Man’s most sinister tool of oppression¬†isn’t rape, war, racism or theft. Rather it is a system which condones all of the above and more. You¬†know it as the welfare state. Here’s why its evil remains unrivaled¬†on planet earth.



Get Them While They’re Young

Growing up I was bombarded with stories of a magnanimous overlord whom I without, would stand little to no chance in life. I was taught to respect, fear, praise, assist and worship this man-made deity. You know this God as the welfare state. By age 16,¬†I was fully accustomed to the¬†notion¬†that I could demand things from it. It was around that time a friend of mine, a soccer goalkeeper, invented a back injury and followed in his mother and brother’s footsteps by living on welfare. No one called him out on it as everyone saw government as a cash-cow that owed them something.

Complain, push and beat the pi√Īata hard enough and eventually it will yield some candy!

Whenever something happened in society it was expected, in fact demanded, that the welfare state would step in. Naturally I, like 99% of people born into such a system, grew up to become an entitled spoilt brat who genuinely thought I was lucky to hail from such a country. Not only was there actually such a thing as free lunch. I got free breakfast and dinner too.

A couple of years later, whilst still in my teens I began to smell that something wasn’t right. Tired of the ridiculous nanny state rules I moved abroad in search of something new. I started studying political science and came across authors like Bastiat,¬†Locke¬†and other champions of¬†individual freedom. I kept investigating until I discovered a reality¬†that made me truly sick to my stomach.



A System By Unproductive Thieves For Unproductive Thieves

People growing up in contemporary USA or Europe are all addicts¬†hooked on¬†the most virulent drug in the history of mankind, the welfare state.¬†Like heroin, the first shots were free. Once hooked, the state¬†jacked¬†up the price. Judging from empirical¬†evidence many realize they’re trapped around their mid 20s.

More commonly though, even more discover¬†the truth after hitting 30. I believe they come around so late as it takes around 5-10 years in the workforce to realize that some members of society aren’t pulling their weight.¬†They’re producing zero value and aren’t helping to grow the economic pie we all rely on. Seeing as they’re still humans and need funds to sustain themselves and their families, they are however withdrawing value from it. The more of these people that exist in a society, the more wealth produced by those that create value must be confiscated by force.


Imagine an island completely isolated from the rest of the world. One day,¬†1 of its 4 inhabitants finds¬†the only gun in existence and declares;¬†L’Etat, c’est moi. That same day he stops¬†building, creating and fishing. He stops producing economic value. As he is the only armed citizen and hence¬†has an arms monopoly on the island, everyone are powerless to resist. From this day that man’s economic output disappears from the island’s GDP. On top of that substantial parts of the economic output produced by¬†the remaining 3 workers will go towards sustaining this island’s first ever statesman.

So not only is this island¬†poorer than it should be, seeing as only 75% of the potential workforce is actually producing goods & services of economic value. It’s also¬†a place where 3/4¬†people are¬†forced to live beneath their means!

As it is a society ruled by a minority at the great expense of the majority, it’s likely an unviable social order. The island is rife with plain extortion and rape of people’s private property in its most sinister form (through the threat of force). The 3 perpetually¬†robbed¬†citizens will constantly seek¬†to overthrow the only statesman (or unproductive thief as they call him). Knowing this, the statesman conceives¬†a plan to secure not only the consent of the governed but their adulation.



Meet Your (Not-So) Magnanimous Overlord

The people who thrive in such a system (people in the service of government) realized long ago that there are few things more unpleasant than living with the constant threat of a storming-of-the-castle scenario and the subsequent loss of income that would entail. They had to find a means through which they could safeguard their unproductive freeloading ways. ¬†I’m not suggesting they came up with a solution to their problem at some conference in the Swiss Alps, but rather gradually learnt to create and perpetuate a system where people learn to appreciate¬†their indentured servitude.

Enter the welfare state. A political system where people blissfully choose whom shall have the right to rob and make their lives more difficult every four years!

