Southeast Asian girls are slender, petite and exotic. Eastern European girls are tall, slim and stoic. Naturally they are both far superior to Western girls. But which will make you the happiest man in the world?



ASIAN GIRLS¬†are extremely gullible and naive. Whether you’re in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia or Philippines, everything¬†you say will be taken at face value. None can tell a fraudster from a genuine guy. Naturally a sizable proportion end up in serious relationships with wife beaters, drug users, criminals or broke losers from the West.

E. EUROPEAN GIRLS are extremely skeptical and overly suspicious. The further east you travel the more this rings true. Everything you say is analyzed and can or will be used against you. A deadbeat guy with no cash stands little to no chance of locking down a relationship there.



ASIAN GIRLS are eager to spend time with you. She’ll answer texts immediately and often initiate meetings on her own accord. She will recognize you’re not in her country at all times and adapt accordingly. Even if she works full time, she will clear her evening schedule and meet you whenever you want.

E. EUROPEAN GIRLS will flake, answer messages a day late and have no problem not seeing you for a week or two. She will hold back, convey disinterest and make you work hard. She’ll rarely make any suggestions about anything¬†and almost never brainstorm ideas for things the two of you can do together. Naturally then as a man you’re left with no other option but to buckle up for a relentless and prolonged pursuit.

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