Ayear ago I started on blogger.com. Two months in I switched to wordpress.org to get a more professional design and take advantage of plugins that are exclusive to that platform. In the first month I had a few hundred views. At the 7 month mark I hit 30 000 monthly unique visitors and 45 000 monthly page views for the first time. It’s not a wild success story but I’m on the right track. Here’s how you can grow your blog traffic the same way.




Right from the first article I ran some facebook ads and had a good friend (thanks Nick) post to a couple of big facebook pages focused on politics in the months that followed. That temporarily boosted traffic on specific posts but overall traffic growth was extremely slow. The first hard fought lesson was thus that one or two semi-viral articles are not enough to boost traffic permanently.

You need to keep coming up with new fresh content over an extended period of time

That was indeed what I felt I was doing as I wrote quality articles with useful information. At least that was the feedback I got from the first people who showed some appreciation for my work. In hindsight the topics I focused on were likely to niche. Besides I didn’t have the quantity and track record for people to want to come back. When my focus shifted towards quantity I started slowly growing traffic at a steady pace.

The more you post the faster the growth. The first 6 months I posted between 8 and 4 times per month. For more explosive growth post 4-5 times per week. Even if your posts aren’t that good, and you don’t see people even reading them, they simply attract more traffic. I can’t explain it but I’ve tested it and it really works.



Bloggers just starting out should focus on articles with TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

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