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My goal when I started this site in March 2015 was (and still is) to create a large self-help website centered around the theme of individual freedom. The original means to that end was to write about investing, markets, economics, women, politics and traveling without TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Lucas Marosca

    Keep on the good work!
    I already subscribe to your youtube channel and facebook page, but now will start commenting.

  • Tom Utenetternavn

    Never stop writing articles from your own political perspective. The world doesn`t need more of that political correctness/allpleasing crap!

    That “my day in a burka” article is pure gold! Showed it to a friend and she exploded, which is a good sign 😛

    • My day in a burka was indeed a classic day. I agree, people should speak and write their minds regardless of what’s politically correct. I have always one so and will continue down that path.

  • Kiri11

    “DRESSING LIKE AN ARAB WOMAN FOR A DAY” is one of my favourite articles. Eye-opening personal experience, what could be better?

    And yes, the choice of quantity over quality affects your readers accordingly. You get more users but less engaged. True, most people love stupid shit like BuzzFeed, but please, don’t do it.

    • I’ll likely stick with quality over quantity 😉

  • Kiri11

    Your English is very good. In fact, it’s better than the average American writer’s.
    You make occasional mistakes an typos, but your choice of words is interesting and language is clever.
    This is probably result of reading and practice.

    So my advice for a novice blogger would be: you can start in your native language if you’re really bad, but make a goal of switching to English eventually. How many people know Norwegian, for example? 5-6 million? And how many can read English? 1.5 billion?

    • Yeah, if the blog is good then make the switch. Coz content could be amazing but people simply won’t read past the first paragraph if the english is atrocious.

  • Vertti

    I also arrived here through a women related article. While at it I quickly went through your right side bar “most read” and got lead to the articles I was more interested in (Digital Nomad stuff). I think you should definitely keep this bar up-to-date, at least for me if I wouldn’t have found those interesting articles/topics over there I would’ve left your site and likely never come back. The top menu is somehow way too graphical (read: messy) for me to start operating.

    And your use of language is clever so I really don’t think that’s something you should spend time on improving. Politically I have similar opinions so perhaps that’s why I don’t really get provoked about anything you say.

    Just a suggestion but a few topics I’d be happy to hear more about:
    -Working (& working out) routines (including the time it takes for each routine daily)
    -More in-depth info & your experiences about making money with affiliate marketing

    • Thanks Vertti,
      I have indeed been neglecting the right side bar. It’s now on my to do list!

      About working out and making money online. Expect more of both in the future. Thanks for your suggestions. It helps immensely to hear what you enjoy and want to read. Now I got a ton of new ideas because of your feedback 😉

  • Luisaceo

    Congrats on your first year! I remember when I first started reading your blog I was immediately hooked to it. I liked how it didn’t come off as if you were trying too hard to be just another “manosphere/self- improvement” blog about travelling, meeting women and such. Nowadays there’s way too many websites that essentially just recycle content from more popular ones. Similarly, others often fall into the trap of being too aggressive with their marketing (many seem to be promoting the same fucking products i,e kratom, phenibut…and all kinds of shit) which makes them seem sketchy IMO.

    You are definitely right about the quality vs quantity part but I think they also come hand in hand. The phrase “real artists ship” comes to mind, meaning that to produce quality, you need to frequently create content. I think that for a blog to be succesful (based on the blogs that I follow) it must have a very distinct personal touch to it, which can sometimes go against writing more “commercial” posts based on what other people want. The fact that you blog publicly definitely adds a lot of credibility. I think whenever possible, it’s always good to emphasise on personal experiences and stories. As a guy in my early 20s, I particularly enjoy those posts in which you give advice based on past experience. In addition, I remember I also enjoyed you article on the Romanian girl who was a drug dealer. I think it would be cool to read more posts about interesting people you meet during your travels. As for your YT channel, I’d be cool to see short videos on the normal day to day life in Kiev or wherever you happen to be living atm (even if it’s just videos of the streets of kiev, how locals live like etc) and things that make life there so unique.

    All the best,


    • Thanks Luis,
      I just took note of your suggestions. More personal experiences and stories it is. Also tales along the lines of the Romanian girl and some simple footage of life in various cities is something I’ll work on.

      I tend to forget that small things like that is actually very interesting for people who live in a different part of the world. I’ve got tons of small ideas such as that that I simply never implement as I forget that people actually find them interesting. Thanks for reminding me 😉

  • Rocha

    Congratulations on the growth of your blog. Truly deserved, and this post in itself is a reflection of it. It is by far the best practical advice I have ever read on “how to grow blog traffic”. Thank you!

  • Ole

    Very good text. I like your reflections on yourself. I think the question how can I add value and what’s my qualities were great.

    Great tips on your enemies and the story from Howard Stern.

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