• Jacob

    Sounds like a good investment. I invest heavily in stocks myself, and enjoy the adrenalin and excitement you gain from it.

    Also I noticed you are in Belarus now. Let us know how that investment turns out, and if it is a better investment than Kiev and Warsaw. 🙂

    • Harald Baldr

      Will do 😉

      Just arrived yesterday but in a week’s time I should have some good Belarus stories ready

  • PeteyBrian

    Option C can be – should oil test $30 per barrel, then you can pick up additional shares reducing your average cost basis. If and when oil recovers, hopefully your profit is enhanced.

    • Harald Baldr

      Sure but hopefully in 3-6 months things have turned. If not, buckle up

  • Paul

    Hey Harald, can I ask how you buy US shares, I’m keen to look into this after reading your articles, but as a stock virgin I’m not sure of the implications buying US stocks, currently live in the UK but also a Australian expat as well, I flit between the countries. Cheers

    • Harald Baldr

      If you’re a UK resident it’s highly likely you can do this through your bank. They will give you access to most major European markets as well as the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. Just call them and ask. If not, change your bank or sign up for Interactive Brokers.

      There shouldn’t be any implications of you buying US stocks other than possible taxation on your dividends and/or profits upon selling. I’m not familiar with UK’s policies on this but it’s not illegal for you to buy stocks abroad if you thought so 😉

      Hope this helps. I will write a more detailed beginners guide soon, not on what to buy but more on how as others have also asked me this.

      • Paul

        thanks, my broker who I signed up with does them but only by phone no there online section, I thought there may have been some crazy US law I was missing. Thanks for the advice.

        • Harald Baldr

          No, the US are quite happy to have foreigners invest in their stock market.

          No problem.

  • Brianmark

    In this case why did you buy the two specific stocks versus an Oil or Energy index fund?

    • Harald Baldr

      BP with its myriad of income streams and assets around the world is ‘almost’ akin to an index fund. The company is so downtrodden and have enjoyed such an unlucky run for several years now that I believe it has more upside than an oil index fund with little additional risk.

      SDRL is even more beat down and for good reasons. Yet I believe it will survive in the long run. At the same time it has the potential to be a quick money maker short-term as a speculative buy. I have other money in long term index funds so you can call what I put in SDRL my gambling funds.

  • Matt

    SDRL currently (4months later) down at $2 a share.
    BP slightly down aswell at $28.

    What are your current thoughts since you have $20k invested

    • Harald Baldr

      Well it’s not $20k now 😉

      My thoughts are that I’d like to see BP at $25 before adding to the position. At $20 or $15 I’d really go in heavy. In fact it’s possibly my favorite investment right now of any company in the whole world. I don’t expect those levels to materialize though unless they decide to scrap the dividend. But if they do anything can happen so you never know.

      With regards to SDRL, it’s priced for bankruptcy and I think another $10k around this level is warranted. I’ll make another article on this when I decide to act. I need to do some research first so that’s just my thinking right now as I read your comment.

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