Southeast Asian girls are slender, petite and exotic. Eastern European girls are tall, slim and stoic. Naturally they are both far superior to Western girls. But which will make you the happiest man in the world?



ASIAN GIRLS are extremely gullible and naive. Whether you’re in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia or Philippines, everything you say will be taken at face value. None can tell a fraudster from a genuine guy. Naturally a sizable proportion end up in serious relationships with wife beaters, drug users, criminals or broke losers from the West.

E. EUROPEAN GIRLS are extremely skeptical and overly suspicious. The further east you travel the more this rings true. Everything you say is analyzed and can or will be used against you. A deadbeat guy with no cash stands little to no chance of locking down a relationship there.



ASIAN GIRLS are eager to spend time with you. She’ll answer texts immediately and often initiate meetings on her own accord. She will recognize you’re not in her country at all times and adapt accordingly. Even if she works full time, she will clear her evening schedule and meet you whenever you want.

E. EUROPEAN GIRLS will flake, answer messages a day late and have no problem not seeing you for a week or two. She will hold back, convey disinterest and make you work hard. She’ll rarely make any suggestions about anything and almost never brainstorm ideas for things the two of you can do together. Naturally then as a man you’re left with no other option but to buckle up for a relentless and prolonged pursuit.

  • mick

    Good article Harald. I agree with many points. I have had a eastern European (westernized) girlfriend and Asian (only Thai no other asians) girlfriend. The first was exactly as you described. The second fits into the european category and is all of the following:

    is serious with clear goals in life
    is driven by thirst for success with no time to waste
    will possibly be your superior intellectually speaking
    demand that you make serious changes to yourself
    have a clear view of what and who you must be
    wants clear commitment just months.

    The point I MOST agree about is parenting. It is all dependant on parenting for both Asian and European girls.

    • Harald Baldr

      An Westernized E.European girlfriend is just as bad as one born, bred and raised in the West. Glad you got out of that one

  • William

    Your article makes me wonder if girls in Kiev are smarter than 2nd tier Ukraine, where I’m at. When NASA sent that probe by Pluto, I told my Ukrainian gf about it. She’s like “Why just fly by without landing and exploring the surface?” That question was fair enough, but then she asked “Why wasn’t there an astronaut on board?” Ha. Not as absurd as what your Indonesian friend said, but it made me laugh.

    • Harald Baldr

      lol, maybe she simply has no interest what so ever in the logistics of space exploration? 😉

      All Ukrainian women I’ve known have been from the provinces. Kharkiv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Dnipropetrovsk. I based this article on my experiences in Romania, Poland, Latvia and every E.European country I’ve been to though. But you could be right.

      Or possibly living in the capital is a positive influence on one’s awareness of things beyond the family farm.

      • Biky Alex

        How did you find Romanian girls like? What you liked and what you didn’t. I’m very curious.

        • Harald Baldr

          I found them extremely attractive and highly educated. I wrote a whole article on it if you see the Romania section 😉

  • Ionut

    no love for latinas?

    • Harald Baldr

      In an article about Asia and Europe, no 😉

      • Ionut

        I know… looking for an EE vs Asia vs Latin America article

        • Harald Baldr

          I haven’t spent enough time in Latin America to really say that I know them well yet. But superficially from what i’ve seen so far, they are much more like the Asian girls I describe in this article than the E. Europeans

  • Brianmark

    Great article with more insight on women from both areas of the world than all the other PUA bangers put together. I lived in both Ukraine and Philippines and had girlfriends in both places. You only learn this much about the women by being in relationships with them and experiencing how they live. Like you I lived in the provinces with these girls. I agree with most everything you said and can see how you came to the conclusions. My Filipina girlfriend was very interested in redressing me and made me look 10 years younger. She was one of the few fashion conscious Pinays. I think the Ukrainian personality of not trusting comes from years of Communism and neighbors spying on neighbors. I was accepted well in both cultures, probably because I’m professional and fun too. I know some people don’t play well in one or the other. As far as the age thing goes, I had a friend who was 32 when he visited Ukraine, told me that he thought he was too young, but after a while there he found his niche.

