Is there a property bubble in Thailand? | Part I & II

  • Are Thai condominium prices primed for a 50% crash?
  • Will the Thai Baht collapse during the next political crisis?
  • Is Thailand’s economy a house of cards that will bring real estate crashing down with it?
  • Is Thai property a good investment?

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Thailand’s currency the Baht, being semi-pegged to the USD, has piggybacked the monster Dollar bull that started in mid 2014. Consequently it has strengthened significantly against most other currencies. Thai real estate, naturally being priced in Thai baht, has thus become much pricier for anyone not shopping with American Dollars. This is a boon for those already in the market. It’s pretty negative for those looking to get in.

Does this mean you should rush in before it strengthens even more, say one, five or ten years from now?

Over time, the trend of a strengthening Thai Baht, all else being equal, shouldTO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Jeff Beer

    Fantastic series! Thanks very much.

    • Harald Baldr

      That’s great to hear. Glad you enjoyed it 😉

  • János Ginsztler

    Thank you Man, long time I was searching for something to read like your articles! Really amazed and grateful!

  • StargateOne

    Thanks so much for the great article. Is it possible to bargain with developers too?

    • Yes that is very common. For example offer to pay more up front, buy more than one unit or ask about preferred method of payment. There are many ways 😉

      • StargateOne

        That’s excellent! Your no-nonsense, AS IT IS, in-depth article is heaven sent! You are a star, Harald!

        • Thanks for the praise. I really appreciate it 😉

          • StargateOne

            You deserve the praise, Harald!

          • StargateOne

            You are saving lives too, haaa.

      • StargateOne

        Since I am a non-Thai I’d be paying with no mortgage hassle, I guess that is an advantage to me?

        • Yes, although it’s very common for Thai to do the same. Some even pay cash.

      • StargateOne

        It’d be my first purchase in Chiang Mai. I’d be there next month and I am quite nervous. So relieved to hear there are other ways. Please share, thanks!!

  • medigan

    Thank you. truly a sincere in depth writing. Got to read your article just a day after making booking payment during pre-launch of Ideo Sukhumvit 93, one bed at Bang Chak, developer Ananda jv Mitsui- expected to complete Dec 2018 ( price THB 137k sq.m.) What do you think? flip or cancel booking.

    • Hard to say with such little info but seeing as you got it at the pre-launch, it’s quite possible you’ll be able to flip it once complete for a healthy profit. Just make sure you simply sell your contract and never actually take over ownership of the unit lest you incur a hefty tax bill.

      • medigan

        Thanks for taking time to reply, appreciate it. My unit is a 3 minutes walk to BTS BangChak ( 15 metres distance). Do you foresee healthy rental demand from expats ? If we take over ownership, how long would you suggest we should keep the unit for before selling it- 5 years max? does Thai building management provide reliable services? – just rationalizing out on the probabilities,- thank you in advance

        • Too much info and work for me to get into. I do however help my podcast subscribers in this manner

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