America was once the greatest most powerful country in the world. Though its power remains unchecked, its greatness has long since vanished. What would it take to get it back? To show you, a popular myth must first be dispelled. America’s greatness didn’t come about because it had the biggest baddest most intrusive freedom restricting tax-hungry jobs destroying government on planet earth. It came about because it didn’t!



Throughout the 19th and early 20th century, millions of people from what was at the time the richest continent on earth (Europe), sold everything they owned to pay for the great privilege of risking their lives on a journey across the Atlantic ocean. None of them did so for the promise of more government. In fact, they wanted the exact opposite. They were fleeing from regulations, lack of economic opportunities, cronyism and government.

Becoming an American back then meant the opportunity to make something of yourself. As a relatively young country, and the only one founded upon the ideals of classical liberalism (individual freedom), Americans enjoyed great social mobility. The ladder of economic prosperity was not yet pulled back up into the castle by Washington. This meant average Joe had a golden opportunity to work his way up. As there were no federal income taxes he could also save and invest a proportion of his income unheard of to us born after the second world war.

The America of those days is the closest any country has come to implementing real free market capitalism. The lesson; it really works! Since no man works harder than the man who works for himself, the economy grew at break neck speed, making America the world’s richest country around the time of it’s 100th birthday. Capitalism works so well because it’s the only system that’s in tune with human nature. All other economic systems fail so miserably at producing superior living standards as they seek to re-engineer it. The only problem is that humans will be humans. We’re all programed to take the path of least resistance. Offer someone a short-cut and they’ll take it. Let someone vote themselves access to other people’s wallets and they will.

America was great because it was different. In America there were no short-cuts. The only path to a better life was that of hard work and entrepreneurship. Since Washington protected freedoms rather than violate them, the system was geared towards entrepreneurship. It was the easiest country in the world to come from nothing, start a business and prosper. Why?

The barriers to entry were precious few as insiders couldn’t use the government to exclude the upstarts.
There was simply no government to use!

As there were no Wallmart lobbying for a higher national minimum wage designed to bankrupt weaker competitors, your startup had a greater chance at survival. The highway to wealth, which has always been paved with entrepreneurship, was thus wide open to all. Add to the mix the complete absence of federal income taxes and you can see why this system was highly conducive for the little guy to make it in.

America was great as people living there had the freedom to build, create, sell, own, prosper and chart their own course in life with minimal impediments put in place from Washington.




Contemporary America is one of the most unfree countries in the world. The tyrannical treatment of her own citizens is only surpassed by the well known serial human rights abusers of Norway and Belarus. Like the citizens of those prison colonies, Americans are now taxed, regulated, policed and lawyered to death. Starting a business is now a regulatory nightmare and a costly affair only people with existing wealth can afford.

Even if you find yourself amongst those lucky men, the feds can shut you down and destroy your life’s work over some tiny infraction of some obscure building code. The mega corporations thrive in such an environment as they can afford to lawyer up and navigate this regulatory maze. The one man business start-up often can not!

This is not greatness, but evil incarnate!

This American descent from greatness kicked off with the 16th amendment to the constitution which paved the way for the creation of a federal income tax in 1913. Shortly thereafter came the World Wars and America’s military build-up began. Once the red scare became a sad fact, the disaster was complete. The Federal government continued to swell out of all thomassowellonwelfarestateproportions in the second half of the 20th century to face both real military and imagined social threats.  The former thrifty self-sufficient American populace now fell prey to the populism and promise of ever more freebies from Washington. As Thomas Sowell puts it → 

This however was no accident of history. Contrary to popular belief, rich and powerful people lobby and work to expand government to protect themselves from competition. The more rules people must contend with, the more time and money they must spend on dealing with them. The higher the taxes, the less people have to save and invest. The higher the number of people who lead a hand to mouth existence, the higher the number of voters who will look to politicians for a handout.

This shifts the focus away from How can I start a business and make it on my own to How can I vote to live off of everybody else as i have no other option. In short, the United States have become a country full of dependents and her exceptionalism is no more. American greatness is dead.





Can one man really change all this? Probably not but a president does have the power to turn the ship. It would only take less government and more individual freedom to make America great again. This unleashing of the American entrepreneurial spirit would unshackle the economy and lead to wild economic growth. It would make America exceptional again.

As an economy grows, there’s more wealth to go around and everyone benefits. Prices fall as production increases and purchasing power goes up in lock-step with living standards. By making America more free, it will become more rich. It will once again be a great place to live for those who want to work and prosper.

Legalizing freedom though is no easy task.

There are tens of millions of obstacles (i.e. vested interest, rent-seekers, bureaucrats, corporations, politicians, lawyers) benefiting from the status quo that are all hell bent on aborting any attempt at creating more freedom in its tracks. You can see them had at work in articles such as this where the elite’s own media publications are pulling out all the stops in an attempt to smear the would be reformer.

If Trump wins despite such smears there are 3 things he must do to make America great again;

First, president Trump can strangle out of control bureaucracies by slashing the federal budget by let’s say $1 trillion in the first year.
In short a president can attempt to starve the beast.

Second, Trump can use his presidential veto powers to deny the creation of any laws that requires more government.
Gary Johnson pioneered this policy as governor of New Mexico with great success.

Third, Trump can use the bully pull-pit of the presidency to educate the populace and advance the principles that made America great (individual freedom).
For this, Trump seem particularly well suited.

As for the first and second, only time will tell what he will do. I have a sneaking suspicion president Trump will be anything but a fiscal conservative. Yet, America should take that chance knowing that the alternatives are the great Communist America destroyers in waiting; Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton (two cuts of the same anti-greatness cloth). That’s why I put my support behind Trump 2016.


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