All you need to pack for easy travel

  • marcodaha

    Harald, one of THE most inspiring articles I ever read so far!

    it is not only about easy and uncomplicated travelling. It really is about focussing on the elementary things… the stuff thats really importent. Or in other words: we tend to HIDE behind the idea that we need certain things in order to achieve an internal state: electronic devises for entertainment… nope!… go out there and explore your destination… have fun in the real world! Or hiding behind the Idea that we need to bring a big fashion collection in order to get laid… nope! get out there and actually SPEAK to women and understand, that its the personality, which you project, that makes the girls want to feel your penis inside herself … and/or spend more time with training and good nutrition, so you will look great even in the most basic t shirt.

    after this artikel I was sooo motivated to try this one-small-bag-travel thing for myself for my next kiew trip… just to find myself sitting on two bags.. one 23kg and one 10kg 😂😂😂

    I felt back into my old habbits of beeing afraid of forgeting something “important”. but then a bad thing happened to me – but as it turned out, it was the best poosible timing that this very event should have happened…

    I had to change planes in Dortmund, germany, in order to get to kiew. and someone stole my large case in the baggage claim area. thanks to the airport staff we were able to identify the person and he brought the case back… after 5 hours of fighting for it.. on the same day i went shopping and bought pretty much the same backpack you have… and replaced some other space wasting nessecitaries by some more space saving alternatives. the rest of the baggage I left at my brothers place.
    i will spent the next two month in kiev… lets see how it goes :)))

    • Harald Baldr

      Great to hear that marcodaha

      Whenever I encounter other people on the road it doesn’t take long before they too admit they utilize about 1/3 of the clothes and items they brought with them.

      Less than 10kg is the way to go!

      Good luck in Kiev 😉

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