• Rocha

    This is pure Gold. Thank you man.

    • Harald Baldr

      Glad to help

  • Kizman

    great info right here,

    +1 from me.

    • Harald Baldr

      Glad you find it useful

  • falcao

    Good article.

    Tinder and day game are my specialty.

    If you want real success with Tinder, you need professional pictures with suit game.

    The GQ cover model look.

    Also get a nice watch and a gold ring (you can get one for cheap in most countries). Even if you are ugly or average, this will put you on a level playing field with guys who are good looking.

    Alot of people say you should post pictures with social proof and bla bla bla, it’s all bullshit. Even if you look like Brad Pitt or Colin Farrell, you will get more matches when you use pictures of yourself in expensive clothing and shot by a competent photographer than with any other type of pictures.

    Here is an article from the DM that discusses this, they did an online experiment :

    • Harald Baldr

      Interesting observation and I agree. Nice dress trumps action photos and social proof any day of the week. Women love professional looking businessmen. Even more so online than in real life.

  • Carl Penaloza

    Oh my lord! This entire site is gold. I am a 34 year old recently out of a relationship still keeping young and fitness aspiring globetrotter from LA. Somehow every article is relative to my current thoughts and goals.
    For one, I love skinny girls more than anything in the universe. I just started using Tinder plus to get a feel for the girls around the world, primarily Eastern Europe. Everything matches up. Some of those girls are so beautiful, young and insanely intelligent. Something that doen’t exist in the States. Tinder works like a charm in LA. I had no idea a few months ago I could be going out with young girls (18-21) let alone knowing where to meet them on a regular basis. And I was curious how Tinder might work on a little backpacking trip through Eastern Europe. You answered that!
    Anyways thanks again. I am a regular. Your writing is very relatable and spot on.

    • Harald Baldr

      Thanks for the thumbs up, I really appreciate it.

      Since you’re down with the skinny babes there are only two continents in this world for you: Asia and Eastern Europe 😉

  • Yann

    You killing me: I live in Kiev and was suposed to date with Ksenia from your screenshot ^^

  • Hah, it’s funny that you mention it. I had the SAME experience in Prague with Tinder. Only really huge girls. My previous city was Bangkok and the difference with Prague is, well, HUMONGOUS. Thank you.

    • Prague is the worst city I’ve ever been to for Tinder 😉

      • I am still here and i plan to be for ten days or so. Where do you meet girls in Praha in your experience? I like daygame. I am reading all your site, you’re the man!!

        • On the tram. Women commuting to and from work. Malls and clubs were just full of Brits and French people.

          Thanks for the praise 😉

  • iso

    I am in Kiev now and my tinder game is quite strong , matched around 30 40 girls in a 3 day period some very pretty some doable, but it’s impossible to get a response , either they don’t speak very well I am assuming as I tried every opener in the book or they just don’t wanna meet or chat period! Today is my 3rd day only manage to meet 1 girl and the date was seriously great but not ended up in sex!!!! I got another one tonite hope she is easier 😬

    • It takes time in that part of the world iso. Also Tinder is completely different now in less frequently visited countries than a year and a half ago which is the period I based this article upon. Then you could not switch geo-location and you got tons of hits and decent response rate even from the hotties. Now radio silence unless you speak Russian is the norm lest you be super handsome or super vity, or even better; both!

  • darek4488

    I don’t know how I got here, but I enjoyed the read. I am Polish and I’ve been using Badoo for a few months mostly where I live. I travelled to Ukraine and Belarus so I can related to the article a bit. Man, how do you communicate online? My Russian in writing is as terrible as the English the majority of these girls speak. Unless a girl’s familiy is from Eastern pre-war Polish teritories and her granny teached her Polish this usually goes nowhere beyond a match. Should I pretend not to know any Russian at all and enforce English from the start? If she writes back I will most likely understand. Should I pretend not to?

    When I am at home, in Poland the more I use online dating the more I feel like it forces you to do all the possible efforts and it barely rewards you.

    • I communicate in English. If you’re at the stage where you understand some Russian, why not run with it and use it as language practice?

      I find that 90% of Russian speakers are not interested in A) learning proper English or B) dating someone who doesn’t speak Russian, so the way of the future is to LEARN RUSSIAN 😉

      Online though is mainly a waste of time. Go out and number close in person. That yields much better results.

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