This system, which legalizes the plunder of everyone by everyone to the benefit of the few who get to orchestrate the heist, is fueled by 3 key factors:

1. DEPENDENTS: The more people who earn a living on the system, the more numerous those who will do their utmost to defend and perpetuate it will be. It’s no secret that government employees vote for the parties whom promise to maintain or grow it.

2. UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE:¬†A vote is simply a contest where the political party or leader who promises to hand out the most (and hence steal and confiscate more than the other guys) to the people who choose him wins. Such a system in an of itself is built to grow government and the vultures that ceaselessly circle above it. Without an ultra strong constitution based purely on negative law,¬†said system turns into a free for all where everyone robs¬†everyone. Yes, tax is theft! When politicians promise someone money they’re merely distributing some of their loot.

3. TAXES: The higher the taxes the less wealth people have saved up for a rainy day. When their personal or overall economy heads south, they’ve been left unable to fend for themselves. This is an intentional policy to keep people dependent and beholden to government welfare. People with the means to go their own way likely will. So better to never give them that option in the first place. Besides the more people are dependent upon government for grants, subsidies and benefits the likelier they are to have a favorable view of it. There’s a term for this: Stockholm Syndrome.

The biggest con of the system is that it pushes a group of useless people into the limelight.

Politicians and bureaucrats thus become society’s overlords with their massive ability to make an impact in people’s lives.¬†The system then by its very nature encourages the worship of theft, idleness and idiocy.



The Economic Cost of Welfarism

The bigger a government’s size relative to a given population, the more people will live beneath what the productivity of their labour would otherwise allow. This is easy to see in the small island example. But when a country numbers tens of millions of people, this principle is completely forgotten.

In fact when I used to lecture on the subject of taxes and the cost of government, it was common for American students to defend it with phrases such as:

But we get most of it back!

When I pushed my students to elaborate, I was even more astounded to learn that many held the view that we actually get more out of government than we collectively put in!

As I hope is now perfectly clear given the island example, this is physically impossible (without borrowing today to default tomorrow).

Even in relatively¬†efficient Norway the government admits that 30% of all it rakes in gets lost in bureaucracy! The welfare state is thus actually¬†much costlier than what I’ve relayed so far. Here’s a non-exhaustive rundown of other ways it ruins your living standards;

1. Raising the cost of education so you must pay for it over 20 years
2. Productivity lost due to lack of competition in state monopolized economic sectors
3. Higher prices as corporations must waste time and cash complying with bureaucracy sustaining regulations

4. Higher prices due to lower overall production in society
5. Wealth lost due to the huge part of the labour force that¬†don’t produce any value
6. Wealth lost due to people choosing to live on welfare
7. Cost of surveillance bureaucracies like the IRS

It’s hard to estimate a full figure on this, but let’s just say your life could be a lot better. You could have more money and prices would be lower. The Journal of Economic Growth¬†estimates that without regulations the median American household income would be $330 000 instead of $53 000! But that’s just the regulatory financial¬†cost. Sadly there’s tons¬†more.




Because of welfare you must report what’s in your bank account. In most European countries the government knows without you even having to report.

Because of welfare you must part with 50-80% of your income each year in various taxes.

Because of welfare you must have a registered address so the state knows where it can go to lock you up.

Because of welfare black youth unemployment in America is out of control.

Because of welfare you are viewed as a criminal if you ever argue the need for privacy.

Because of welfare rape is an accepted form of extra judicial punishment in American prisons where over 200 000 men are violated each year.

Because of welfare you can’t eat or drink what you want. In fact you don’t even own the rights to your own body.

Because of welfare¬†in most of Europe, you’re not allowed to defend yourself, your property or your family.

Because of welfare you may get SWAT teamed if you choose to pay with cash for your new refrigerator.

The welfare state gets you when you’re young and impressionable, tightens its stranglehold when you come of age and won’t let go until you’re 6 feet under. If that’s not pure fuc*ing evil i don’t know what is!




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