Foreign property can be a great investment. It can also be the biggest mistake of your life! I spent five years researching the local real estate market before I bought my first apartment abroad. I investigated every pitfall known to man and left no stone unturned. Still, it ended with me not only being dissatisfied with my property, but also selling it at a loss.

Had I not done my due diligence though things could’ve ended up much worse!

The video below is a ten point check-list with everything you must consider when planing to buy a house or a condo in a foreign country. If you’re buying purely as an investment, it’s even more important that you investigate every avenue I discuss.

Although I invested in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, the lessons I learnt apply in more or less any real estate market outside of the Western world. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at buying in Brazil, Dubai or the Philippines. The majority of the concepts are highly relevant in all developing property markets.



  • Brianmark

    Great video. You’re a really smart guy and I learn a lot from you, because you explain complex topics in simple terms. Most Wall Street analysts make everything too complicated.

    I probably will never buy another piece of property; I no longer believe I’ll live in the same city for many years. Cities I loved for several years, I’ve gotten tired of. Places change, and I no longer believe I’ll live in the same city for many years. I really have no clue where I live the next 10 years. I’m sure many different places.

    I can’t imagine, buying a piece of property. Wouldn’t it be better to just buy a REIT. Are there good international REITs, that you can recommend?

    • Thanks Brian,

      I would buy a REIT before another condo as well. As for specific REITs in this low interest rate environment where property values are completely disconnected from reality, one would have to do some serious research. That I have not done, as I’m not looking to buy REITs at this moment so cannot go good for anything specific. I’ve mentioned some examples of famous large-cap REITs in the article linked above though which can serve as a decent starting point.

  • Kiri11

    Too long for a video, would prefer an article instead.

    • It could indeed have been a good article but I’m working on attracting YouTube subscribers. Second, an article covering all that would take me a day or two to write, edit and clean up. That video took me 40 min to make and 30 min to upload. So it will be more Youtube than blog for the next few months as I’m on the road 😉

  • Christian Toll

    Interestingly the hoarding of city apartments is occurring here in Melbourne due to overseas Asian investment. There is now oversupply and high vacancy due to overinflated demand. Have you ever looked at apartments in Kiev? Quite risky imo but they’re a third of the price of what they were 3 years ago lol.

    • If I were to buy, Kiev would be my #1 choice as of right now. Not going to buy any property for the foreseeable future though.

  • Kyle

    I’m retired US military married to a Thai with over a 6 figure retirement income willing to purchase up to 20 million baht home in Thailand for cash. After watching your video I’ve decided to rent, stay flexible and fluid.

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