Overpriced, overweight and overrated 

  • Overpriced coz half a potato and a chicken breast ain’t worth $13 bucks
  • Overweight coz it’s plain wrong for girls in their early 20s to weigh 70kg+ 
  • Overrated coz the drunken madness you’d expect is neither very drunk, nor mad

Sunny Beach is supposed to be the dumpster where the dregs of European society whom can’t afford Mallorca or Ibiza go to get their groove on. Or so I’ve been lead to believe by the Western media over the years. The ‘city’ gets by far the worst press out of Europe’s infamous party resorts.

Needles to say my expectations were sky high for meeting lots of low quality ill mannered entertaining drunk party people. I was ready to get Borat mankini level drunk and party hard. So where did my party ship sail off course? 

It started when we, my Norwegian partner in crime and our Bucharest cab, couldn’t find TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Nicely written! Choosing a summer destination can be hard as fuck since most of these sea resorts are sausagefests and everything is overpriced. As to Bulgarian girls, I’ve heard they mostly have that mediterranean mentality where random hook ups are rare and people moslty hang out in big social circles, nothing like in Poland for example.

    • Harald Baldr

      Thanks for the thumbs up!

      Choosing a summer destination should now be at least one step easier as Bulgaria should be off the list of prospective destinations.

  • pauldrake

    Would like to read more about Bulgarian women and places in Bulgaria to meet them without having to be bothered by female tourists from more feminized countries in Europe. In any case I enjoy reading about your travels.

    • I think a visit to Sofia is long overdue. Never been there 😉

  • Кристиян Стоянов

    “exotic mixture of Arabic and European”

    You are absolutely delusional.

    I see you’re familiar with the Bulgarian music. Maybe you know, but in any case I will remind you that there are at least 7-8 completely different genres of Bulgarian music, which are popular in Bulgaria. What you’ve heard is chalga. This is an extremely poor and ugly music with Turkish and Gypsy origins, created for drunk people and 85-90% of the Bulgarians are against this kind of music because they think it ruins the moral of the youth and the society in general.

    And yes – it’s very hard to pick up a Bulgarian girl, takes much effort. Most of them have serious boyfriends and don’t cheat at all. Also making commercial porn movies is fully prohibited by law. I am sorry for your sexual wellbeing. Consider going to Russia or Czech Republic, there’s a lot of sexual wellbeing there, guaranteed.

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