48 hours of hitting on anything that moves 

I had never heard of the Moldovan capital up until I tried to book a flight from Bucharest to Kiev three days ago. There is no such thing, so a 14 hour overnight sleeper train with 1 litre of vodka and 3 random new cabin mates through this mismanaged nation seemed like a good idea.

Moldova’s full name includes Republic of, but I’ve decided to not dishonour that once proud word by misusing it any further. Suffice to say, Moldova is about as much a Republic (in the true classical liberal sense) as Nigeria is famous for skinny white ballerina dancers.


Train-ride from hell

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  • Nice report. Maybe as a Spaniard I’d have a high exotic factor over there. How good is your russian?

    • haraldbaldr

      I think you would. Many guys there had more of a Nordic appearance.

      My Russian is nonexistent and will probably stay that way. Simply too difficult so I’ll rather focus on Spanish.

    • Harald Baldr

      I think you would. Many men there had more of a Nordic appearance.

      My Russian is nonexistent and will most likely stay that way. Simply too difficult. I’d rather focus on Spanish.

      • Johnny

        Man its really true-Latin chicks go bananas over blonde nordic guys and Med guys want to plow Swedes and Finns like a tiller (powertool in America that rips up soil w/ease in personal residential gardens-could till for 3 hours and have a nice enough plot to feed a family of 4).

        Im American who looks Italian and I love cute blondes who arent male height (5’9+) or flat chested anorexic. They gotta have c cups or better and not be hostile cunty snot noses or im bored. What towns offer this kind of talent to a guy like me?

        • Harald Baldr

          Without doubt Oslo Norway. Your Southern European looks coupled with an American accent will be a killer combination there. No joke!

          • Brianmark

            Interesting, I never thought Norway would be good for any man no matter how they look. I have the Spanish or Italian look. When at a Mediterrean beach town the barker outside the bar always speak to me first in Spanish, then, Italian, then maybe Greek. When I speak English they are always surprised. How do the Norwegian girls look now? American women have grown quite large.

          • oh no, Norway is fantastic if you have the right look Brian. Chics will just grab you and take charge. Norwegian girls are used to picking and choosing who they want and they have no qualms about putting out fast.

            Norwegian girls look good. Possibly cutes/best faces in the world. The problem is as I’ve written elsewhere their leftist attitude and weight. About weight, coming from America you wouldn’t find that and issue at all as they’re no where close to American size 😉

          • Brianmark

            No, I don’t like heavy girls at all. My USA girls were closer to model thin. I prefer my chicks for SEA or FSU where they are thin.

  • Brianmark

    This was one of your more fun posts. I really enjoy reading travel narratives. The detail was excellent. You really should put a book together of travel game stories.

    I want to ask you how you write stories like this. Do you write all your thoughts down immediately after the day or night. I know when I write something like this. I have to write my thoughts down almost immediately, because if I come back to it a day later, I’ve forgotten half the excitement, details, or what pissed me off about the night..

    • Hey Brian,

      Thanks for reading 😉

      I wrote this a few days afterwards. I have a photographic memory when it comes to conversations and things I see/experience so I could have written it today as well with the same details. In fact in my podcast I relay stories like this from 15 years ago in the same detail without difficulty 😉

      Writing like this takes time though so I won’t produce any more articles like this. The podcast is the future in terms of travel anecdotes.

      About your friends mormon story, lol, it’s so strange how this sect have gained a foothold in this part of the world.

      About a book, I’ve already written one but I cannot release it in its current form. Grammar and structure must be perfect. So until I spend 3-4 weeks editing it won’t be released to the public.

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