Back to Europe’s infamous party island 

Ayia Napa has for decades been The Party Place where Brits and Scandinavians travel for their annual hit of sun, sex and sand. This being my first visit to these raunchy shores since the year 2000, I’m excited to report that little has changed, apart from the size of the women. My Russian travel companion summed it up well:

English man don’t seem to care about how big his girl is!

NissibeachcyprusayianapaAll week she’s been struggling to TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

  • Cool report on what dates did you stay? I just spent over 2 months in Cyprus working in a hotel over there. I was living in a different area although I did go out in Napa a few times and I can attest to what you’ve written. I’m a bit surprised though that you chose Napa over Protaras since you were staying with a girlfriend. Protaras is where most couples and some families hang out, it’s a bit less trashy than Napa although also less exciting! Food is definitely over priced and that keo beer tastes like donkey piss, I’ve never tried something as bad. Overall I’d say Napa is ideal for a holiday with some buddies but most clubs are sausagefests. I think the best bars are all in the Russian area, near senior frog and red square, the ratios and quality were incredibly better (I hate the ubiquitous chubby UK girls with fanny packs, the part of your video when the fat chicks fall from the segway cracked me up!)

    • Harald Baldr

      What was it like to work there considering the unfriendly attitude of so many of the locals? Does this problem disappear outside of Napa?

      My gf wanted to see the nightlife and I was curious myself. I figured we’d get bored staying anywhere else. Red Square bar is gold 😉

      UK girls sure are funny to watch. I must admit, I admire their positive outlook on life.

      • I’m really surprised you found the locals like that, whenever I interacted with them they were extremely friendly. I would go a couple of times to a bar or cafe to have dinner and use their wifi and they would always know me by my name, ask me how I was doing etc… All my co workers also found the cypriots to be very warm and open people. Us Spaniards are not as friendly with tourists, perhaps due to the language barrier as english is not very common. Man, going from sin club or black and white club to red square bar was like teleporting one self from the UK to Russia/ Ukraine, all of a sudden there wouldn’t be a fat chick in sight. It’s a shame I didn’t find that bar until my last night out in Napa…

  • PeteyBrian

    Loved the video Harald! Amazing beaches! The Segway clip should be go viral! Lol!

    • Harald Baldr

      Let’s hope it does 😉

  • Jacob

    I travelled over a lot of EU alone, or sometimes with a good friend.
    But now I’m also in a relationship, with a Ukrainian girl. Also almost a year by now.

    Is that also the case of you? Or is she from another country?
    Maybe they fit great together with Scandinavian guys. For me it has always been extremly important that a woman is feminin, so therefore I don’t go along well with scandinavian girls.

    • Harald Baldr

      Scandinavian guys = boring, serious and fit
      FSU girls = not boring but serious and also well kept
      Of course it’s a great match 😉

      Yes, I agree 100% on your Scandinavian women sentiment.

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