I spent 2013-16 living in all 3 continents. Here are my tips on everything from nightlife and costs of living to dating and sightseeing. I’ve included useful links to the best airlines and transportation companies.

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  • PeteyBrian

    Great pointers Harald! Just to share an experience with you – I sometimes like to make last minute travel plans. I was in Thailand but wanted to fly to the Philippines via Cebu Pacific – so I went online the day of and the airfare was reasonably priced – however, when I put my payment in – the ticket wasn’t purchased for some reason. Since I knew that flight was usually very empty, I packed and caught a cab to the airport and decided to buy my ticket at the counter. Just 1 hour later, the counter ticket was 4 times the price just an hour prior – and I couldn’t login in time to get an online ticket! Lol. Lesson learned.

  • PeteyBrian

    Being an English speaker only, I know most Asian countries – I can get by with only a rudimentary understanding of the local language.

    How well do foreigners speak English in Eastern Europe and South America??? Is Spanish required in South America? How about Eastern Europe?

    • Harald Baldr

      In Latin America I found that only the Mexicans speak good english. The other countries I went to like Brazil and Colombia hardly anyone spoke even a single word! Eastern Europeans are Oxford english scholars in comparison to the Latinos 😉

      • Veni Vidi Vici

        Agreed, in Brazil knowledge of Portuguese is a must the plus of this however is few men speak it as a 2nd language. Speaking and understanding Portuguese is more difficult then Spanish ( 14 Vs 5 vowels is just one reason why.)

  • Uncle Cedric

    Harald for a compare/contrast of the women of EE, LA, and SEA-

    Whats the difference between sex and vagina quality with them on average (ie Asians tightest, Latinas best riders, EE better smelling)?

    How do the EE girls compare to Scandinavians and Western Europeans in bed? Are Asians and Latias better lays than the white women?

    • Harald Baldr

      lol, some questions! You’re obviously trolling but i’ll answer anyway.

      1. Southeast Asian women have far superior undercarriages to everyone else. No competition!

      2. Women in all parts of the world are equally good lays.

      • Uncle Cedric

        Actually, Im not trolling man. Only been exposed to mediocore white girls. I have a good friend who’s banged tons of girls-he prefers Latinas by far. Ive talked to high notch girls about sex and they prefer Italian, Spanish, Greek, and Latino guys. Ive always heard the consensus is Latinos and Latin Europe tend to be the best lays.

        • Harald Baldr

          When pressed to choose a numero uno, I must admit Brazilian girls are cut above the rest in terms of bedroom antics. But generally I find women everywhere pretty awesome!

  • Carl Penaloza

    Harald, damnit I love your blog. I follow some of the top travel for men blogs, and yours is my new favorite and I think the best out there. Write a book, I’ll buy it. I hope your audience continues to grow, this is some good shit right here.
    “I want the world, and everything in it.”
    There is a party train from Amsterdam to Budapest that arrives at the Sziget festival. This will be my entrance into EE. I will keep you posted!

    • Thanks for the thumbs up Carl, I really appreciate it 😉

      I’m about half way through my book on life as a lecturer in Thailand. It’s much tougher to write a book than a blog so it will take some time to complete it.

      Awesome, keep me updated on your Eastern European adventures.

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