‎₴7000 ($262) – 30 NIGHTS IN A HOTEL 
250 per night

‎₴1680 ($63) – 60 BOXES OF YOGHURT 
28 a piece

‎₴1512 ($56) – 58 DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERS
28 per burger

‎₴1740 ($65) – 60 CHICKEN BREASTS
30 per breast

‎₴91 ($3) – 13 BEERS
7 per 500 ml bottle 

‎₴240 ($9) – 120 EGGS
2 per egg 

‎₴924 ($34) – 33 WHOLE WHEAT BREAD
28 per bread 

‎₴600 ($22) – 24 SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE
25 per portion 

‎₴390 ($14) – 30 WATER BOTTLES
13 per bottle

‎₴212 ($8) – 53 METRO TICKETS
4 per ride


‎₴14 389 = US $527


costoftravelineuropeThat’s all I’ve spent in the past 30 days here in Kiev whilst doing little else but lift, eat, write and read. Living frugally is something I enjoy from time to time. The biggest surprise is that I only had 58 double cheeseburgers. If asked a month ago how many I plow through per month I’d have said something closer to the 100 mark.

Anyway, cheeseburgers aside, it’s been a pretty productive month as I managed to get a lot of things done. Now it’s time for a month long holiday in a country I’ve never been before. That will likely entail less food, less gym, more beer and lots of crazy sh*t going down.

I will miss the price level of Ukraine but it’s not like I’m traveling to Monaco. Switching gears, I will start a weekly Vlog if the demand is there. This is the first installment. If there are any specific topics you’d like me to cover, please leave a comment under the video ON YouTube  😉


  • Matthew Miller

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your youtube videos. I am having so much fun reading all of your travel experiences through Eastern Europe. I absolutely love Eastern Europe I was backpacking there for about 3 months in Czech Republic, Hungary, and most of my time spent was in Poland. Now I really want to go to Kiev, Ukraine! Thank you for all of these great articles and your video logs its so fun to watch!

    • Thanks Matthew, that’s great to hear. Eastern Europe is the real Europe 😉

  • ale

    What local agencies are you using in Kiev? That’s the next place I plan on going for a period of time.

    • Great ideas Ale. I’m on it 😉

      For hotels, just walk around in an area you like. For apartments short tern, I don’t have a go to agency but I check the top 10 in google and see what they have to offer. For long term rentals this is by far the best: http://olx.ua/

  • Julien B.

    How and where do you get the black market rate when you change your western currency in Kiev? Thank you

    • The spread isn’t that wild these days so I just go to nearest exchange booth. If you really want the black market rate though, many cab drivers will exchange money for you. There are also two guys on the second floor of the underground Maidan mall (left hand side when entering from metro) who stand there all day exchanging money.

      • Julien B.

        Thanks for your accurate answer. Could you give some examples of hotels where you can pay 250-300 UAH for a private room? On Booking.com I the cheapest prices I could find were around 15$ per night (at lest 400 UAH).

        • The cheapest hotels often are not even on Booking. And the cheap ones that are charge more as they must give the website a commission. Walk around in areas 4-5 stations or more away from center and just ask around. Hotel Tourist Complex is a little less than $9 for example.

          • Alex Green

            Hi Harald

            Did you pay for a month there?, I can see that the cheapest single room is now about $23

  • Carl Penaloza

    527 so cheap! That is almost unbelievable. Amazing when the dollar stretches. I would love to experience a similar month on the cheap in a country I want to visit so much. I wonder if I could live as cheap in Odessa, or another city in Ukraine. Good luck with the partying! Looking forward to the Vlogs. I’ll leave a comment on Youtube. Thanks for last months content too, lots of good stuff!
    Eastern Europe, I will be seeing you very soon 😉

    • Awesome! I love YouTube comments 😉

      Odessa on a not too dissimilar budget in terms of food and accommodation is doable if you stay away from the beach. There’s no outdoors gym there though and you’ll likely end up spending money going out. This will break the bank so too speak

  • Brianmark

    Great VBlog. Keep them coming. It’s unbelievable to hear how cheap it is. How is your hotel? Safe area? Hot water? Steam heating? Old?
    What country are you headed next to?

    • Hotel is fantastic for the price. Too me it looks and has been safe yes, but if you ask locals they say it’s the worst area in Kiev. Then again, they also say that about the gym so it should be taken with a grain of salt. Yes there’s hot water and good internet.

      Next country is a State secret 😉

      Stay tuned

  • PY

    Harold what is the best way to get some local Ukrainian wing man ? I even toyed with idea of paying for one as my lack of Russian language I find is problem and gaming solo at night in Kiev has the stench of sex tourist. Any advice ?

