Foreign property can be a great investment. It can also be the biggest mistake of your life! I spent five years researching the local real estate market before I bought my first apartment abroad. I investigated every pitfall known to man and left no stone unturned. Still, it ended with me not only being dissatisfied with my property, but also selling it at a loss.

Had I not done my due diligence though things could’ve ended up much worse!

The video below is a ten point check-list with everything you must consider when planing to buy a house or a condo in a foreign country. If you’re buying purely as an investment, it’s even more important that you investigate every avenue I discuss.

Although I invested in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, the lessons I learnt apply in more or less any real estate market outside of the Western world. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at buying in Brazil, Dubai or the Philippines. The majority of the concepts are highly relevant in all developing property markets.



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