‎₴7000 ($262) – 30 NIGHTS IN A HOTEL 
250 per night

‎₴1680 ($63) – 60 BOXES OF YOGHURT 
28 a piece

‎₴1512 ($56) – 58 DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERS
28 per burger

‎₴1740 ($65) – 60 CHICKEN BREASTS
30 per breast

‎₴91 ($3) – 13 BEERS
7 per 500 ml bottle 

‎₴240 ($9) – 120 EGGS
2 per egg 

‎₴924 ($34) – 33 WHOLE WHEAT BREAD
28 per bread 

‎₴600 ($22) – 24 SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE
25 per portion 

‎₴390 ($14) – 30 WATER BOTTLES
13 per bottle

‎₴212 ($8) – 53 METRO TICKETS
4 per ride


‎₴14 389 = US $527


costoftravelineuropeThat’s all I’ve spent in the past 30 days here in Kiev whilst doing little else but lift, eat, write and read. Living frugally is something I enjoy from time to time. The biggest surprise is that I only had 58 double cheeseburgers. If asked a month ago how many I plow through per month I’d have said something closer to the 100 mark.

Anyway, cheeseburgers aside, it’s been a pretty productive month as I managed to get a lot of things done. Now it’s time for a month long holiday in a country I’ve never been before. That will likely entail less food, less gym, more beer and lots of crazy sh*t going down.

I will miss the price level of Ukraine but it’s not like I’m traveling to Monaco. Switching gears, I will start a weekly Vlog if the demand is there. This is the first installment. If there are any specific topics you’d like me to cover, please leave a comment under the video ON YouTube  😉


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