Europe’s 2nd most oppressive (albeit sexy) dictatorship 

Imagine your local Walmart being run by a clique of managers whom before you could enter and plow some much-needed money into their enterprise, required you toTO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Johnny

    The girls in the vlog are gorgeous.

    Based on what you observed

    -whats a healthy age range for the prime age girls-will they do men 10,15, or 20 years older then them?

    -For nightgame-do the girls expect you to buy them drinks when you go out?

    -What daygame methods worked the best?

    -Have you tried smaller towns in Ukraine (Zhitomir, Nikolaev, Lviv, Ilchivesk/South of Odesa, etc.)?

    An expat I know who owns a hotel on the Black Sea told me Zhitomir is a really cool place (very cheap, good amount of college girls, more friendly locals than the major cities, some basic nightlife, etc.).

    • Harald Baldr

      Age difference: Based on empirical research they don’t mind 10-15 years age difference 😉

      Drinks: There was no drink buying culture. Women had their own drinks and were happy to hang out. No one ever asked me to buy anything.

      Daygame methods: Simply Hello and they’re already smiling. But without Russian it can be very difficult. I don’t speak any.

      Immigration: I met some people who are staying there for a whole month. For longer stays one can sign up for a University course, Russian for example. Then they’ll let u stay longer.

      Women on stage: I assume club owners and the richest most powerful guys in town. They were truly amazing.

      Never been to the other cities you mentioned. Which ones do you recommend?

  • Nathan Keyes

    Are places like this still safe for Americans to visit? Any anti-Americanism in Belarus? Seems to me it would be impossible to find English speakers. I don’t know how you do it friend! You must be the man!

    • Hey Nathan,
      most countries in the world love Americans. Even in regions where people generally don’t like your government (latin American countries for example) people are still very open to the idea of meeting Americans. Even North Korea I’d say is safe.

      • dony

        Is True being South American (with relatives who were killed by the CIA sponsored dictatorships on the 70’s). I don’t hold any hate against US people, I disagree with it’s government, but I don’t blame the people. On the contrary after living in Canada for 4 years, It amazes me the Anti-American feeling at the Great White North.

    • Michel Luczak

      Don’t worry I’ve been there countless times with and without Americans, everything was just fine 🙂

  • Michel Luczak

    “Europe’s 2nd most oppressive (albeit sexy) dictatorship” ? Which one is first then? 🙂

  • Please read!!!

    The bad tourist, likes alcohol and female skirts.

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