Before I tell you how you can do the same, a brief word on governance. I consider it the height of patriotism to pay no taxes. Cutting the funding to the extortionists who have grown our government out of all proportions is a most virtuous act. Which country am I talking about you say? All of them! It doesn’t matter where you live in the formerly free world. You’re not allowed to keep most of what you earn anywhere. What follows is how I personally shored up my financial health and pay zero income & capital gains taxes.

Money saved is money earned. Money earned is more money to invest. Minimizing your tax bill, or eliminating it all together has enormous benefits. The biggest being that your investments compound at an extraordinary rate. Much faster than under your typical punitive taxation regime.

Paying zero income and capital gains taxes requires planing and compromises.

It also means you’ll have to move abroad for large parts of the year. At least if you want to do so legally. The move is thus only beneficial if you have either:

A)  some wealth to protect and invest
B)  a revenue stream independent of the country you’re currently enslaved to
C)  a tangible plan in the making to achieve A or B in the near future

I took my first steps to escape the yoke of modern day governmental slavery over a decade ago and haven’t looked back since. Don’t get me wrong. Saying yes to freedom and no to indentured servitude is a tough decision. Pending where you currently reside, at a bare minimum it involves moving your investments abroad.

For most, it requires uprooting your life and moving away from friends and family. You’ll make new friends but only a handful of them will be as trustworthy as your childhood pals. Taxation rules differ from country to country. Most nations do not have a wealth tax like where I was born. Nor a 28% capital gains tax on dividends. Some even leave the profits you earn abroad alone.

Most Western countries however do want a piece of your worldwide income. So in order to pay zero income and capital gains taxes legally, you have no choice but to set up shop in a greener pasture.


So how exactly is it done?


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