Proven 2 year strategy for starting an internet business

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1. Research money-making opportunity you see
2. Build your own blog(s) selling:
A) own products B) affiliate products C) information
3. Promote and tweak said blog(s) until profitable
4. Scale and duplicate to maximize profits
5. Party 24/7 around the globe for a decade straight

It’s slightly more nuanced than this but that’s the short version of what I did. Simply follow the steps and you too can be a successful location independent entrepreneur living and blogging from around the world by the year 2017. Since the year 2000 I’ve been living abroad. Aged 18, I started off with borrowed money, wasting it all and more on useless University degrees. Upon graduating, against the advice of family and friends, I switched to online entrepreneurship. In the beginning it looked like I’d fail.

I had student debts of $60k and savings of less than $15k

student debtI was down to my last $3000 and took up another student loan before turning the corner. This article outlines what I did and how you too can make money online. There’s the safe conventional two-step path and the short-cut. A note of caution is thus warranted before we proceed. If you have some savings you can skip step 1. Just know that doing so will put your foreign venture at the mercy of your bankroll. You’ll also be in limbo, as far as traditional job prospects back home are concerned, if you fail abroad.


After years living off the grid in foreign countries, the last thing you’d want is to crawl back where you came from only to start TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

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