    • The gym by far. I’ve met a couple of guys there who’ve invited me to come out with their group of friends, but I declined. I hardly go out and have been in relationships for most of my time here. Other than there, I have no experience on where or how to make local male friends.

      Personally I’d forget about thinking along those lines and simply find ONE awesome girl to hang with. Finding such a girl can be done with 3-5 solid approaches max (meaning don’t count the ones where women walk by without engaging you in a real conversation, which in any case is rare in a nightlife setting in Kiev).

      For example in D*Lux a month ago I did 4 approaches and all 4 chated for a bit. One rejected the number request outright. Possibly because my idiot friend (whom in any case was sitting 5 metres away, yes you Mo) was taking pictures for reasons unbeknownst to me. One said no, but I was able to sweet talk her so she eventually asked for my number. Two others gave me theirs outright. I spoke to the latter two for a few days and both were relationship material. Had I taken it further both would’ve come through but I got back together with my ex before the end of said week.

      Point being, a male friend is something you need in order to have meaningful conversations ABOUT women. You don’t need a male friend to talk TO women. I did all 4 approaches alone.

      I’m not saying that your idea won’t work. But seeing as i’ve never done that in any country, I don’t know anything about said strategy. It also sounds like a waste of time as you’re simply adding another hurdle on the way to the goal of getting a girlfriend.

      • Joe Ricola

        “I hardly go out and have been in relationships for most of my time here. Other than there, I have no experience on where or how to make local male friends.”

        – So are you saying that you don’t really have any male friends? You mostly keep to yourself except for when you are with your girlfriend?

        • No. I was saying I don’t have any LOCAL male friends. (people who were born here)

  • Curtis agnmusa

    Hi Harald, just subscribed to your channel. Great stuff bro. Lived abroad few years. Now looking to permanently get out of the hustle and bustle of L.A. I have invested long ago into something earning few grand per month for the past 12 years without me having to be here. Few grand in L.A. just pays the bills. Ideally would like to invest $2k per month into something good. Would love to pick your brian. Thanks. …

    • Hey Curtis,
      sounds like you’re doing pretty damn well on your own and don’t need any advice 😉

      Thanks for subscribing.

      I will indeed be focusing more on investing in the near future. I tend to write more about strategies and what I myself do rather than advice people on how they should grow their money though. But if you’re curious about something in particular and I do have expertise in that area, I’m always open to future article suggestions.

      • Curtis agnmusa

        How can i send a pm to you?

      • Curtis agnmusa

        Btw….you are nuts brotha. Ice bath after the winter workout. I too workout but that’s dedication my friend. Huge pair of balls. Respect to you!

    • Cecil J

      Hey Curtis,
      What countries have you been to that had the best quality of life and women?

      What annoys you the most about American women and LA man?

      Out west I’d just move to Vegas.

      I think Roosh V is right- the places with the ugliest, most feminist women tend to cost more money. It’s paying and Beni Hana prices for In and Out. Ironic isn’t it?

  • Philipp C. Dukatz

    Yo brother, Phil checking in, German currently escaping the rut and based in Canada. Can you say which hotel that was and also, did you manage to cook there? Asking cuz you mentioned having bough a shit ton of chicken breasts ;). Cheers

    • I bought chicken breasts (cooked) at the supermarket and food court. Not possible to cook in the room. Hotel Tourist Complex 🙂

      • Philipp C. Dukatz

        Cheers dude…. catch you on the flipside..keep up the good work.

  • Harald is it relatively easy to find apartments that are well furnished? I don’t just mean desk and bed but also cookware and essential kitchen stuff. Thank you.

  • Harald this has nothing to do with your post but I hope my question could be enlightening to some readers.

    Is it possible to easily get your testosterone levels checked in Kiev?

    Thank you.

  • Eitan5770

    I’ve been to Kiev a couple times last years and loved it. I am going back in July and funny, Im staying at the same hotel, very cheap. I work out as well and found a franchise called “Sport Life” on the other side of 95? Ленинградская? Nice place? Looks awesome on the website. Is there anything I should know about prices, do they try to inflate and get added fees like American clubs? Thanks, and awesome videos

    • Don’t know why you don’t go to the free outdoors gym instead. About Sportlife, some of the clubs are ridiculously expensive. Others are ridiculously cheap. I went into one just to see their facilities and prices once. I got an inflated quote for sure.

      About videos, thank you 😉

  • Eitan5770

    Here is the address? б, Корпус 1, Reheneratorna St, 4, Kiev, Kyivs’ka oblast, Ukraine, 02000

  • Joe

    13 beers that seems low for 30 days in Kiev?

    • I didn’t drink much as i was lifting and working

  • David Weddle

    Harald did you mean a Hostel? Did it have hot water?

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