• Post comments or questions under the relevant article or YouTube video



  • 1 on 1 coaching here
  • Due to the high number of people who want to meet up, I do not meet people for free anymore. I simply don’t have the time.



  • If your idea involves anything less than $500 I’m not interested



I enjoy doing podcasts and interviews. I’m also interested in cooperating with other people on YouTube. Just reach out and we’ll come up with a killer idea.

When it comes to linking to other websites or talking about your real estate business in one of my videos, I’m not interested. Nor do I want to refer people to your dating agency or property business for a commission.



I don’t post articles from people I do not personally know. If your article is sublime and unique I guess I can entertain making an exception. Then again, if it’s fantastic, I’d rather recommend you post it on your own platform (website)



If any of the above interest you, drop me a line 😉