    How much different did you find between Eastern European counties’ girls?
    How much different did you find Southeast Asian girls from different countries? I only spent significant time in Phil and Thailand.

    • Harald Baldr

      On E.Europe: yes there are differences between each country of course. Even from one girl to the next. But in the grand scheme of things they seem to have more in common than not.

      I think what you said about Communism and trust is very true for all of these countries. It damaged the national psyche so much that it lingers on, even in the generations who are born after its fall.

      SEA: I think I can write a separate article on this, Women of Southeast Asia 😉 But until then I must say that Thai women are #1 in everything.

  • Jack

    Very good article, and I agree with everything after two years living in Eastern Europe.

    • Harald Baldr

      Thanks. Once you go East, you don’t go back to a beast 😉

  • Dr Roy W Gordon

    erm..pass on Eastern European girls.. They age poorly..its like 21, 22,.54!.. OK if you want to be married to some overweight babushka with her feet stuffed into cheap patent leather pumps and her sagging face dolled up like a 2 dollar kewpie doll

  • mostly true but…

    Good article, but I must disagree a few things. Firstly I have been all over Eastern Europe but never had a girlfriend and didn’t spend much time. Surely they are gorgeous, but yes a little bit cold attitudes. I do imagine they have high expectations and are generally smart, can speak various languages, and do seem to enjoy older men because of money and “stability”…

    However, about Southeast Asians, I have had 3 Thai girlfriends, and I must say that your comment about they like to cheat and find younger guys is totally wrong. Thai girls are some of the most misunderstood in the world I think because most white guys choose a bar girl (whore) as the “real” Thai girls usually avoid westerners cuz they think they are sex tourists or poor temporary English teachers. Actually they can be very very loyal, very sensitive and caring. The ones that have had foreign boyfriends in the past you should probably avoid as they are damaged goods in many cases (or bar girls). But yeah they fucking suck at sex unless they are bar girls lol. They are also used to Thai guys breaking their hearts in many cases and yes, being the more mature ones, but still not really decision makers. And yeah they are dumb as a rock, don’t know anything about anything and super gullible. “You are from California? Is that near America?” from my well-meaning sweet Thai girl haha. They also forgive you and put up with a lot of shit, but still are feminine and have self-respect. “Classy” is pretty hit-or-miss though esp. since so many poor families who are ignorant and materialistic as fuck. A lot of laziness in Southeast Asia too, chill lifestyle and warm weather but my impression is that Filipinas are more hard working and ambitious than Thai girls. I could write pages about this shit but yah anyway Thai girls are the hottest, most forgiving, and potentially most loyal. Avoid Vietnamese girls they are selfish as fuck. Malays don’t know but mostly ugly and who cares. Indo mostly Muslim and/or even stupider than others. Taiwan girls love white dudes but have higher expectations, and many guys say they change after marriage into controlling bitches who let their bodies go to shit and obsess too much over their business and shit. CHEERS

  • Arnold

    I disagree with age gap. 10 years age gap is a big difference for Eastern European girls, but very acceptable for Asian. Many E.E. girls will have a lot of experience and usually have children by 25. So, if you are dating E.E. girl around her thirties, there is a big change she will have a child or too at home and have a lot of experience. E.E. girls are no different to W.E. girls when it comes to experience and numbers.
    Asian girls are less adventurous, but it depends from country to country. Thai girls prefer westerners, because Thai men cheat a lot. They also need to support parents as there is no social security. There also money into equation. Some Asian countries are more expensive than most of European countries.

  • Orose Khan

    Eh please la, I think you neglected to include Singaporean girls in your equation.

    • Buatdodo

      Hey bodo singapore girl is asian same like London and Sydney.

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