Why education doesn’t count for shit

A common way to invest and move abroad is to open a bar. It’s also a common way to fail, having to move back home and beg for mercy from your old employer. One way to ensure you won’t fall in to the latter category, is to find a niche, even a micro niche, and run with it.

That’s what Rafal Piekut (27) decided to do when he quit his job as a legal consultant for a major television station. With no experience in running a business he opened Cyber Machina, a bar for gamers, in Katowice southern Poland. In a part of the world, where 9 out of 10 people you meet make it abundantly clear early on in any given conversation that they’d want nothing more than to leave the country. He stands out as a shining example of the abundance of opportunities that do exist behind the former iron curtain for those that dare try.

He’s also living proof that wealth and connections isn’t a necessary precursor for success in business. He possessed neither 3 years ago.


The Incubation Period

Rafal has a Master’s degree in Law which took him 5 years. He claims he doesn’t regret the degree and refers to his student period as the time of his life. Yet, does admit that he could’ve started the bar earlier were it not for those years.

Once his mind was set on creating a business, it took just $20k to TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

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