Well, I did spend a decade in Asia…

          • Julian

            Why did you leave?

            I mean do you prefer EE over Asia now? I think Ukrainian chicks are hot (for white women), but they don’t really hold a candle to Asian women. Imo, their jawlines and faces are too masculine. But this is coming from a guy with serious yellow fever so I’m probably biased haha.

          • Harald Baldr

            Too long in one place you start getting jaded and bored. I prefer EE now. Like you, I had a serious case of the yellow fever. Probably still do but I caught another strain known as white flu. The fact of the matter is that EE women are 10 times brighter than Asian women. With maybe 2-3 exceptions I could never handle spending much more than a few days with an Asian girl for that very reason. The latter are fun and jovial but keeping up means having to drink alcohol daily.

          • Julian

            Don’t disagree with you on Asian girls being a little dense…

            But women aren’t around for my intellectual satisfaction lol. When I need to discuss politics, philosophy, or anything remotely intelligent…that’s what my mates are for.

            The quality of life in Asia is also vastly superior to EE imo.

  • ScandinavianJake

    I would love to hear more about Ukraine, and your experiences there in your future writing.
    It reminds me about my time there, when seeing your video.

    • Harald Baldr

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m very eager to hear what people want me to write about. I will make another winter in Kiev article with an accompanying Vlog within the next couple of months.

      • A S

        Hi, would love to know more about Kiev girls ( non -pros). Though i hear almost every girl is a semi-pro there?

        • I honestly don’t know where this myth comes from as it’s completely not the case.

  • Rocha

    Props to the cameraman also, great job!

    • Harald Baldr

      Yeah he did a good job considering he was freezing his nuts off and using a camera with a malfunctioning display. Props to him for taking the time to help me out!

  • Rocha

    When will be the fight with Ivan Drago?

  • Cecil J

    Harald do you ever train with body weight exercise?

    Is it easy to find a combat/military style submission style of gym to learn chokes and holds in EE? I know in FSU they use sambo but is it available for foreigners to train in?

    I grew up kickboxing but I got waxed at a Brazilian Jiu JitSu gym- I’d place odds on a submission guru over a top level striker 7-8 out of 10xs in a fight. They’re both good to learn but I’d pick submissions over the other if only left to choose one discipline.

    • No, I need weights to train. I simply don’t have the motivation to do 40+ reps on an exercise which is often required to get a good pump when using body weight.

      I’ve seen some Muay Thai gyms around. There’s bound to be gyms featuring every style of fighting in most major cities here too.

      • Cecil J

        I have to mix things up man. I’ve done free weighs and body weight and combined the two-if Instayed with just one tool Id go nuts. Same deal with cardio I go from walking to basketball to boxing workouts on the heavy bag to swimming to Brazilian Jiu JitSu-never the same for more than 3 months or so.

        So you mainly do maximal and low rep 2-5/set?

        Have you ever tried some of the advanced body weight stuff like convict conditioning or this guy-
        He has free weigh and body weight methods this dudes a trainer of world champion bo era and consultant to top MMA camps (Chuck Lidells when he was UFC Champ) and all around bad ass. I love this book- http://rosstraining.com/blog/never-gymless/

        • Never heard of Ross training.

          I work in low reps when I’m on the road and trying to stay somewhat fit. If I’m trying to bulk, get big and look good I’ll go with 8-12 reps. I’ll focus on wearing the muscle out and feeling pain rather than boost my ego by lifting heavy.

          So on the road maintenance vs. bulking are two very different things for me.

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