Save truckloads of money on holiday flat rentals

Apartments on are owned by private individuals or companies whom use it as their storefront window. Said website charge them, and hence you, for this privilege. Fair enough, as they are providing a valuable service.

I often obtain a discount by circumventing this setup and dealing directly with the apartment owner. Doing so saves me 20-30%, pending how long I stay. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Mark

    Seems like booking is quite a bit better than airbnb. Airbnb needs to evolve.

    • Harald Baldr

      I agree. Airbnb is a lot pricier and their customer service can be atrocious. They’re cashing in big time now on still being the most famous player in the short-term apartment rentals market. This won’t last unless the asking prices come down to a more competitive level and Airbnb becomes more strict on whom they allow to list with them.

  • Christian Au

    Great advice!

    My current pad in Phnom Penh goes for $40/night on Agoda, Booking, etc…or $25/night if you just “book” in person with the owner…

    And after my first month (once he realized I was a reliable “tenant”), I got it down to $20/night.

    I don’t mind paying $600/mo to live a pampered lifestyle in a hotel within walking distance of EVERYTHING (gym, groceries, restaurants, bars, shopping, etc).

    Fyi, hotels and apartments are hurting around Phnom Penh…way too much supply…and it’s only getting worse with each passing week/month/year.

    Great work, Harald!

    • Harald Baldr

      Landlords must charge a risk premium to compensate for bad tenants. Prove you’re a good one, like you did, and it goes away. Good job 😉

      Haven’t been to Phnom Penh since last year but I remember flashy new renovated hotels everywhere. In 2003 there was nothing like that. Hotels were atrocious and overpriced. Great to see the city become better for expats.

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