REPEAT AFTER ME: There’s-no-special-hourly-wage-rate-for-women-and-another-for-men!

Iwish there were though. For were it so, I’d start a hamburger chain called McWomen’s, exclusively hire members of the fairer sex, tell male applicants to get lost and blow my competition out the water. You see, with a wage budget fully 23 cents less (the supposed gender pay gap in America) per hour than all other burger chains whom idiotically employ¬†men,¬†I’d be able to undercut them, selling hamburgers and meals at the exact same size and quality, but for considerably less. My margins would be better and my profits much higher.

I could do the same in any industry. I would open an all female staffed supermarket and charge less for my groceries. My Womart would kick Wallmart’s ass. You see now how¬†ridiculous this pay discrimination myth is?

If a business could truly hire a woman and pay her less than a man, no man would ever be able to get a job!

There’d always be a woman standing in his way willing to work for less as profit maximizing businesses (hint, that’s all of them) would hire nothing but women. So does that mean that women and men performing the same job in the same company always earn the same? Of course not! Pay depends on experience, education, performance, years spent in the company and so on. When you account for this, there is no discrimination against women when it comes to salaries. Where there is a gap, it can be explained by natural and fair circumstances. Tom Woods elaborates¬†here.

nowomendonotearnlessthanmenSo what about all these stories you hear in the media? Or even from president Obama himself who fronted an equal pay campaign? Are they fictional? In short, yes. They are politically motivated vote buying strategies that panders to the women and confused male feminists whom firmly believe in the unequal pay myth and eagerly waste their vote on anyone willing to prey on their economic illiteracy.

So the next time someone opens their mouth in your presence, lamenting how women earn less than men, simply ask; why then would any business ever hire a man?

I bet you 100 bucks they’ll be unable to answer, go straight into the¬†default liberal defense mode and self-combust. If this topic interest you I recommend listening to this podcast by Peter Schiff where he debunks the gender pay gap myth in depth.


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