1. GREED: Buying more when less will do

2. LAZINESS: Paying others to do things you can do yourself

3. PRIDE: Buying expensive brands or upgrade coz you subconsciously care what others think

I used to lose tons of dough due to all of the above. Corporations study, map and prey in particular on the latter. As they study how to squeeze ever more money out of us, we should study our own habits so to not let them.

When I’m in maintain-networth-mode I find savings of up to $8000 annually by never doing the following




14. Skipping breakfast at home

Doing so is a huge money waster. 15 years ago in Australia, I used to start every morning in a cafe next to the bus station. I’d get two eggs, bacon and two slices of bread for $6. I thought that was cheap! As this was a rather small meal I’d eat again upon arriving at University. My snack of choice was a beef kebab, a Snicker’s or a coke. The costs were trivial in the heat of the moment. Over a year they really add up.

Nowadays I have a bowl of oatmeal with milk (or water) and a can of tuna. Nothing’s better than a spartan money saving power meal to kickstart the day. Getting into this habit has brought me huge savings as it’s not only cheaper but more nutritious.

Oats contain slow releasing carbs and take six hours to fully digest.

Tuna is packed with protein. I’m thus never inclined to waste money on anything edible before lunch. When I do go for lunch, a small meal (as I’m still not that hungry) will suffice, bringing additional savings. As my body got the essential nutrients at home, I’m also less likely to indulge in wasteful meals in the afternoon. At bare a minimum then, I save between $4-8 pending where I find myself in the world.

SAVINGS: Cost of breakfast out, snacks or doubling up at lunch minus cost of tuna & oatmeal. Let’s go low and say $5. Five days a week times 48 weeks a year equals $1200 saved annually.

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