In 1996 a bombshell of a book titled The Clash of Civilization and the Remaking of World Order was published by Harvard professor Samuel P. Huntington. In hindsight, no other book has been more prescient in predicting political events that subsequently unfolded. Huntington’s thesis is that humans like to organize themselves in communities along cultural lines based on historical, religious and ethnic affinity. He predicted the fault-lines, or cultural borders, where these 9 distinct civilizations come face to face will be the primary source of future geo-political conflicts.

I’m resurrecting the book on its 20th anniversary as it explains why Europe is doomed to collapse in my life-time.

First, I’ll briefly outline two examples that illustrate how accurate it has proven to be and hence why it’s worth paying attention to. Second, show why what Huntington foresaw paint a grim picture for what’s about to befall and hit Europe particularly hard over the next half century.



When Clash of Civilizations came out, Ukraine was one of the youngest countries in the world, having gained independence just 5 years earlier in 1991. I remember being in awe of how Huntington could know that the Western half of the country identified culturally with Western civilization, whereas the Eastern half with Russia’s orthodox civilization. He devoted several pages towards the subject of the eternal national wound this would continue to be. Several revolutions and now a civil war since, it’s safe to say that a country consisting of two large groups of people who don’t see eye to eye on cultural issues never will when it comes to politics either. This is an iron law of geo-politics The Clash of Civilizations predicted.



Huntington was naturally labelled a racist and widely denounced for his 110% accurate analysis of the Islamic civilization. He correctly pointed out that the hallmark of the Islamic world, is its bloody borders wherever it meets other civilizations, be it Christian, Hindu, Sino or Buddhist. Whilst common knowledge back then as it indeed is now, in those pages on Islam he touched upon something else that only recently have come to the fore. He wrote how Saudi Arabia was spending Billion of dollars even back then to promote its own Islamic civilization across the globe. In essence doing its utmost to escalate conflict.

He cites how The Kingdom led by the House of Saud sponsored the building of 20 000 mosques in Central Asia alone in the years between 1985 and 1995. Even countries as far flung as Cambodia received money to build mosques. The curriculum taught at these institutions is naturally responsible for much of the Islamic terror we’ve seen over the subsequent decades. I don’t blame Saudi Arabia for this as it’s only natural that they want to promote their values around the globe. I’d do the same. The point is that this revival of violent Islam that caught everyone off guard since 2001 is nothing new and was again foretold in Huntington’s book. It’s simply one civilization trying to expand it’s influence elsewhere.

There are countless other examples proving Huntington right, but I chose the aforementioned for a reason. They are the most relevant to the future of Europe and indeed Western civilization as a whole.


Why European Countries Will Violently Implode

It’s clear to most people that all civilizations do their utmost to promote their own values and advance their interest abroad. That is all but one: namely Western Civilization. Europe in fact does the opposite, as it actively seeks to dismantle itself from within. I’ve watched in disbelief over the past 20 years how guilt ridden Western leaders across the old continent have continually played down Europe’s culture, heritage and positive impact upon the world. If that’s all they did one could begrudgingly accept it as a weird sad form of masochism. Sadly they do so much more.

That is why Europe will be Ukraine 2.0, meaning a continent consisting of semi-failed states where citizens cannot agree on what the political direction of the country as a whole should be. The result will be internal strife, terrorism, police state measures to attempt in vain to maintain control and shrinking economies making said strife worse.

Does this sounds fatalistic and overly outlandish? If not outright insane? Yes, it does! Trust me, I know. But so did the collapse of communism in 1988, the oil price collapse in 2014 or an imminent World War in 1913. The point is that black swan events always come as a massive surprise to a majority of people as they are preoccupied with other things like making a living and providing for their families.

With the right blueprint however, those who do care can predict larger trends. Huntington’s book is this very blueprint. In it, one can see that Western Civilization’s bloody border with Islam has for centuries been the Mediterranean sea and occasionally the Balkans. Often the Russian orthodox civilization has provided an extra buffer zone. This Western-Islamic fault line have always been bloody and riddled with conflict. Over the past 3 decades however European politicians have done something suicidal and completely unprecedented in the history of geo-politics;

They’ve unilaterally redrawn the border between the Western and Islamic civilizations by inviting millions of Islamic fifth columnist in to live in Western societies. This have moved the frontier from the outskirts of the Southern European continent, bypassed the Russian orthodox bulwark in the East, and placed it smack in the middle of countries like France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Sweden and Norway! For any student of history this is obviously pure madness and won’t end well for the simple reason that;

Civilizations have a habit of finding it hard to co-exist on shared territory, especially when the Islamic one is involved.

Europe is thus voluntarily turning itself into a future Ukraine 2.0 and is using Islamic civilization to achieve it. The only major difference is that Ukraine will look like a beacon of stability in comparison. Why? Chew on this for a second;

Ukraine consists largely of people whom are ethnically homogenous, look and sound the same and share the same religion. Their disagreement is over political allegiance based on some rather insignificant cultural differences.

How on earth then are European countries going to remain stable cohesive societies when they are soon to be:

A) ethnically heterogeneous
B) divided religiously
C) divided culturally
D) divided historically
E) 20-30% Islamic

Islam has never been able to coexist as a minority in any country where it has reached such numbers. The sad part is that the 20-30% figure doesn’t nearly reflect how bad things will get. At that stage the 20% figure will represent a young population where most Muslims will be under 50. The 70% that will still be European will largely be old and decrepit. Naturally it’s a battle that can’t be won.

I suspect no one reading this will find this to be new information. My point is simply that this could all have been avoided as, for students of history, its been quite obvious from the beginning what a disaster this would turn out to be in the end. Personally, I’m looking forward with glee to observe this spectacle unfold from the last vestiges of Western civilization in Eastern Europe, where I’ve set up shop for the remainder of my life.

Happy Clash of Civilizations Lefties. You all voted for it, now live with it 😉


The Clash of Civilizations (1996).

The book was anathema to liberals and lefties of all stripes and colors (then as now) as it flies in the face of their rose colored worldview of how everyone will get along equally well with everyone else regardless of cultural heritage and religious beliefs. It remains one of the best political science books I’ve read to date. The book is based upon a widely read article Huntington wrote for Foreign Affairs in 1993. You can read the original article for free in PDF format here: Clash Article

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