Where you should go for your party weekend

I spent January in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius scouting out a location for a future business. The three cities have much in common. Everything nightlife related is centred around the respective Old Towns. Yet, there are some not so subtle differences you should be aware of when deciding where to go.


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  • Brian Mark

    Good article. How long were you in each country? Do you prefer Ukraine to all of them?

  • haraldbaldr

    Just a week in each. In Ukraine I spent months so it is naturally Numero Uno for me still.

  • Stu

    So if I only had 3 nights in either Kiev, Tallinn, or (insert Eastern European city name), my best chances for securing a one-nighter (on a weekened, non-pro) would be Tallinn?

    And if I decide to “get my feet wet” on the first night with a pro (weekdays), the best quality (hotness and bang for your buck) and ease would be where?

    • Harald Baldr

      A) Correct. Or in some Polish city like Krakow.
      B) Not sure about this one as this should be easy everywhere. There’s a big scene for this in Prague though as it’s legal.

      • Stu

        Right, Tallinn it is. Thanks for the advice and keep fightin’ the good fight! I just discovered this site and immediately forwarded it on to a couple other like-minded expat friends here in Korea (which, by the way, is a good place to find some quality women on rather short notice if you ever come to this part of the world). Your commentary on the left-wing and feminazis is spot on and the advice on womanizing in Eastern Europe is invaluable; this site is now bookmarked and soon to be a staple in my online diet.

        • Harald Baldr

          Thanks for the encouragement. Just one additional note on Tallinn, it is a very small city and if you’re looking for a party atmosphere, I’d really go for Krakow, Riga or Bucharest. The latter is tough though to score in on short notice. If you’re simply traveling to score hot blondes, then sure, Tallinn is good but there wasn’t much else to do in the city.

  • Harald Baldr

    That last post was caught in the spam filter coz of the link so apologies for a later reply. I don’t recommend apps or dating sites as you generally do much worse than you would by simply approaching during the day.

    • Stu

      Thanks for tips!

  • Tommy Hilf

    Visiting Tallin in two weeks, any recommendations or tips to approach a girl?

    • Harald Baldr

      Yes, Estonians are super serious people and only loosen up when they drink. One of the guys I drank with on the ferry from Stockholm told me he’d never heard of anyone who’d gone up to a girl unless he was super drunk. I’d go indirect during the day with a serious question about Tallinn they likely know the answer to, then attempt to invite out for a drink that very same evening. It worked for me. Good luck 😉

  • sani din

    yo. hope i get a quick response. Ive noticed your impression on tallinns night life is based on a winter trip. how is it at summer? im really into going there but im afraid there wont be enough people there.

    • It will be way busier. I was just there two weeks ago and streets are way busier

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