Everyone would love to quit their 9-5 and start working from a beach. That was indeed what motivated me to start my first online venture back in 2005. What does it take? Do YOU have what it takes? Can anyone do it? What are the least time consuming routes to an online income? What are the best strategies for a novice with zero knowledge of the online world?

Listen! Making it ONLINE is harder than making it OFFLINE. If you still want to give it a go, you can count on me to give your plans a no-nonsense honest evaluation.



Getting traffic to a blog or a YouTube channel are the biggest challenge in the beginning. Many give up before they ever get there. Both my blog and my YouTube channels grow even when I do not update them. How is this possible?

I will give you 6 secret (albeit simple) strategies you must ALWAYS have in mind when writing articles or creating new videos. These 6 principles will ensure traffic growth beyond what you thought were possible.



I spent almost a year navigating through the Thai jobs market before I was able to secure employment. Once I did, it was smooth sailing for 4 years. How can foreigners work in Thailand? Which professions are the easiest? How do you handle Thai job interviews? How do you get any Thai interviewer to like you?

I spent a decade living in the land of smiles and am fluent in both written and spoken Thai. Let me give you my insider tips to making it in the heart of South-East Asia. 



Women around the world are as different as they can be difficult. What kind of man would do well in Asia and completely crash and burn in Latin America? What kind of character traits does a Russian woman look for in her future husband?  Whether it’s marriage, a relationships or casual flings you seek abroad, I’ve most likely been there and done that in your country of choice.

My experience WILL save you years of trial, failure and going down dead ends. 



I have both bought and sold property abroad. I’ve followed global real estate markets for over 15 years. In other words I know how this works! What are the top 5 things that can go wrong? Do bigger or smaller apartments offer a better rental yield? What areas hold their value in recessions? What type of buildings grow fastest in value? What’s the difference between American, European and Asian real estate markets? Do you need a lawyer? How do you transfer money in and out of the country? What are the pitfalls?

A conversation with me can easily save you tens of thousands of dollars!



Yes, this really is possible for people anywhere in the world. It does hoever require relinquishing certain rights and privileges in the country that’s currently using you as its private tax-farm. Exactly what it would entail in each individual’s case depends on their country’s laws on residency, foreign tax treaties and banking regulations.

Find out how it worked for me and which steps you must take to achieve the same end of freedom from unjust taxation. 



For you to be eligible and to ensure we do not waste each-other’s time and money write me a few paragraphs outlining your circumstances. Specify what exactly you need help with so I can evaluate if it falls within my realm of expertise. I only accept serious clients. So signing me up to receive your weekly newsletter or writing me 5 times in a day before I’ve even replied to your first e-mail is the wrong way to proceed 😉

1 on 1 consultations cost $199 per 90 min Skype conversation

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