1. GREED: Buying more when less will do

2. LAZINESS: Paying others to do things you can do yourself

3. PRIDE: Buying expensive brands or upgrade coz you subconsciously care what others think

I used to lose tons of dough due to all of the above. Corporations study, map and prey in particular on the latter. As they study how to squeeze ever more money out of us, we should study our own habits so to not let them.

When I’m in maintain-networth-mode I find savings of up to $8000 annually by never doing the following




14. Skipping breakfast at home

Doing so is a huge money waster. 15 years ago in Australia, I used to start every morning in a cafe next to the bus station. I’d get two eggs, bacon and two slices of bread for $6. I thought that was cheap! As this was a rather small meal I’d eat again upon arriving at University. My snack of choice was a beef kebab, a Snicker’s or a coke. The costs were trivial in the heat of the moment. Over a year they really add up.

Nowadays I have a bowl of oatmeal with milk (or water) and a can of tuna. Nothing’s better than a spartan money saving power meal to kickstart the day. Getting into this habit has brought me huge savings as it’s not only cheaper but more nutritious.

Oats contain slow releasing carbs and take six hours to fully digest.

Tuna is packed with protein. I’m thus never inclined to waste money on anything edible before lunch. When I do go for lunch, a small meal (as I’m still not that hungry) will suffice, bringing additional savings. As my body got the essential nutrients at home, I’m also less likely to indulge in wasteful meals in the afternoon. At bare a minimum then, I save between $4-8 pending where I find myself in the world.

SAVINGS: Cost of breakfast out, snacks or doubling up at lunch minus cost of tuna & oatmeal. Let’s go low and say $5. Five days a week times 48 weeks a year equals $1200 saved annually.

  • PeteyBrian

    The flip side is you can work for a major corporation in a 8-to-5 job with no upside – then buy all the shit that you’ll never need! Lol

    • Harald Baldr

      That’s indeed what most people do

  • Michael Childs

    I think your savings estimates are on the low conservative side, but I was living in California…. double those savings for us Left-coasters. Now living in BKK and hoping to stay. I was hoping to see some info on tax savings from living overseas as I am about to cut nearly all ties with USA except for my California house my daughters are living in rent free…(there is another savings there!) I love your site BTW… Keep up the great job!

    • Harald Baldr

      Thanks Michael. I can do a tax savings article in the future. Great idea. Good chocie of city BTW. Bangkok rocks!

      Yes, maybe my estimates are a bit low. But that means everyone can save more 😉

  • Tom Utenetternavn

    The price on a large kebab in Oslo is a bit higher than $5 now. You will struggle finding a small sized kebab for that amount these days. Good article though! Inspiring to read.

    • Harald Baldr

      Damn! Norwegians can save some serious coin then

  • disqus_sTy0yslU5s

    you can use for shawing old style razor blade ,packet of 10 peaces is just 1 euro and last realy long and you just change on your shaving item and special soap for shaving,cheap and last long,i dont realy agree for breakfast as i think if you have good breakfast this can safe you most oof the day and you feel beter after good breakfast and later you dont need to eat so much

  • Julian The Apostate

    Aren’t you worried about the mercury in that daily can of tuna?

    • Harald Baldr

      No. If I’m in a serious bulking up phase I’ll have 4-5 cans per day

  • Cerebral Hypertrophy

    Team oatmeal all the way. 🙂 Cheap, good, easy and quick. One thing is if you go out and eat breakfast, it costs money. But time is worse if you have a job. Getting dressed and ready to go out, getting there, waiting for it, eating it, getting back often takes an hour. If you spend that hour working instead, that REALLY adds up. And almost any breakfast is less healthy and makes you less full compared to oatmeal.

    Then there’s the stuff you can add to make it taste good and keep it varied. All kinds of fruit and berries (I always buy tropical fruit in the tropics, cheap, healthy and delicious), honey, cinnamon, nuts, coconut pulp, coconut milk/juice… Oatmeal is a great base.

    • Harald Baldr

      Team Oatmeal! I like the sound of that. Never tried with honey before though. Thanks for the tip

  • Kiri11

    Another great article!

    I agree with most of it. Except why do you save those money?
    To me I do it BECAUSE I like good food and don’t want to feed at McDonalds 5 times a week. And I do want the newest iPhone. Not to impress someone, just because I like it. So what’s for you is worth saving money for?

    Didn’t really understand about shampoo. How do you wash your hair without it? Or you use a solid shampoo like I do?

    P.S. While in Ukraine do you go to Puzata Hata (Пузата Хата). It’ has authentic and pretty good food, but still very cheap.

    • Harald Baldr


      The past two years I haven’t been following all of the above. As I stated, only when I’m in maintain-networth-mode will I stick with all 14. So why save? For example when stocks tank I cut back on my expenses as I never know how long a downturn will last.

      I eat at Puzata Hata at least once a day. It’s my favorite place. About shampoo, I use nothing! Water is enough. It’s also better for my hair as shampoo is a hair killer.

  • Beat

    Good article, thanks!
    What I miss on your list is the saving-potential of nightlife-/alcohol habits… that’s the real reason why I run out of money whilst travelling. Do you have a nightlife/drinking tactic to save money?

    • Yeah there are tons. Where I’m at right now for example a Martini on the rocks is half price of the cheapest whiskey. So the choice is easy. Another tactic which is also more fun is to not go inside clubs but hang outside and walk between them. it’s way easier to meet women this way and you can buy beer at 7/11. Another would be to shy away from any place that has an entrance fee. I don’t care how fancy and famous the place is. Any joint that charges men to enter is likely a fancy ‘selfie’ location for hot women to be seen rather than a place they get down and dirty.

      Thanks for the idea though. I’ll write a separate article about this. I’m not much of a club guy though although I do visit them to see what’s going on occasionally. The best money saving advice is then to realize you likely have more fun not going to them but just drinking in the streets.

  • Rent has to be the biggie here. Get that one thing right (maybe also auto/transport) and you’ve saved a ton.

    Surprised not to see any lady related costs in this list. Then again that could probably take up a list of its own 🙂

    • Hey Sean,
      I didn’t put it on the list as the cost of having a girlfriend is whatever she wants it to be. If you don’t like a girl with expensive tastes then find someone who likes free walks in a park or coffee dates. In essence being with a girl is going to cost whatever it costs.

      If she doesn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t spend any money on her or the relationship then she simply isn’t going to change that because of some money saving trick us men could come up with. I don’t see a way around it. But you’re right, would be a funny article. How to trick a girl into dating a hobo. Sure would be a cool experiment 😉

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